Friday, March 30, 2012

This is what all of the Gulf Coast is living with still, Thanks a lot BP!

This is an update, an informational Blog. I did not write this, yet I would like share this precious womans work here, her name is Laurel Lockamy. I have included a link to her story with pictures she took to back up what she is saying. It has been 2 years since the horrible gulf Oil disaster and our beaches are still teaming with death!
This is a quote her from story...
"People don’t know what’s going on down here,” Laurel says. “The oil is still here and things are still dying. BP likes to make all their pretty commercials about how everything’s fine. Well I’m still here too and it’s not. But I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing to show people what's really going on here.”
Please send all the light and healing energy you can spare for the precious water beings dying everyday in our gulf waters.
This is a link to her story...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Sacred Dragon Pearls have arrived!

Our Sacred Dragon Pearls are being recovered from ancient Eocene period of Volcanic Ryolite domes and lava ash flows in Piedra,Chubut in Patagonia, Argentin. The dragon Pearls are a nodule-like geological structure (lithophysae Nodules, rock bubbles) that formed inside vesicles (gas bubbles) in the rhyolitic lava flows. They contain a powerful mineral combination of Perlite, Anorthoclase, Selenite, Iron Oxide, LimoniteMagnetite, Sanidine, Biotite and basalt that formed inside gas bubbles of Ryolite Volcanic lava flows.  
The Patagonia area of Argentina was formed when pre–Ice Age glaciers punched jagged holes through the Andean Mountains cordillera, leaving a network of forested valleys and emerald lakes. This is the home of our Sacred Dragon Pearls, where they have been safely stored and protected for eons!

Finally I received my latest order from Brazil, I could hardly wait to open the box and inspect the lovely Pink Lemurian Scripts, Earths Stars and any other assorted stray crystals the locals may have retrieved from the washes and sold to my supplier. As I held this precious box in my hands I felt my four dragon Guardians appear in circle around me… Strange, I thought, I didn’t order any dragon stones this time, why are they here? No response from the Dragons… okayyy.. I took a deep breath not sure what to expect and started opening the box. As I lifted each flap of the box my hands began to tingle. Hmmm… I took out the first wrapped bundle of stones and saw a nice supply of Lemurian Script crystals..ohhh, how lovely! The air in the room was prickling with energy by now. I took out the next package which should be our beautiful Earth Star Crystals and noticed another bundle under the first two…What is this? I thought, I didn’t order anything else!?! As I reached into the box I felt a shock of energy run through my fingertips… the dragons were pressing closer to me now… what on Earth are you dragons up to? I lifted the last bundle out and started to rip the paper from it, it was an odd feel, not crystals at all, heavy, bumpy objects, ancient….what am I looking at!?! 

 Now the Dragons were so close I thought I felt their breath on my shoulders….. then I Gasped as I realized and recognized what I was holding…OH MY GODDESS, are you kidding me!!?! The Dragon Pearls! My entire body felt like it was floating, I felt almost giddy and the air was thick with charged energy. How, did these get into my box….

 It was dear Lurra, my Earth Dragon Guardian that stepped forward,
 Damia, focus your thoughts for few moments, allow us to activate and fully awaken these precious stones of our people.” All at once the Dragons let out a collective stream of energy that landed directly on the Ancient Dragon Pearls.

Full-screen Instantly I felt a beautiful peace wash over me, my heart was smiling. Then it felt as if the stones in my lap were shimmering, blinking in and out of my reality. I felt no desire to intervene; memories were rolling through my awareness, sweet beautiful memories of life with the Dragons.

Then I heard my original Mother/Teacher’s voice, Precious Akor was speaking…

Anaya, when we last took you on an ethereal journey, I asked you to remember your Dragon Code of Honor to embrace our teachings of all that is pure and holy? You have done as we instructed and now we have brought you the first round of Our Dragon Pearls. These first collections will go to a precious few our most advanced children/students, those who are awakening first!

 I will explain exactly what these are. The Dragon Pearls are pure containers of our knowledge, our culture, and our families’ linage. Every Dragon family, in every Solar System has created these sets of Dragon Pearls for their students to learn from. You may have many Dragon Pearls to reclaim, depending on the number of incarnations you have had in the Dragon realms. Some students may have only one or two, others may have one or two dozen. Every life time in the Dragon Realms will be recorded on these Dragon Pearls, along with the teachings and codes you acquired during that lifetime. These teachings will have a direct influence on the path you have chosen to live this lifetime on this planet. It is so very important that our beloved children regain control of their original families Pearls; they must awaken to their true origins and proudly walk in the ways of the Dragon Hearts! We have activated the ancient stones, they are as we speak sending out beacons to their family, those who are truly awakened Dragon Hearts will immediately recognize their families precious Pearls.

I felt my dear water Dragon Guardian Nawall come closer to me, he began to speak…”These are our instructions for working with your Family Dragon Pearls once you get them home. Immediately place them in the sacred bath, washing them and holding them infuses the Dragon Pearls with your energy frequency. This infusion attunes you to their energy signature allowing you to access the sacred records inside. The immersion into water is a sacred Dragon code ritual of awakening. Once the bath is complete create a special place they can rest for a few hours. After this they will be ready to open and reveal their information to you.

 The contents of your Dragon Pearls are completely personal to you; no two contain the same information. Once activated and attuned to their family member, they begin emitting a beacon that is recognized by all other Dragon Pearls. The pearls create an energy network of protection, strength and healing that any Dragon Heart can draw from. Each awakened stone lends its strength and energy to all the other awakened stones, this creates a powerful force for good on this planet!”
Patagonia, Argentina A land beloved by the Ancient Dragons
Now my Fire Dragon Guardian Aleeya is speaking…
The Fire Dragons have been protecting these sacred Pearls for thousands and thousands of years. Deep within the Calderas of the sacred Andes Mountains, we have awaited this day of awakening! Have no fear dear friend, the Dragon Pearls will find their way to you, we will see to it!

I am not sure I ever went totally into a journey meditation, I know I was completely blissed out during this transmission of information.  I hope each one of you that feels the call of these sacred stones will heed their beacon and bring them home. Our work is hastening, Space and Time are not playing by the rules (some of you know exactly what I mean) even the seasons are out of step with what we know as normal. A change is upon us and growing closer every moment, your path of accomplishment draws nearer and nearer. Do not doubt yourself, you will waste valuable time, KNOW who you are and start living your life in the manner you were meant to live it! If you are reading these words you were drawn here for a reason, you have a mission to complete, get busy, get serious and let’s do this! Let’s finish what we came here to do, to bring beauty and light and transformation to a world that has been shrouded in bleakness too long. To bring hope and healing to the wounded, to bring love and acceptance to those who have been shunned, to walk our chosen path with deep honor and respect for our fellow life forms, no matter who or what they may be! It is time to embrace your pure Dragon Heart! Reclaim your families Dragon pearls and know who you really are~
Piedra Parada Caldera, protection for the precious Dragon Pearls
*****************                                                                                          ******************
Just as an informational aside, I called my supplier in Brazil and asked about the stones he had sent to me that I had NOT ordered. I received a sincere apology and was told that a mistake had been made and he would gladly refund the money I was charged for them. I told him it was no mistake, I did not want to return them; I would actually like to order more of them if possible. He said he would check to see if more were available from his Argentina supplier and today I heard back from him, YES we have another batch on their way here now. J

The Dragon Pearls will be available exclusively on my website, they will not be posted on ebay~