Friday, February 12, 2010

White Phantoms within any Quartz crystal

The White Phantoms are used to soften the experience of Re-birthing and to promote contact with the spiritual self at the level just prior to when the Spirit entered the body at birth. It has been used to make a conscious connection between the intellect and a spiritual realm allowing the keeper to connect with the guide that has been assigned to them by their own higher intuition. White phantoms help the keeper discover "Hidden" information from within the subconscious mind, extending awareness and attunes the user to the energies of the mineral and universal energies.

White Phantoms enhance astral projection and remote viewing abilities; strengthening the Auric and Ethereal fields while protecting from negative energy sources during your communications. This is a stone that works with humanitarian efforts on a Universal scale, sending out a loving, healing energy through the Universe, the entire planet, as well as the individual keeper. This is the perfect stone for aligning with the new energy frequencies that are now part of our reality. It promotes respect of the individual as well as the whole of humanity. The energy emanating from this crystal feels like touching the original source of creation, clearing all mental confusion from the user. It dissolves aloofness and negative within the keeper and the environment. This is a formation that helps to dispel phobias and treats swelling, water retention, anemia, and arterioscerosis.

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