Monday, February 22, 2010

Seeds of Creation formation

The Seeds of Creation crystal formation is recognized as a larger quartz crystal that contains very small Seed crystals completely enclosed within the larger main crystal. I am finding several of these within the Quantum Wands from the Andes Mountain Range of South America.

While meditating with a crystal of this formation that contained the tiny Seeds of Creation, An ancient teacher took me on a journey through one of its many gates; This is what I experienced during that journey....As my spirit entered this beautiful Silvery Space, I saw a dazziling bright light appear, and there stood the form of a man with long white hair and beard, his eyes seemed to hold the wisdom of the universe, so deep, engulfing, and yet completely comforting. A circle of BLUE FLAME danced around him, the energy was electrifing. His words seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere exactly, he was speaking of Divine Love and Cosmic Law. Divine Love, he was saying, is a feeling, an actual beam of Light that flows out from the the Flame within the heart. It can be sent forth so powerfully that this beam of light substance is both tangible and visible. It is the most invincible power of the universe, use it without limit and nothing is impossible for you.

This Cosmic Law of energy acts wherever the thoughts and feelings direct and qualify it to move. It is no respecter of persons, places, motives, ignorance, or knowledge, anymore than a current of electrity; if you turn on the power, it acts! This is a point that many do not comprehend, or do not wish to take responsibility for. In order to manifest this greater expression of Love in a proper way, the person must become aware and feel this energy moving through them. This PURE Life energy is flowing ceaselessly into the mind and body of every person. This is the Triune Activity of the Supreme acting everywhere through infinity, it is the one universal light out of which comes all manifestation. It is subject at all times to the conscious direction and use of the indiviual. Use this understanding to bless life everywhere and you will open the floodgates of healing energy. Use the wisdom you have received and more will come to you as surely as your heart beats and your mind thinks, put this knowledge into conscious action and all will benefit.

Friday, February 12, 2010

White Phantoms within any Quartz crystal

The White Phantoms are used to soften the experience of Re-birthing and to promote contact with the spiritual self at the level just prior to when the Spirit entered the body at birth. It has been used to make a conscious connection between the intellect and a spiritual realm allowing the keeper to connect with the guide that has been assigned to them by their own higher intuition. White phantoms help the keeper discover "Hidden" information from within the subconscious mind, extending awareness and attunes the user to the energies of the mineral and universal energies.

White Phantoms enhance astral projection and remote viewing abilities; strengthening the Auric and Ethereal fields while protecting from negative energy sources during your communications. This is a stone that works with humanitarian efforts on a Universal scale, sending out a loving, healing energy through the Universe, the entire planet, as well as the individual keeper. This is the perfect stone for aligning with the new energy frequencies that are now part of our reality. It promotes respect of the individual as well as the whole of humanity. The energy emanating from this crystal feels like touching the original source of creation, clearing all mental confusion from the user. It dissolves aloofness and negative within the keeper and the environment. This is a formation that helps to dispel phobias and treats swelling, water retention, anemia, and arterioscerosis.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quantum Wands

When I first received these crystals I opened the box and almost fell over, the rush of energy from inside was intense! Even with all the packing material I was almost overwhelmed, I had to take a step back and grab my discharge crystal to cycle the energy through me and back into the original crystals it was emanating from. In this way they would remain charged and open. My, they are so beautiful, their pure white caps and delicate slender bodies are a joy to hold. It is like reuniting with an old and dear friend, I feel as though I know each one of them personally, not that I am each ones keeper, only that they are all so familiar and I am so happy to be reunited with them.

I have gone into meditation many times with these beauties and each time they have transported me into connecting realms of reality, at times I felt as though I was going through honeycomb dimensions. I cannot possible write all they have shown me in this one blog, so I will try to pick out the important parts they want everyone to know about. The most important thing they tell me is that not everyone will be drawn to them, Only those that have had prior experience with them in other lifetimes will be drawn these crystalline tools.

The Quantum Wands have six primary functions, they are able to structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform energy; including physical matter as well as our thoughts, emotions, and information. They emit waves of radiant luminous energy that fills whatever space they occupy. These crystals are power tools, no doubt! They are not for the amateur collector of pretty rocks and crystals. They meld with their keeper’s energy field and amplify it while activating latent psychic abilities. Their keepers must be ready to take a Quantum leap directly into the Ethereal realm, and be willing to embrace memories and abilities they have experienced and possessed before.

The Quantum Wands go to work immediately balancing their keeper and infusing white light throughout the energy field. This pure white light energy begins spontaneous cell rejuvenation within the physical body that can lead to improved physical and mental health as well as slowing down the body’s natural deterioration process. These crystals were programmed ages ago and then hid safely away until it was time for them to reawaken; that time is now! They are ready to launch their crystal keeper on a personal journey that will propel that person to the forefront of their spiritual Quest! These are the 4th in our 7 crystal StarBirth Grid… They are awake, they are activated and they are searching, are you one of the reincarnated keepers?

The name:  
Quantum Wand:
This is the name the teacher crystal gave me for these tools. Quantum Wands are your own personal share or tool of radiant energy that allows you to access many ethereal realms and memories of your own experiences within them.
Word Origin & History of Quantum .....
Coined in 1619, it meant "one's share or portion," from the Latin language. Quantum "how much, or amount" Introduced in physics by Max Planck, 1900; reinforced by Einstein, 1905.

Some background on these crystals and:
An image of the Mountains they were recovered from

White Capped Phantoms from Antioquia (pronounced An-tee-oh-kwee-ah)  in the Cordillera Mountains of Colombia, South America have been resting for thousands of years at an elevation of 3000 - 4000 feet nestled deep in the Andes mountain range.

Some people believe the White Capped is the most attractive of all the phantoms. These crystals essentially have terminations that developed a fine coating of almost transparent tiny bubbles of water vapor (a Gas) on the point which were covered by a later overgrowth of Clear Quartz, giving the crystals the look of a snowy white cap. There are also wispy white edges on many of the bodies of these crystals, and Sigil etching on their faces; much like the crystals named Titanium Gas Phantoms of Montgomery County Arkansas. The terminations are generally single, with multi-facts inside the single tip caused by contact with a softer mineral like calcite or bentonite which later dissolved and fell away from the quartz. This left multiple faceted faces within the single termination; this is known as the Council of Elders configuration.

The gifts of the Council of Elders Formation:

This Council of Elders crystal is recognized as generally being a single terminated crystal. The termination is composed of multiple small faces within the one tip. These are not like the ET formations with large multiple separate points that stand out on their own on one or both ends. The Council of Elders termination is composed of many small terminations or faces within one termination that is caused by growth interference of another, softer mineral that decomposed and fell out of the quartz eons ago. While the growth Interference formation has its own unique energies, I discovered while working with one of these beauties that the multi-faced formation this type of growth Interference causes, also has its own energies.

I took one of these crystal beings into meditation with me and just relaxed with it in my hand. Soon I heard a light joyful laughter and felt led to place the side of the crystals terminations over my third eye. As soon as I did this, it was like a heavy veil was drawn back and I saw an oval table with 12 beings of light, clothed in White light robes sitting around it. One Being was standing with arms outstretched, smiling with a gentle laugh of joy, saying..."Welcome! We have been waiting so long for your people, our people to find the key that will lead you back to us! Come inside and sit, we have much to share with you" was then I notice an empty chair beside the standing being, had it been there all along? Truly, the love and acceptance I felt in this room of light beings is like nothing I have encountered before, I could hear words in my mind, but no one was speaking with a physical mouth. Again the being was speaking ..." We are the Council of Elders, Many of you have seen us in your meditations, many have felt our guidance in their lives, and we are always near. Our message is personal for each being that comes to us, we offer our assistance to guide you on your spiritual path of evolution, and those seeking the light will always find us!"

There is a sacred place that dwells within and around us, wherein all truth is told. This sacred place is called The Etheric Realm; this is the home of the "Council of Elders". These special crystals are like Keys that unlock the ethereal realm and grant us access to the wisdom of the Elders, their ancient teachings of Healing, Ethereal Arts and Profound Guidance. Placing the multi-tip of the "Council of Elders" quartz crystal to your third eye and then consciously routing the energy to your heart chakra and anchoring it there, allows the vibrational frequency of the crystal to permeate into our brain, connecting that energy to our heart. This will begin to gently vibrate the Pineal gland, our true physical third eye. When this gland is vibrated, our natural psychic abilities are opened in a way we in a human body, have not yet experienced. We begin to see the fibers of existence within the ethereal realm. Our Ethereal light bodies are able to communicate with the Council of Elders that reside in this legendary place and ask their guidance and assistance on our chosen path. With repeated meditations we can learn to see the Etheric substance and learn how to use it. The Wisdom offered within this crystal key is guidance concerning the best way for each person to follow their unique vision. Allowing us to offer the gift of our own personal energy and gifts to the larger community of evolving life on our planet.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Colombian crystalline Tools~ StarBirth Grid

For the StarBirth Grid Colombian crystalline Tools

YES, they are finally here :) the newest addition for the StarBirth Grids!
This is the 4th crystal in our seven country quest of retriving quartz crystals from the Andes mountain range of South America.
We are collecting crystals from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, to create the Starbirth 2012 Grid, these are the beautiful Colombian crystalline tools; this grid is NOT to prevent major cataclysms or the end of the world.... I do not personally subscribe to that line of thought; the information coming from the crystalline guides do not indicate end of the world happenings, just the opposite.
The StarBirth grid is being created to usher in a time of JOY ! One that leads to our remembering; one that allows us to know without doubt who and what humans really are and where our stardust came from. The records within these crystals are connected to five Star systems, the Pleiades, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Cetus and Orion... all of these systems having been seeded with the atoms of intelligent energy known as StarBirth!
With this awareness our line of destiny becomes apparent, and we can then consciously remember what we, personally, can do to create a better world for everyone to live in. 

I have the columbian crystals on a bed of rose petals resting after their long journey, after that I will cleanse and place them in Sun/Moon light for a 24 hour period, then I will ask for the teacher volunteer and begin writing the blog for them. I will start listing them the begining of next week (sometime between the 8th and 10th of February 2010). I have posted a picture here of what I consider to be a good represntation of these crystals, 98% of them are like finger quartz in shape, long and narrow. the size is ranging from about 2 inches to 4 inches with most about 3 inches. They seem to me to be a cross between the StarBirths from Chile and the Titanium Quartz crystals that came out of Montgomery county Arkansas a few years ago. they have the silky foggy appearence in most and they all have snow white termination with growth Interference tips, multi- faced main terminations like many of the StarBirths. These are wonderful, strong beauties and I can hardly wait to work with a teacher from them.
We now have crystals from Peru, Chile, Columbia and a few from the Argentina side of the Andes mountains, I am expecting more from Argentina, not Hathors but more Quartz crystals.  I will keep you posted!