Monday, March 14, 2011

Black Tourmaline with Mica crystal ~ Protection minerals

I think with the current world situation it is time to break out our Black tourmaline and put it to work! I have created small grid cups for each corner of my home with high silica sand in the bottom of a small glass sand bed and a Black Tourmaline crystal standing in the sand. I also have a piece sitting at my desk all the time.

The Black Tourmaline crystals are highly piezoelectric and pyroelectric and are rich in sodium iron minerals. These crystals act to protect the keeper from being victimized by the negative energy attacks of another. They protect against, and repel all forms of negativity.
When carried or worn on the body, they create a shield around their keeper that deflects energy; this makes it an excellent stone for anyone whose work or life increases their potential for excessive exposure to radiation.

The Black Tourmaline with Mica increases physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuteness. It spontaneously activates a grounding connection between the first chakra and the core of Mother Earth. This is a Stone of Protection, emitting a vibratory frequency that surrounds the keeper’s energy space. The energy shield created by Black Tourmaline and mica blocks negative or exhausting intrusions into your personal space. It is also an excellent stone for those working in multiple dimensions; protecting the light being from dark entities that walk between realms. The Dark entities are attracted to the light bearers like a moth to a flame and can be a disturbing nuisance when doing inter-dimensional work…. (Those beings were not born in the light and do not understand the pure Love of our original Source!)

This mineral combination instills a feeling of being cradled in the arms of Mother Earth, and feeling the security and wisdom of all the life forms that dwell within her realm. This amplifies the vibratory frequency of the keeper and enhances all intuitive abilities. This stone emits an energy that gives the keeper a feeling of being refreshed and energized. It guides the keeper on the Divine path of Light, Hope and acceptance. Tension and anxiety are dissolved, replacing those emotions with positive self awareness that leads to balanced confidence.

In healing work, Black Tourmaline protects the bodies electrical cells and stimulates the nervous system of the spine, this stimulation can encourage healing of minor back ailments. The Black Tourmaline and mica mineral combination is also very useful in the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks. When worn around the neck or carried on the body it can be helpful to deflect minor radiation energy from cell phones, computer monitors and even the environment.

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Pyroelectricity is the ability of certain materials to generate a temporary voltage when they are heated or cooled.

The word piezoelectricity means electricity resulting from pressure. Piezoelectricity is the charge which accumulates in certain solid materials like Crystals and biological matter such as bone and DNA in response to applied pressure.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ancient Silicified Coral Fingers & Branches ~ from Old Stock

Silicified Coral is a mineral that occurs when quartz chemically replaces coral tissue. The mineral is classified as a chalcedony that is composed of silicon dioxide in the formula SiO2 and a part of the chalcedony mineral group.  The mineral is classified as a chalcedony that is composed of silicon dioxide in the formula SiO2 and a part of the chalcedony mineral group also known as Agatized Coral. Agatized Coral from Oligocene-Miocene Hawthorn Group sediments located in Ballast Point, Gadsen Peninsula in Tampa Bay, Florida. This location has been closed to collecting for many, many years now. This batch of Coral was recovered over 30 years ago and has been in my personal collection for almost 20 years. There is just too much for me to use all of it myself, and I feel this is a good time to release the remaining batch.

Agatized Coral is a geological formation found only around the Ballast Point region on the Gadsen peninsula below Tampa City proper. This stone is extremely rare, from a global point of view, and comprises the remains of an ancient coral reef where over a dozen coral species were preserved that are unknown in any other part of the world.

This stone has a cleansing and drawing action on the body that is especially powerful when it is placed in a tub of bath water with a pinch of mineral salts added. The water and mineral salts activates the energetic properties of this coral, creating a purifying and rejuvenating effect that permeates the auric field. The energy waves from the coral travel through the body and internal organs cleansing negative particles that have attached to physical organs. These attachments can lead to dis-ease and discomfort within the body if left on their own to intensify.
When soaking in a bath with these amazing little bits of nature, they can help strengthen the circulatory system and bones while stimulating tissue regeneration. Carrying a piece in your pocket or on your body can protect the Aura from negative energy particle bombardment and allow the keeper to maintain a sense of Harmony and Unity with the forces of nature. This is also a powerful tool for anyone who finds it difficult to deal with fear, has panic attacks or needs help healing with inner chaos; it quiets disturbing emotions bringing peace to the mind and soul.

A bit of background on the Tampa Bay Agatized Coral ….

Most of the agatized coral that has been found lived in the vast Eocene seas which covered the state of Florida 35-40 million years ago, when it was part of the continental shelf. Agatized coral occurs when silica in the ocean water hardens, replacing the limy corals with a form of quartz mineral known as chalcedony. This long fossilization process (20–30 million years) results in the formation of a "pseudo morph," meaning that one mineral has replaced another without having lost its original form. In 1979 agatized coral was designated the official state stone. Agatized coral is found in three main Florida locations: Tampa
 Bay, the Econfina River, and the Withlacoochee/Suwannee River beds. In 1979 the Florida Legislature designated agatized coral as the Florida State Stone. It is described in the statute as a chalcedony pseudomorph after coral, appearing as limestone geodes lined with botryoidal agate or quartz crystals and drusy quartz fingers, indigenous to Florida.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sacred Shapes and their energies ~ Found in the Scalar Pendants

The Sacred Shapes of the Scalar energy pendants and their associated energies.

The Sacred Heart shape radiates the energies of Truth, Courage, Compassion, Empathy and Love. This shape amplifies those energies unconditionally from a much higher perspective than the normal human view, raising the wearer’s vibrational frequency to match. This is a perfect energy for those in the Counseling fields or anyone wishing to experience such pure energy for themselves.

The Venus Star Reverse Teardrop Shape represents Inner Healing; allowing the wearer to see issues that need to be released while inspiring them with the best method to use in order to release the emotions connected to the issue. When this is done you are able to move forward without being fettered to useless negative energy baggage that can create illness within the physical body. For all those who wish to walk their path without carrying or dragging the burdens of the past with them, the Venus Star shape is a wonderful tool.

The sacred Oval represents our Universe, Birth, Life and Creation, empowering the wearer with an enhanced ability to understand and work with these frequencies of new life. It is the symbol of the cosmic egg from which the universe was born and it is connected to the Mother Goddess energies. This is the perfect shape to wear for anyone working as a midwife or around birth of any kind.

The Spiritual Hexagon represents the energy of phropecy, Dreams, Clairvoyance and intuition. This pendants shape accelerates all this abilities within the wearer. The Hexagon encourages community involvement and group studies while eliminating social anxieties and fears.

The Anchoring shape of the 4 sided polygon represents the power and illusion of Time, ripping away the veil and being able to not only see but to walk between the ethereal worlds of Past, Present, Future and the place of No-time.

The Sacred rectangle shape instills the light of hope within humans, speaking to the collective Consciousness as well as the soul memory of the individual; its sacred shape increases our awareness of all things spiritual. The sacred rectangle increases the amount of light we are holding and are able to hold in our ethereal bodies.

The Sacred Square Represents Security, calmness and Focus, it empowers the wearer with the ability to call Nature.The the four seasons, the four Directions and the four Elements become your spiritual playground, you are at home here. You are able to use these enhanced abilities to assist the healing of all things in Nature, to bring balance to natural Devastation this is your Destiny, your path of spiritual service.

The Ancient Circle is the Universal symbol of Infinity, The Goddess or Feminine force of energy, a sort of spiritualized Mother Earth. The Ancient Circle of Sacred Geometry represents our personal connection to the Primal Cosmos the most sacred of all spaces. This form propells the wearer forward, amplifying awareness of the Destiny that is just ahead. You hear the voice of your guides and acknowledge your own private calling, the circle completes you as you walk steadly and assuredly on your chosen path of Destiny.

I have added these to the blog as a point of reference for everyone that has requested to read all the meanings in one location. The ebay page descriptions are long enough, so I will add a link to this blog post for everyone that wants to read them.