Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Years! 2011
 I hope all of your spiritual dreams and goals become swift realities. I feel this New Year holds infinate possibilities for fulling each and every divine desire of our hearts.

Wishing you a Joy filled and prosperous New Year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Egyptian Heka Wand Seedlings

The Egyptian Heka wand Seedlings are being recovered from the same area as the larger Egyptian Heka wands; the highlands of Chapada Diamantina, a plateau that runs directionally north and south with high concentrations of quartz /quartzite; this plateau is located east of Salvador in central Bahia, Brazil; the area is known as the Serra da Mangabeira. It seems the miners have prematurely (or perhaps it is the perfect timeing;) recovered a Chamber of Seedlings, now it is up to us to care for them.

These adorable and powerful little Heka Wands are the same crystals as you are accustom to seeing in the larger sizes; only they are in a younger state of growth. They range in size from a tiny 3/4 inch long to 2 3/4 inches long, most falling in the 1 1/2 - 2 inch size. Many of them are Double Terminated, which simply increases the energy flow into and from them. When you think of these ancient seedlings, think about the difference in a young child and an Elder human. The Young child has boundless energy, is curious, inquisitive and somewhat undisciplined, when they laugh it is like the sound of tinkling bells being rang by the Angels. The Elder is settled, focused and rooted. Their energy is steady and dependable, they know where they are going, what they are doing and why; their laughter contains a rich understanding of humor and life. Both are humans in different stages of their growth, so it is with the Heka Wands.

These small crystals have a boundless energy that must be focused a bit more carefully than their Ancient and Elder counter-parts. They feel joyful almost giggly and their happiness is contagious. They are anxious and ready for adventure and seem to be up for anything you want them to do. Do not expect these crystals to lead you; they need you to direct their flow of energy. Without your direction the energy seems to go anywhere and everywhere, like a childs attention span. They were created from the pure Primordial cosmic energy of life force; in some ways they seem to have an umbilical-like cord still connected to their source of creation.

The Heka Wand Seedlings would be just perfect used in jewelry creations where they could be worn/carried on the body, instilling a constant connection between the human keeper and the Primordial Heka energy. They are also very powerful when worked into Crystal Grid energy of all types adding the energy of the original pure source to the Grid. I have found some have a lovely Pink hue to them and a few have Chlorite inclusions, they are also wonderful when used in energy healing work. 
However you chose to work with these amazing little Wands, the amount of energy they are able to draw in and send out is amazing!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Blue Star Smokey Wands from Brazil~

  The Blue Star Quartz crystals that have made their way home to us this time are from the Serra Do Espinhaco Mountains of Minas Gerais, Brazil. They are much larger than their Australian kin and are more Wand Shaped with etched glyphs on the body, most are light Smokey in hue with about 1/3 being a dark Smokey color. The only common factor in these and the small Australians is the Location of retrieval, a Mountain range. As we learned before any Smokey quartz crystals retrieved from a mountain range would carry the encoded program of the Blue Star.

As I placed my thumbprint over the face of this crystal, I sensed a flash of white-blue light, and a shifting my awareness and knew I was being shown a vision. I began to sense a faint vibration throughout my physical body, almost like a tingling sensation surging from my crown chakra to the minor chakras at the base of my feet. I felt the frequency surge through me and travel deep into the earth, anchoring my energy there. Then just as quickly, I felt it surge through my crown chakra and I sensed part of my awareness travel with this new energy and anchor to a milky plasma deep in space. The 2 points of connection made sense to me, original home, the source of all original life, and current space/time home, planet Earth. It was a connection that happened in a split second, yet it seemed like I could slow it down and feel each comforting moment; it was very familiar, I have been here before! Such beauty and serenity, yes this is the blue Star connection! My awareness was placed within my ethereal body, anchored in a dimension of beautiful light, yet aware of many dimensions at once. Again, I was shown the beautiful being I had seen before, composed entirely of translucent blue light, flying over the mountains of Brazil dropping tiny seed crystals; I also noticed the seed crystals were glowing with a light of their own this time. I asked my guide what that meant and was told these seed crystals were placed in the ground millions of years ago by people who came from a Lost Star that once existed in the Pleiadian system. Their ancient planet revolved around the binary blue Star Pleione and was home to one of the first civilizations in our Universe.

The people evolved quickly and peacefully, were very astronomy and science oriented, they were playful, curious beings. Understanding their world and the galaxy they lived in quickly became the focus for their advancement. When the binary Sun Stars were ageing, they sent out colonies to other star systems all over the Galaxy and out into the Universe, these curious intellectual beings began to seed life everywhere they went, they called themselves People of the Blue Stars.

Their Scientist developed the perfect storage and retrieval device using Quartz crystals. Instead of decaying, this storage method would protect and retain the information implanted within it for millions and millions of years. This was perfect! The Scientists developed a way to place a bit of their own life energy, imprinted with their chosen memories into a tiny seed crystal. In this manner they were able to store records of their civilization and their individual lives within natural quartz crystal structures. Knowing many of them would take up life on these planets and would one day forget their Star origins, they placed personal as well as cultural information within the living seeds.They decided to plant these on every planet that could support intelligent life and had young mountainous areas to protect the seeds while civilization evolved; Earth was one of those planets. They knew as intelligent life evolved the People of the Blue Stars would be able to incarnate and retrieve the ancient messages they had recorded in the seed crystals.

Many of the souls from Pleiones binary star system are currently incarnated on Earth. They know there is something of major importance happening now, even if they are not sure what it is.

Now when a human’s energy field activates one of these tools, the starfire or life force energy inside ignites and sends a frequency wave back through that human’s energy field, searching for a tiny Pleionian imprint that still resides within the spiritual genetic code of that being. If one is found the energy anchors within the spiritual DNA; once that person holds this crystal properly in their hand, the download will automatically begin. You can expect to receive information about culture, laws, healing, Arts, Science plus personal, individual messages. Anything pertaining to the societies that grew and flourished on the now lost Star.

Once the download is complete, it will only take a few seconds, the information may reveal itself to you in dreams or even daydreams. If you are an Artist you may suddenly feel the urge to paint images of your home world or people from your society. Writers may feel new ideas for books, poems, stories; teachers find new ways to share their knowledge and to help their students learn. Healers have more intuitive ideas on how to help others. The healing energy from their hands becomes stronger. Whatever your normal path, the starfire seeds will find a way to blossom and come through. The data is set to release as little seeds within our minds, like natural ideas. This is to prevent the overwhelming amount of information they give us from possibly shutting us down mentally.

So many millions of years have passed, So many lifetimes lived in so many galaxies; these precious encoded crystalline seeds are all we have left of the culture created by the People of the Blue Stars, and only the incarnated beings of this lost culture can unlock and relearn the important meassages and teaching that were preserved just for them.

How do you know if one of the Brazil Blue Stars is meant for you? Look at the pictures carefully, I have shown the main face clearly on each one, this is the access point. The crystals are here, scanning for you now, simply ask the image in front you if it is meant to work with you, and then wait a few seconds. Look at the images again, are you still interested in the crystal or have you lost all interest suddenly? That should tell you if you are meant to work with one of these very beautiful and rare tools. I would suggest that you look at several of the crystals if possible to see which one might have a stronger connection to the imprinting you carry.

Do you feel the crystal has locked onto you, made a connection within your conscious mind? If so it has found a trace imprint within your etheric field and has chosen to work with you.

These beautiful Blue Star crystals have been waiting for millions of years, they are now active and ready to help their ancient keepers awaken and remember the People of the Blue Stars.

To activate and retrive the recorded messages within your Blue Star from Brazil, place your thumbprint
over the main face, as shown in this picture. Then sit back and relax for a few moments. You feel a mild sensation or vibration through your body, or you may sense a small odd sensation somewhere, or you may not notice it at all. But the download will occur no matter if or how you sense it occuring.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Morganite... Charged by the Angels~ Keeper of the Heart Ray

 Morganite is a rare, semi-precious gemstone; a pale pink semi-transparent variety of Beryl that gets its delicate color from trace amounts of Cesium, Rubidium and Manganese inclusions. The beautiful stones I am offering here were recovered from the Corrego do Urucum mine in the federation of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The energy field of Morganite is of a very high, very fine frequency that is extremely subtle. If you are not accustomed to the feel of ethereal energy you may think they are totally without a vibrational frequency. Nothing could be further from the truth; Morganite is attached to an Angel of Love and is the keeper of our heart rays! The energy gift is immediate and spontaneous, and is usually felt initially as a subtle emotional response. Some may feel giggly, calmer or happier this is a reaction to the healing gift Morganite has given your Heart Ray; everyone should have this stone, the world would be such a loving and peaceful place.

Morganite has been named Keeper of the Heart Ray by the Angelic realm. It’s extremely high frequency immediately penetrates the Souls Spiritual Heart, cleansing, dissolving, clearing and removing toxic energies that have accumulated throughout the souls eternal existence. Every lifetime that has experience emotional hurt and scarring has left its imprint in your Spiritual Heart. As a result of this imprinting we are born with opinions, judgments, and fears that have no base within our current life. These are past life traumas and scars that need to be removed and healed so that we may live this current life fully embracing the Ray of Love as we are meant to.

When I first held the Morganite in my hand its energy was vibrating at such a high frequency I almost thought I felt nothing other than a calmness that was immediately flowing through my consciousness. Now, when I say calmness, I don’t mean like a physical calm after being upset, that is a very different feeling. I am trying to find the right words… this calm went deep, very deep! It was so soft, so subtle it took me a minute to realize that something had just been returned to me that I didn’t know I had lost.

My mind could not keep up with the immediate cleansing and spontaneous healing that was occurring. I felt a small warm tear rushing down my cheek and oddly this brought a smile to my face, I laughed,… then I really laughed with such a deep joy and genuine happiness I don’t remember feeling before. I knew was joy now anchored within the core of my very being. I didn’t know I was missing this part of me, Oh my, the little stone in my hand was warm and all I could do was smile, and cry and smile and giggle some more. I was not sure exactly what was happening, but I knew something that had been holding me back was gone; I felt such a deep gratitude, such a feeling of joyful wholeness and such an enormous ray of love from my heart; It was like I was embracing the entire planet at once. I knew I had to learn more about what had just transpired, so I went to my Sirian Heir Teacher and asked to be shown in a way that I could put into words.

My Journey began with the appearance of a large shimmering silvery-pink Angel of Light. I saw the outline of her wings and body as more solid than the rest of her. There were radiant fibers of silver light flowing from her head like strands of long wavy hair; her beauty was stunning! Instinctively I knew this was a being created of entirely of conscious living light. The sight was humbling to behold and I was filled with awe as I focused on this sacred being. I sensed the Angels beautiful form moving closer to me, I felt very small, almost like an infant, as she lifted by body into her arms and wrapped both wings completely around my small human form. I was completely encompassed by the angel’s wings feeling only pure and divine love; almost as though I were somehow being reborn, or given life for the first time. There was a new energy flowing through my awareness and into my physical body, every cell had been ignited; the Physical and Spiritual DNA were on fire, a silvery pink flame coursing through every atom that was me. I think I was held in the arms of this angel for at least one eternity, yet it was over in blink of an eye. Her wings opened and she gently released me, I felt completely renewed. I heard and felt her voice like a fine musical instrument; her words became the first imprint on my new heart…..

……I have reset your heart memory child, you are now as you were when first created, there are no more scars, no more pain, you are whole and complete! Go forth and complete your mission on earth renewed with an open heart. I have transferred by light ray into the small pink stone you are holding; use it anytime you need to connect with me. This stone is now the Keeper of your Heart Ray!

Now I completely understood the miracle that had just transpired and it took my breath away!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Golden Lemurian Sol Crystals from Brazil~

I have recently received a new collection of natural unpolished, uncut, Citrine quartz crystal points from Minas Gerais, Brazil. These beautiful crystals are sometimes referred to as Citrine Cathedrals because of their many faces and sometimes multiple terminations that resemble the towers of a Cathedral. However as the Australian natural citrines taught us, these are actually Lemurian Sol crystals! The ones from Brazil are distinguished from the Australian Lemurian Sols by their size, shape and natural golden glisten, they will be known as the Golden Lemurian Sol crystals, and they are connected to the Lemurian colonist that settled in the ancient lands of what is now known as South America.The way to recognize a Golden Lemurian Sol is easy; it resembles a normal colorless, unpolished, uncut natural quartz crystal cathedral formation, however the color ranges from an almost pristine clear with golden hints, to a deeper muted golden yellow. The Lemurian Sols, no matter where on Earth they were recovered from, are completely natural, just the way they were reclaimed from the Earth.

All Lemurian Sol crystals have a mission; to locate the reincarnated people of Lemuria by scanning and reading their unique Lemurian signature. This can be done through a person viewing the images of the crystals as well as actually holding the crystal. When you view an image or hold one of these crystals, consciously ask it to scan you; many times people are actually able to feel the crystal lock on or scan them, others just feel an immediate familiarity. After the crystal assesses whether or not you are a Lemurian, you will most likely react one of two ways, your interest in the crystal will start to diminish as you wonder what attracted you to it in the first place… or you will feel like you have just connected with a part of your real Home. These crystals have so much to teach us about healing, technology, spiritual evolution, the Arts, such as writing, music, painting and much more. All based on the records of the Lemurian Societies. Once they are unlocked by their keeper they begin emitting a unique encoded beacon, this resonance will have a rejuvenating affect on the keepers physical and ethereal bodies, allowing them to grow stronger, reclaim any lost personal power and start tapping into a treasured gift that will enrich their life path.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Egyptian Wands of Heka~ A Sacred Chalice for the Primordial Force

The Crystals I have received are being recovered from the highlands of Chapada Diamantina, a plateau that runs directionally north and south with high concentrations of quartz /quartzite; this plateau is located east of Salvador in central Bahia, Brazil; the area is known as the Serra da Mangabeira.

The Heka wand quartz crystal is recognized as a long slender crystal displaying a silky sheen almost like a satin matte finish with horizontal striation lines on one or more sides, these striations can be very lightly etched or deep and prominent. Most Heka Wands are shaped like straight rods, some taper from a wider base to a narrow termination, creating the Laser Wand formation as well. Often the faces tend to be small, having formed in more of a Muzo habit growth pattern, similar to the original Lemurian Seed Crystals.

This is my Journey with the ancient Heka wands~
When I asked for my Teacher crystal from this energetic batch of new crystalline beings, I immediately sensed an ancient presence. I reached my hand out to pick up a crystal without even looking or consciously knowing which one. As soon as my hand touched it, I knew I was in for a visual journey. Feeling the familiar lightheaded sensation, I sat down. I was not exactly dizzy; just very light headed and unfocused, my awareness no longer bound to the physical world.

I was not sure where my conscious awareness was being taken, still sensing the presence of something ancient, I knew I needed to focus. I wanted to gain information about these beautiful crystals and the ancient something I had sensed present was not yet visible nor was it making any sounds; the silence was intense. I was not alarmed though, in fact I felt strangely comforted, trying to focus on something, anything at all and then realized there was nothing for my senses to focus on, it was completely devoid of …everything? I had never been here before, there was always something to catch my attention, my mind began to spiral…. That’s when I realized I needed to stop the mental chatter of my thoughts, my questions and just Be, was that my idea? Or had the thought come from outside of me? Stop! Quiet! Experience!... ok that was not my own thoughts…. relax… experience…sense this ancient place of Before!

I was not accustomed to seeing nothing during these meditation/journeys and I admit it was throwing me off a bit. Then I heard/sensed a voice telling me to….” Expand your life force, feel with your senses” I became mentally quiet, calming my curiosity I began to sense my awareness expand instantly, just by thinking it.

I became centered within my awareness, very peaceful, like a gentle floating sensation, I was attached to nothing yet suddenly connected to everything. I felt a deep inner peace, contentment, my awareness became hyper sensitive. I sensed tiny particles of light being born into existence; dazzling colors with hues I could not identify. One tiny particle drew my awareness, pulled my consciousness so close it felt like I was the particle of light, my energy was flowing in pulses, then radiating in waves, then burst of energy exploded within me and I was looking at the particle of light growing and becoming a star, it was so beautiful! I was completely mesmerized; I forgot everything else, I was not even aware of being on a journey. There was just this particle of shimmering radiant light; actually there were billions of the tiny particles of light. All transforming into stars, planets, galaxies; the entire Universe was coalescing around me. WOW… my awareness seemed infinite in size.

Instantly I again became aware of the ancient something. Had this being been beside me all along? Who are you? What are you showing me? Then an image of the crystals wands came into my awareness…what could they possibly have to do with all of this, the birth of the Cosmos….. That’s when the ancient one appeared, a spiral of golden green particles of light, images of a man, a baboon, a bird, the sphinx then a voice again… I am Thoth (sounded like ...Tote) the stone in your hand is a chalice that fills with this sacred substance of life; it is the Heka wand I created in Atlantis and brought to Egypt. (I suddenly saw the teacher stone I had been holding in my hand in the 3-D world)
The energy of Thoth begin to solidify into a human form directly in front of me, a tall man with shoulder length straight black hair, golden skin, a striking face, he appeared to be in his mid thirties maybe; I was stunned! You are seeing a blend of my human form, he reached his golden hand out as if to take the crystal, instead he touched the tip of the crystal with the tip of his forefinger…an explosion of light streamed forth from the crystal, forming a laser beam of silvery light that extended for eons and then circled back on itself creating a loop. The light was everywhere, directly above us, around us, under us; it had become a thick pool of silvery light particles that filled the universe. As soon as the loop of light touched the crystal again, I felt it surge through my consciousness and yes, into my physical body, (suddenly remembering I have one of those), I was aware of being in both dimensions at once.

My consciousness was hyper sensitive; my awareness one with this pool of light particle energy. I felt connected to the entire cosmos, ….then I was simply my own awareness, ….then I was cosmically connected again to all things, this pulsing sensation of being a singular being, then sharing universal awareness continued for what seemed like very long minutes, it was both soothing and disturbing. I struggled to regain my own separateness, to be my own consciousness; I sensed the ancient presence of Thoth knew what I was experiencing and was mildly amused at my struggle.

Then the voice again..You are experiencing the ancient primordial force known as Heka… the eternal life force of all that is, it is everywhere, it is in everything, eternally flowing through the Cosmic Universe, into and through all forms of creation; it is life! Suddenly the primordial pool formed into a slowly whirling mass of silvery white light, it was huge, in constant motion and I was in the middle of it. I remember thinking, Where is Thoth? Then immediately sensing his ancient presence and feeling the words of his message impressed into my mind like pen strokes on parchment paper….

…These sacred crystalline tools, my Heka wands, were created from pure primordial cosmic energy. I instructed the wise ones of Atlantis and then Egypt in their proper use, using the understanding of this life force energy much healing in many forms were accomplished through them. Before I left your plane of existence; my people hid them away until the age would arrive when humans would be able to put them to their proper use again. The primordial life force on your planet has become corrupted and weak. As a result disease is spreading and mutating, most life forms are unhealthy; in truth, entire species of life are dying out. The negative energies of the mass populace are becoming stronger, emotions of , anger, grief, strife, anxiety, greed are overwhelming many positive frequencies. The Earths precious energy wheels (chakras) have become polluted and stagnant; they will soon shut down for a time of renewal. When the earth has healed and balanced her sacred energy centers which are currently located in the Himalayan Mountains, she will once again open them in the ancient land of the Andes Mountains…..
...The Heka Wand will awaken all students of the Ancient mysteries, we have worked together before, we must work together now! It is time to create our new future!...
 Then I understood what the crystals had to do with Cosmic creation… my consciousness became heavier, I seemed to be moving very rapidly. Suddenly I was sitting in my room, light headed, slowly becoming aware of this physical plane, tightly clutching the little Teacher crystal to my heart Chakra.

Following Thoth’s instructions, a trusted Egyptian Priest traveled to the remote areas of Brazil planting crystalline Heka seeds and hiding the large crystal wands within an ancient Plateau for safe keeping. Thoth knew that if left in the temples of Egypt, they would fall into the hands of humans before humankind was ready to understand their gifts. The Heka wands are a source of eternal energy having the capacity to affect healing throughout time and space when used properly by the students of light. The wands of Heka were destined to be unearthed when we reached a level of spiritual evolution where at least 50% of the populace could understand the importance of these crystalline tools, that time is now!

Every sacred site of power, the Pyramids, the Sphinx, Stonehenge, the Gate of the Sun, the ancient Monasteries, Shrines and Cathedrals all over the world are connected to and draw energy from the eternal Primordial pool of life; these sacred sites are receptacles for this creative force. It cannot be used up, contained or destroyed; the divine primordial energy is eternal and is the flame of life within all things. The Heka wands are a conduit to draw this divine life-force directly from the cosmic source or even from a sacred site anywhere in the Universe. When drawing from a receptacle site we can use the energy for specific infusions.

We are able to focus and draw power from the Temples of Healing into those who may have lost some of their life force energies through illness; we can draw it from the temples of learning into those seeking wisdom; from the temples of ascension into those preparing to evolve into light beings. The Heka wands behave like a sacred Chalice that fills with this divine life force and allows us to consciously focus the divine energy with laser beam precision, directing it exactly where it needs to go. These sacred Wands can be used to infuse harmony within the seekers surroundings; Plant essences, gemstones, colors and sounds can all be infused with the energy of Heka to bring an amazing harmonizing frequency into our 3 dimensional world. This is a powerful tool in the hands of energy workers and healers.

How to use the Wand of Heka…

In your mind’s eye see the tip of the wand touching the primal pool of silvery white energy, within a sacred site or from the Cosmic pool is your personal choice; feel it flow into and fill the crystal, when you are ready consciously direct the beam of energy into an area or person (if they have requested assistance) needing healing or help. You may keep the beam flowing for as long as you feel comfortable. When you are finished remember to infuse your own life force with a renewed dose of this cosmic substance. This can be done by placing the crystal over your heart chakra and allowing the energy to slowly radiate into your energy field. If you need to quickly recharge point the tip of the Heka wand about ½ inch from the yellow energy wheel of your Solar Plexus, make little clockwise circles until you feel the ancient energy flowing into your body. All Chakras can be infused in this way, the Yellow Chakra works best for a quick energy boost.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Natural Pink Lithium Quartz Crystals From Bahia, Brazil

 These beautiful Pink Lithium crystals are retrieved from Bahia, Brazil, They are mined in very limited quantities by local villagers. I was blessed to get a good shipment directly from the Brazilian Supplier. These are incredibly beautiful and energetic crystals; they radiate an energy of warmth, love and contentment, so peaceful! Pink Lithium crystals are the serotonin of the mineral kingdom; they trigger the feel good response within our brains that make us want to smile.We suddenly feel at peace with the world and know everything is going to work out just fine.

These emissaries of peace clear out tension, anger, aggression and stress from any environment they are placed in. Holding one in the palm of your hand draws out unpleasant emotions from the keeper and initializes the peaceful, calm and in-control mental state that should always be there for an energy worker. No other mineral feels like Pink Lithium, it sends out its energy in a gentle cyclic flow that is powerful in its softness. Repeatedly working with a Pink Lithium Quartz crystal will begin to heal emotional issues of the past, resentment, grudges, and feelings of unfairness simply fall away, one day you realize how great you are feeling and perhaps notice that you are not at mental or emotional war with anyone anymore. These crystals are excellent for anyone dealing with mental turmoil or emotional traumas, they instantly balance and activate all chakras, creating the space for a healthy mind and body to grow, flourish and evolve!

Pink Lithium crystals are calming and soothing to the brain. When the brain is peaceful the Solar Plexus and Adrenal glands run smoothly without stress from overworking that can throw chakras and glands out of balance. This warm and loving mineral is self clearing and self cleansing, though I have to say, they do love playing in Rose petals when they are not busy working!

Friday, November 5, 2010

UPDATE to the Indigo Gabbro

I was asked an important question yesterday concerning the gifts of this ancient stone, I think the question and the answer are important enough to add this update...

I was asked if the Indigo Gabbro would disable implants, as most of us know not all the Star People have our best interest at heart, nor do they ask our permission before implanting a recorder/tracker device in our body. So this is a very valid concern; I took my teacher stone into meditation along with my Sirian Heir Teacher: and asked about this, what I was shown was both disturbing and enlightening.

Immediately a being of immense love and brilliant light stepped forward and stood in front of me... It was my guide; he surrounded my consciousness in a sort of cloaked bubble and asked me to simply watch. I felt a dizzy sort of pull, then a scene unfolded in front of me like something out of a bad movie. I watched horrified as these beings placed their device in a semi-conscious human, I was told the human would not remember, and I knew I would never forget! I asked my guide why this was allowed to happen, why we didn’t stop them and I was told simply, those beings have an agreement with the authorities of earth and no other star people are allowed to interfere.

My guide then explained to me that we could help ourselves with the stones, that the Indigo Gabbro had been infused with the same protective light energy that had been used to cloak our visit to the alien ship and that by placing the stone at the nape of the neck for 15 minutes, the implant would be disabled and the cloaking shield activated. The stone would need to be placed near the bed or inside the pillowcase at night or while resting; and should remain within 3 feet of the keeper at all times. This is not an energy that can be built up in the body and maintained, the stone needs to be near you to be certain the implant is de-activated and you are cloaked.

I do not feel comfortable writing a lot of detail about what I was shown and really this is all I can manage, it was heartbreaking and so disturbing to know this is really happening to our people, with the blessings of the governments of Earth.

There are many beautiful, peace loving Star People that come here to our planet, there is one race that is not! Please when you communicate with the Star People always call for light to surround you; ask that your personal guardian walk with you and guide you to the Wise ones, the peaceful ones and the ancient Elders of the Star Nations!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Indigo Gabbro, our connection to the Star People!

 Indigo Gabbro is a plutonic rock that forms deep in the Earth's and Oceanic crusts from high pressure and cooled magma. It is a densely formed mixture containing black Pyroxene, white Plagioclase Feldspar, Amphibole (in the form of Bluish lavender Gluacophane), Olivine (Surround by Black Orthopyroxene-magnetite) and Muscovite mica with small amounts of iron-titanium oxides. It presents with a lovely pale blue color background with lavender to mauve streaks randomly running through it. Scattered throughout the stone are irregular shaped areas of black Pyroxene surrounding gorgeous green centers of Olivine; there are flashes of shimmering Muscovite mica throughout the stone. I am told this was one of the new stones to find at the Tucson show last year, I don’t know, I have never been there. I do know that when I saw and held a sample of this stone sent to me by my Madagascar Supplier; I HAD to have it! The feeling was overwhelming that I need to get this in right away, so of course I did and immediately began researching this amazing mineral. Imagine my surprise when I discovered hardly anyone knew anything about it and almost nothing has been written about the Indigo form of Gabbro. What I have learned geologically through my research and Spiritually through meditation are written below…

The Beautiful Indigo Gabbro formed approximately 140 million years ago as Madagascar moved over the Marion Hotspot during the Cretaceous period; the same time frame that flowering plants like the Magnolia and Water Lily came into existence. This was a warm, beautiful time in Earth’s history spanning 80 million years and existed prior to the large Meteor strike that caused a mass extinction of many life forms on this planet, including the Dinosaurs.

This is the time frame when Madagascar and India were part of ancient Gonwanda, the Southern part of a large land mass that was inhabited by the Star people of early Earth. This planet was evolving and thriving while many of the ancient Stars systems were dying. Earth became home to several Star colonies who lived and created peaceful societies and developed civilizations here. We have learned of the peaceful, intelligent Lemurians, a combined race of the Pleiadian and Orion peoples. However there were several other Star cultures that settled Earth before and during the period of time of the Pleiadian and Orion cultures were flourishing.

 Indigo Gabbro is a stone that vibrates to the frequency of the Star People, when we connect to it we are drawing on the Inter-Galactic stream of energy particles flowing through the Star Nations into our Planet earth and directly into our personal energy fields.
This beautiful blue stone emits a warm, friendly energy that draws your consciousness into its multi-faceted energy field. When carried on or near the body this stone throws up a shield of protection around its keeper that extends outward and just beyond the Auric energy field. This shield blocks negative or incompatible frequencies from attaching energy hooks that can drain or disrupt your own personal level of strength. It is very important to have the ability to shield ourselves from discordant and inharmonious energies, even if accidently encountered.

If you are planning to have energy work done on your chakras, auric field or ethereal bodies, the Indigo Gabbro will need to be removed from close proximity to the body or the energy work will not get through its shield and will not be successful. Once the work has been completed, the keeper should replace the Indigo Gabbro on or near their physical body to seal and protect them from outside influences that could disturb the new energy alignment.

Many of the minerals contained within this ancient stone are identical to minerals found within rocks retrieved from the Moon and Meteorites that have fallen from space. All week I have been holding and researching these beautiful pieces of stone, randomly throughout the day an image of a section of the Universe would flash into my consciousness, different sectors of Space, Stars and Planets would appear. I now know I was being shown the home planets of various Star People that are currently visiting and or residing on our Earth. Using two Indigo Gabbro stones, one in each open palm of the hand, consciously focus and mentally direct the energy emitted by the stones to open a channel of communication with the Star people that may be near to you on our planet.

Placing a piece of Indigo Gabbro upon the throat chakra releases a gentle flow of energy that travels inward through the throat then upward to the brain. This energy quickly multiplies and immediately begins to clear and sharpen the mental processes; allowing the keeper to make quick and accurate decisions. Also very protective when doing personal clearing work, the energy allows you to recognize, locate and then release emotional scars without reliving the pain that caused them. This is and will be an extremely useful tool to have, especially during this era when it is absolutely imperative that we quickly advance and move forward along our chosen spiritual path. We must learn to release the negative baggage of past lives as well as this one, bringing only the pure light of our being into the next phase of energy work.

The Indigo Gabbro is a wonderful tool to enlighten, protect, cleanse and prepare us as we embark on the next level of our Spiritual path!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sillimanite Included Quartz also known as "Girasol Quartz"

Girasol Quartz forms in masses and was named after the opal of similar appearance. This is a semi-transparent form of quartz that has microscopic silk/schiller crystals of Sillimanite; a polymorph of Aluminum Silicate that causes a silky glow within the stone. This amazingly ancient mineral formed about 500 million years ago during the end of the Precambrian Period within a portion of the ancient continent of Africa that is now Madagascar.

When the human energy field makes contact with the energy emitted by this stone, a frequency is released that activates the brains neurotransmitters. This releases endorphins that can help you feel calm, relaxed, hopeful and optimistic; you may also experience an increased sense of being at peace with life. Your ability to be creative, thoughtful and focused is also amplified. Girasol Quartz brings a sense of balance to the emotions that can increase control over impulsive behavior. This ability to be in control of your feelings empowers you to clearly think things through and just say no to hasty choices we sometimes regret later.

This is a stone that naturally gathers energy from light particles, amplifies it, then sends it outwards into the keepers body or immediate space. This is a strong mineral to use in grids, while not a protection stone; its powerful light energy naturally repels negative frequencies and amplifies all manner of positive vibrations within the home and body of its keeper.

When Girasol Quartz charged water is consumed, the frequency wave of this mineral travels rapidly through the physical body and brain, it then spreads outward into the auric energy field of the keeper. This beautiful frequency of light stimulates the Pituitary Gland, activating increased mental focus and awareness. It also enhances our ability to communicate with others in an understanding and caring manner; while supporting our center of self awareness in such a way that our own confidence becomes balanced, rooted and resilient.

My guides tell me that water charged with Sillimanite included Quartz has one more very unique gift; that of physical and mental preservation… its energy frequency slows down and discourages decay in all things. I do not yet know if this is a fact, but I am certainly testing the waters so to speak…lol

However you experience the energy emissions of this stone, it is always one of increased assurance. This is a very positive mineral to have in your presence at all times, stimulating encouragement, hopefulness and confidence.

This stone can be made into charged water to infuse the body with its energies.

To create a charged water infusion you will need:

1 bottle of Spring water Or your choice of Water

1 stone small enough to fit in the opening and large enough not to swallow it

3 hours of direct Sunlight

First wash and thoroughly rinse your stone, then Place your stone of choice into the bottle of Spring water (any size up to 1 gallon for a 1 inch stone) Place the bottle of water in direct sunlight for a minimum of 3 hours, no more than 8 hours. Your water will take on the energies of the stone you have placed in it. Do not use soft stones that will disintegrate in water, this could be toxic. Only use stones of at least 5 on the moh scale. If you refrigerate your charged water it will retain the minerals energies without further sunlight for about 7 days.

Friday, October 1, 2010

TimeStar Crystals from Brazil

The TimeStar crystals are being recovered from the beautiful and serene Espinhaco Mountain Range that runs through the state of Minas Gerias in Brazil. They are easily recognized by the distinctive markings on all or most sides of the body. The markings look more like images of biological cells than script writings; and in fact it is this cellular-looking code that we activate to gain access to the crystals gifts and knowledge.

These beautiful crystals arrived in my latest package from Brazil. The first thing I noticed about them were the incredible markings on their bodies, very similar to the Sirian Heir crystals Temple Glyphs, in fact these almost felt like small Sirian Heir crystals. However there was also something very different. I decided to wait before leaping into communication with them (as though I actually have any choice in the matter) and began preparing everyone for their baths and rest period, if you have read my previous blogs you know I have a routine of warm soapy bath, Rose Petal rest and then a recharge in Moonlight/Sunlight particles… this is a must for all crystals before they are worked with and listed in the store.

The next day I recovered everyone from their stations and brought them inside. Immediately I felt it was time to work with them (not one of them, but several of them) I thought this to be odd but did as I felt led and brought 7 of them into my space to work with.

I placed the seven crystals into 7 little sand Containers and created a circle of them around me, I felt if they all wanted to contribute this would be the best way. I was only seated a few moments when I felt a whoosh of energy, swirling and spiraling around and around me. For a few seconds my body felt covered in a tingling numbness, my thoughts were sketchy, disjointed and I noticed that I was suddenly feeling very disconnected from my body. Then a warm, comforting, feeling of being at home permeated every particle of my being, I was beginning to relax into this beautiful sensation when I noticed an image had appeared in front of my vision. I was mesmerized by strange and beautiful scene…

I saw 5 glowing Golden pyramids, just floating in space; suddenly the pyramids were merging together into one solid form with only their triangular points exposed. I had never seen this odd … geometric shaped something… before; it was beautiful and confounding at the same time. While I was attempting to figure out what I was looking at… I heard, or rather sensed a sound, like music or was it a voice.. floating through my mind, I was trying to locate where the sound was actually coming from, it was so beautiful!!! …then I saw an oval shaped point of light, it was growing larger and swirling in spirals of the most brilliant, radiant, Golden light particles I had ever seen! Suddenly the light formed into the shape of a body; a large, winged being of Light. (If I had been in my physical body I would have fell to the floor), then I heard….
…I am Uru!... Gatekeeper of the realm between worlds; the crystalline tool you hold is a Light Key that calls to me through all dimensions of existence. These keys are directly connected to and draw their power from the TimeStar Gate of Atlantis, Egypt and Mesoamerica. It is my function to guide and provide safe passage through the Portals of Time and Space when the Children of Light are ready. Before you can pass through my Gate, You must learn how to traverse the realms of Light, understanding that at the heart of all matter exists a piece of the original Spark of light; without light nothing can exist and through Light there is Life!

I teach the TimeStar traveler how to safely move through worlds, you must follow the graceful sweeping curves of light while avoiding the sharp angles and darkness of space-time. I am a teacher and guardian of all seekers of the Light, when each individual evolves to the level of searching for knowledge through the TimeStar Gate it is my call to Awaken, Teach, Assist and Protect that human! It is right to release the TimeStar Keys now! I will show you how to instruct the children of Light on their use; I watched as scenes of crystals being placed under a beam of radiant purple light flashed in front of my consciousness, the crystals were being programmed and gathered up by the scientists …I was so enthralled in the activity I was being shown that I only caught a glance of the Golden arm with its open palmed hand reach out over my head, I felt a jolt and a whoosh of energy flooded through my body. At that moment I realized the connection had been cut off, I had been sent back to my world, I didn’t want it to end, I wanted to know more!...however, now I was back in room sitting in the circle of TimeStar Crystals, I knew I had to hurry and write down everything I learned before any part of it was lost!

~~~ * * * ~~~

TimeStars were programmed using the technology of the ancient Atlantis Fire Crystals. They are empowered by primal codes embedded into and onto the stones. When a compatible human focuses their thoughts on one of these crystals, the primordial codex within the crystals respond to that human’s brain wave frequencies. This response triggers the ancient lock placed within them to open. Once this happens the child of light is able to use the crystalline Light Key to gain access through the Gate to other worlds of Time, Space, knowledge and light.

Before Atlantis was destroyed, Scientist gathered these specially programmed crystals and moved them through the gates of time and space; hiding them carefully away in the young Mountains of Earth for safe keeping. Now they are actively being recovered and guided into the hands of our precious Children of Light.

To access and open your crystal simply hold it in your hand, rubbing the sides and marks with your thumbprint while focusing your attention directly on or into the crystal.
Even a casual meditation with these crystals will give glimpses of beauty and joy but deeper studies will open the Gates to reveal the secrets of all our Ancient Mysteries.

The light within these crystals will respond to the light within you!

You find my lastest selction of these precious light beings by clicking this link to my ebay store:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lemuria Star Code crystals

Fresh from the Ananas Quartz Mine in Ambatofinandrahana, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar.

These crystals are a combination of Lemurian Sprout formation and Queens of Orion Encoded energies. To set aside any confusion as to which crystals are being referenced I felt their true names were “Lemuria Star Code” crystals, I think you will agree after reading the messages I have recieved from them.

After receiving these beauties, I took them into the bath and scrubbed each one with a soft brush, gentle soap and through rinsing. Then I felt them send me a message to toss some Rose petals in the clear rinse water…ok, that’s different! I added the petals and let them soak in the Rose water for a few hours. Now and then I would come in to see if they were ready to be dried off and placed in their Docking stations filled with dry Rose petals. After about 3 hours they finally agreed it was time to come out of the water, so I took them out one at a time, drying them off and placing them directly on their bed of roses, I could almost hear them scunching down into the petals to get comfy. Since we are currently under a waxing Moon I put the Docking Stations out on the porch to catch some Sirius Rays for the night.

I went out in the morning to check on everyone and they were emitting the gentlest, softest, most content energies. I decided to leave them out so they could also charge up in the beautiful full sunlight of the day. By evening I knew it was time to bring everyone inside and locate my Teacher crystal for these ancient crystalline beings.

It was not difficult to find the one happily shouting out, I’m right here! It’s me! Wow, and what a beauty she is, snow white with delicate patches of shell pink, as soon as I touched her I saw a flash of light and then a fountain that seemed to be spraying light, I then realized it was HER, my teacher crystal. There were light particles shooting out of every facet on her body and through her termination. An Incredibly Beautiful, mesmerizing sight!!! This crystal looked as though it were made of light, with light flowing from every facet and point on her body, just like a water fountain. Then I heard my teacher say, I wanted you to see what we really look like in our own dimension. I felt the particles of light flowing up my arm as warm tears of joy were falling down my face, the connection was made! WOW!! My brain lit up with a flood of memories; images and emotions began to cascade through me like a waterfall, Joy, Happiness, Wonder, Love, Family, Friends…. Eons of life! I was becoming overwhelmed, I had to ask the teacher to slow down please, to hold back a little bit and I felt the tidal wave of memories begin to slowly recede. Finally, after what seemed like eons…. I took a deep breath and noticed the phrase.. ”So that why…. was now the beginning of almost every thought that went through my mind. I thanked my teacher crystal for activating my memories and asked if we could shift the focus from my personal experiences to a broader vision of why these beautiful triggers had awakened NOW, what is their mission exactly? This is what I received…

…”Our time to awaken and activate has arrived, many of us were retrieved from the earth too early and placed into the hands of mineral collectors as curiously formed quartz. Some of us made our way into the hands of beautiful light workers, but it was not yet time for us to reveal our mission. Many of you felt unable to help us open and so not knowing what to do with us, you gently put our energy work aside, still from time to time being drawn back to us.

The time is NOW, our primal code is activated… we are here to awaken YOU!

Again I saw a bright flash of light in my mind’s eye, instantly my consciousness was being shown a ship traveling through a black velvet span of the Universe, it looked like a shiny golden white sphere of fire blazing a trail toward a tiny star, I focused my sight and immediately recognized our solar system, then Earth, It was almost like our Earth now, but more green than blue. The beautiful golden white light ship was entering the space around this pretty little planet when I heard a voice say…”That ship is carrying the Royal Queens of Orion, and the Pleiadian Princes’; their mission is to colonize this planet with a new race, the Muri. The collective Star Nations of Orion and The Pleiades have joined together to create what could not be accomplished on their own worlds. They will blend the Orion and Pleiadian Genetics of Light, creating a new race of intelligent, peaceful, spiritually evolved beings on this world. They will build the Civilization of Muri, later it became known as Lemuria. This peaceful civilization existed for almost 100,000 years before natural Earth changes destroyed most of the land mass. The Lemurians knew what was coming and made preparations to save their genetic code, their culture and their knowledge. They sent many colonies to other lands, some were already inhabited by the natural evolving earth life forms and some areas had previously been uninhabited. Crystals were the natural choice to use as recorder devices and technology store houses that would keep their knowledge safe for Eons to come. They knew the colonist that had been sent out would be forced to intermix with the natural evolving earth peoples and it would be thousands of years before their descendants would be ready to reclaim their birthright; to remember their ancestors came from the Star Nations and that they too carry the genetic code of light discovered on Rigels and Erra the home planets of their beloved ancestors.

These ancient guardians of the genetic code of light have awakened with one mission…
They are here simply to re-activate the encoded genetic triggers within the human lineage of the Star Nations of Orion and the Pleiades. This merging linage of Star people has been recorded in the Star Nation Temples as…

The Queens of Orion, mothers of the Muri people, our children of light!

The crystals themselves do not hold the memories; they are locked within your own ethereal, multi-dimensional DNA. The crystals are your personal trigger to unlock your memories, giving you a greater perspective, a higher awareness and a deep understanding of who you really are and what you are truly meant to be doing!

I have found that like all Sprouts these crystals love to be placed in moist sand. If you are having difficulty feeling the energy from your Lemurian Star Code, which can be a little different than what we are use to feeling; add a little Glauconite sea mineral sand to your regular sand, add a few drops of water and mix it up a bit, sit your Star Code crystal in the sand mix, wait a few minutes and they will open right up.

A Silly question I asked the Star Code crystals

 I took my teacher crystal for these beauties into my Meditation area and asked if it was willing to work with me, when I was satisfied that I had chosen the right crystal I had one question I HAD to get out of the way first! Ok bear with me, you know how I am about people tampering with the natural form of a crystal so… I am just going to tell you how the conversation went…I started like this…” Ahh, perhaps you have noticed that your bottom is….uhmmm…flat? Cut? Polished smooth? Has this caused any kind of negative effect on you? I really get concerned about these things.” My sweet teacher crystal says, No! We grow mostly upright in the earth connected to our matrix base and when humans retrieve us our ability to stand alone is usually gone, we end up laying on our sides and our flow of energy is out of alignment. Now with our base nicely trimmed we are able to stand upright near you, our energy flowing smoothly downward through our base into the earth and upward through our termination, into the stars, this is our natural way of being. Nothing is lost when we are trimmed or polished; in fact it was our idea!

And I just had to add my 2 cents about their former name.....

It has come to my attention that the this formation had previously been named years ago as “Candle Quartz”. Apparently someone looked at the body and thought it resembled upside down dripping wax? The name is almost offensive to me; these beautiful crystals are sacred keys to our past and future in so many ways. The knowledge they contain is pure light energy. The only true reference to a candle and what these crystals can provide us with is the word LIGHT. A candle can provide physical light, while these crystals can emit a spiritual trigger that lights up our memories and activates our abilities. In this way they are indeed a candle in the darkness of 3rd dimensional physical reality.

Ok, I'm done, stepping off the soap box now.....
We will talk again soon,
Blessings to you,

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Batch of Queens of Orion...very different from the first ones!

Hi, I just wanted to make a quick post about the new batch of Queens of Orion crystals I have received from Madagascar. As you all know I am out of the little handful of peach colored Queens; this new batch is so different in appearence than the first ones. Many of them seem to have a powerful combination of minerals within them, I see Chlorocalcite, Velvety black Anthraxolite, Red Hematite, Yellowish Iron Limonite and also Gorgeous White Frosty looking ones! They are all gorgeous and yes they all contain that same energy of the Queens of Orion activation, I have checked them. While they are different in appearence and mineral inclusions, their mission is the same, they have come to us from the ancient land of Madagascar to.....  Awaken the royal Lineage of the Queens of Orion!
I will be listing these tonight 19 Sept 2010 Sunday evening....
Take a look if you have time, I think you will instantly know and feel the similar and familiar connection they will make with you :)
Talk to you again soon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sands of Hathor

Another thing I am very excited about is that I have located a supplier for an ancient Sea mineral in the form of pebbly sand. This Sea Mineral is about 600–700 Million years old, and is being mined and retrieved from an area that was once underground lakes in the Andes Mountain range of Patagonia, Argentina… is this sounding familiar to anyone yet?

This beautiful Teal to dark Green sand is the Activation Mineral on our scarce but beloved Hathor Crystals which were also retrived from the Andes Mountains of Argentina.

While I have not yet been able to locate another source for the Hathor quartz crystals,(I am still looking) with this sand we can infuse our other crystals with the same healing energy of the Egyptian Goddess Hathor! To read my entire blog on the Hathor crystals and their incredible energy go to this link…

For the next week... 12 Sept – 19 Sept 2010 I will be sending out a free sample of “The Sands of Hathor” to everyone who makes a purchase during that time. Experience and enjoy the sacred energies this mineral holds, I will be adding it to the store later this week.
I have several topics to Blog about over the next few days, so stay tuned for new developments.

One thing I am really excited about is that my sister Donna, has opened a store on ebay called Ruby Oaks Plantation where she too will be offering Crystals and minerals. We both have been avid collectors since childhood and I am proud that she has been busy studying energy work and the spiritual gifts connected with the mineral kingdom.
Donna is a gifted psychic and is very open to the messages and teachers that use the mineral kingdom as their conduit to us.

If you have a chance please stop by to welcome her, say hello and give her a word of encouragement, ebay can be an amazing adventure... I know she would love to hear from some like minded new/old friends. When you see the Logo like this one you are on her page.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Quantum Lotus

I have to tell you what happened with these new crystals today and the message they gave me to post for all of us.
When I first received this new batch of Quantums I was confused, intrigued and totally in awe of their beauty. As I held them and turned them around in my hand I began to feel something very different and yet soooo familiar about them. Was there a mistake? Didn’t I order Quantum Wands? Are these foggy, silky faced crystals really from Colombia? What am I holding?
Suddenly a burst of light filled my mind with such intensity I felt dizzy, I thought I was falling and falling yet I knew I was sitting in my favorite chair… my consciousness was split. As soon as I realized that I was aware of two realities at the same time one of them took over the other! My mind again filled with brilliant white light and a large White Lotus burst forth above and in front of me. I was mesmerized by its beauty, lost in the details of this flower with its soft shimmering edges, I soon forgot everything else. From deep within the Ethereal Blossom I heard a voice speak …
”Remember your teachings child, why so many questions?
This is the dawn of an historic time on Earth; as the veil between realities thins, these tools and many others will begin to appear more frequently in your reality; expect it!

We from the Star Nations are guiding them safely into your dimension to assist you in making the transformation from this reality when it is no longer safe for you to be here. It is urgent that our students begin to remember the teachings they have received from the Star Temples of knowledge, time as you count it is short! The reality of Earth and your solar system will reset soon.

Human students from the Star Nations will make the choice to either cross into a stable, similar reality to this one or they will cast off their physical bodies and step above and outside of linear time.... being simultaneously aware of the beginning and the end of Earth you will move to other realms to assist those who are where you were.

The voice of the Temple Guardian continued....
"We have merged the energy and the form of these crystals, the White Lotus and the Quantum Wand, creating an energy you will know as The Quantum Lotus. This was done to accelerate your cleansing, your dormant Spiritual Memories and your movement forward on your path of chosen Destiny."

Now it is up to you whether or not to allow this inter-dimensional formation to assist you in accelerating your transformation. If you choose to work with this high frequency tool, be aware that you will be propelled forward.

 You may begin to experience deep physical and emotional cleansing; this is not always pleasant to go through as toxic energies that have been stored for years or even lifetimes within your body, mind and soul are spontaneously released and purified. These old and burdensome energies will now be transmuted into light waves that are harmonious and beneficial to the transforming person. Are you ready to step up and claim your destiny, to merge the present you with the future light-being you will one day become, it is a personal choice and a very important choice to make at this time.

To activate your Quantum Lotus hold it over the area of your physical heart for a minute or two, allow the waves of energy to flow from the crystal through your body. What you feel and how you experience the energy is a truly personal one based on your experiences and levels of knowledge aquired in the Star Temple Schools. Once you feel the crystal has completed making its connection to you, mentally acknowledge that you are ready to spiritually and consciously merge with your future selfs awareness. Then place your Quantum Lotus near you every evening, your lessons will begin in dreamtime and progress into your waking mind at a rate that only you can control.
These are powerful tools for our spiritual evolution along our chosen path of Destiny!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A few more Sirian Heir Crystal Keys...

Almost 3 months to the day of receiving our first Sirian Heir Crystals, I now hold in my hands another very small Shipment of them…I am so excited to have found these!

I have been searching and emailing and begging my supplier to locate some more of them for us. I didn’t mention my search because I did not want to get anyone’s hopes up before I had them in my hand and was certain these are the same crystals. They arrived today and they Are indeed Sirian Heir crystal keys!

The sad news… there are only eight of them total. My supplier does not know or will not tell me if he is able get anymore, only that this is all he is able to get right now; I think he is tired of being nagged about this for months…. Lol

Most of these Sirian Heir crystals are large, I will be posting them to the store this evening so everyone that is still looking for theirs can get a good look at them and see if one of these is your Crystal Key. Check my Twitter page for the exact time I start listing them, I will post it there.