Monday, February 22, 2010

Seeds of Creation formation

The Seeds of Creation crystal formation is recognized as a larger quartz crystal that contains very small Seed crystals completely enclosed within the larger main crystal. I am finding several of these within the Quantum Wands from the Andes Mountain Range of South America.

While meditating with a crystal of this formation that contained the tiny Seeds of Creation, An ancient teacher took me on a journey through one of its many gates; This is what I experienced during that journey....As my spirit entered this beautiful Silvery Space, I saw a dazziling bright light appear, and there stood the form of a man with long white hair and beard, his eyes seemed to hold the wisdom of the universe, so deep, engulfing, and yet completely comforting. A circle of BLUE FLAME danced around him, the energy was electrifing. His words seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere exactly, he was speaking of Divine Love and Cosmic Law. Divine Love, he was saying, is a feeling, an actual beam of Light that flows out from the the Flame within the heart. It can be sent forth so powerfully that this beam of light substance is both tangible and visible. It is the most invincible power of the universe, use it without limit and nothing is impossible for you.

This Cosmic Law of energy acts wherever the thoughts and feelings direct and qualify it to move. It is no respecter of persons, places, motives, ignorance, or knowledge, anymore than a current of electrity; if you turn on the power, it acts! This is a point that many do not comprehend, or do not wish to take responsibility for. In order to manifest this greater expression of Love in a proper way, the person must become aware and feel this energy moving through them. This PURE Life energy is flowing ceaselessly into the mind and body of every person. This is the Triune Activity of the Supreme acting everywhere through infinity, it is the one universal light out of which comes all manifestation. It is subject at all times to the conscious direction and use of the indiviual. Use this understanding to bless life everywhere and you will open the floodgates of healing energy. Use the wisdom you have received and more will come to you as surely as your heart beats and your mind thinks, put this knowledge into conscious action and all will benefit.

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