Friday, November 5, 2010

UPDATE to the Indigo Gabbro

I was asked an important question yesterday concerning the gifts of this ancient stone, I think the question and the answer are important enough to add this update...

I was asked if the Indigo Gabbro would disable implants, as most of us know not all the Star People have our best interest at heart, nor do they ask our permission before implanting a recorder/tracker device in our body. So this is a very valid concern; I took my teacher stone into meditation along with my Sirian Heir Teacher: and asked about this, what I was shown was both disturbing and enlightening.

Immediately a being of immense love and brilliant light stepped forward and stood in front of me... It was my guide; he surrounded my consciousness in a sort of cloaked bubble and asked me to simply watch. I felt a dizzy sort of pull, then a scene unfolded in front of me like something out of a bad movie. I watched horrified as these beings placed their device in a semi-conscious human, I was told the human would not remember, and I knew I would never forget! I asked my guide why this was allowed to happen, why we didn’t stop them and I was told simply, those beings have an agreement with the authorities of earth and no other star people are allowed to interfere.

My guide then explained to me that we could help ourselves with the stones, that the Indigo Gabbro had been infused with the same protective light energy that had been used to cloak our visit to the alien ship and that by placing the stone at the nape of the neck for 15 minutes, the implant would be disabled and the cloaking shield activated. The stone would need to be placed near the bed or inside the pillowcase at night or while resting; and should remain within 3 feet of the keeper at all times. This is not an energy that can be built up in the body and maintained, the stone needs to be near you to be certain the implant is de-activated and you are cloaked.

I do not feel comfortable writing a lot of detail about what I was shown and really this is all I can manage, it was heartbreaking and so disturbing to know this is really happening to our people, with the blessings of the governments of Earth.

There are many beautiful, peace loving Star People that come here to our planet, there is one race that is not! Please when you communicate with the Star People always call for light to surround you; ask that your personal guardian walk with you and guide you to the Wise ones, the peaceful ones and the ancient Elders of the Star Nations!


  1. Quartz crystals are an excellent way to take healing upon oneself. Crystal healing uses specific crystals to bring about healing and positive changes in the mind and body. The idea behind crystal healing is that gemstones carry vibrational rates, which can change a the vibrational rates of a person's aura.

  2. I'm so glad you've raised this issue...
    Very recently I had such an implant energetically removed that was unfortunately of Sirian origin. It was very ancient and designed to manipulate the unfortunate host: not that I wish to contribute to the daily dose of fear with "something out there is determined to control the human race", however with the discovery of Indigo Gabbro perhaps there is a chance for us and the peaceful Star Nations to restore balance.

    Whilst I would agree that quartz is effective in bringing healing and altering the vibrational rates of the auric field, I have found it isn't potent enough against such implants because these can be deeply embedded within an individual's core essence. Like yourself I'm equally disturbed by these not-so-benign Star People who seek to use the people of Earth for their own ends, but fear and defensiveness isn't the wisest way to respond: awareness and healthy protection is.

    So on that closing note I'm very grateful that Indigo Gabbro has come forward at this moment in time, for the sake of all lifeforms on Earth and beyond.

  3. I received my Indigo Gabbro stone last Wednesday (11/17) along with my Petite Sirian heir, High Silica Sand and Sands of Hathor. In a ceramic dish (on the left side of my bed) that also holds my first Sirian Heir and two of the Time Start crystals, I added the high silica sand and then drew the Level I Reiki symbol CKR using the Sands of Hathor. I then put the Sirians and Time Stars back to rest on these sands.

    I picked up the Indigo Gabbro stone and held in my left hand. Within 10 seconds I felt a popping sensation across my forehead. It seemed to come from either the sinus cavities or the frontal cortex in three or four distinct pops moving from right to left. I instantly felt relaxed and refreshed even though I had had a long day and was extremely tired.

    I fell asleep around 11am and as is my tendency, I woke up around 12:32am. As I opened my eyes I could see a wall of pulsating energy on the left side of my bed. Well – It started me so much that I screamed out, before I caught myself, apologized, and thanks the energy for coming. The wall looked like it was formed out of vibrations in the air – clear not smoky but definitely pulsating and filled with diamond like shapes, circles and wave patterns. I could see it stretch across the room in waves for the entire night. I fell back asleep eventually. I am so excited to now be able to see energy pulsations – they are beautiful!

    Thanks Victoria for your wonderful tools.