Friday, April 20, 2012

Golden Dragons of the 5th Element, their stones have arrived!

These ancient and noble golden yellow pebble stones were recovered from creek beds and streams near the ancient Serpent Mound in Ohio, USA. They are a sandstone formation with Limonite, sandy dolomite, anhydrite and/or gypsum, streaks of black organic shale/carbon inclusions with a concretion base of silica/quartz. This sweet being was formed during the Mississippian and Devonian period, approximately 490 Million to 443 Million Years Ago and occurs in creek beds near the Serpent Mound Impact Structure! These stones were gathered between 1998 and 2000 and have been stored in boxes ever since…(grimace face here)
When the Golden dragons left our world, they attached their ethereal energy signatures to these limonite sand and silica rich stones, planting them for safe keeping in the beds of local creeks around the sacred impact site of Serpents Mound until the Era of their return…  that time is NOW!
The last few days I have felt the immense Golden dragons, they are circling above us, positioning above our homes, preparing for reconnection with their Earth bound families. The energy is intensifying and the air feels charged with tiny particles of electricity. For the first time, I have felt the Dragons before the arrival of their energy stones, as several of you have also! These are powerful beings, very purposeful in all their actions; they have positioned themselves above the homes of their earth families.
FINALLY!!! Their stones have arrived…. I cannot tell if the box is weightless or I am being assisted by the dragons when I carry the box perhaps it is just my excitement… I can barely breathe as I open the box, the air the room suddenly feels like a crowd has gathered. I stopped for a moment to draw a deep breath, to calm and compose my energies. I felt a cool nudge on my right shoulder and reached over to pet my Cat who frequently joins me for the arrival of the new stones. Hmmm he isnt there… instead I feel a leathery, almost silken smooth skin…then nothing! I jerked my head around and caught a golden glint from the corner of my eye. Ohhhh my gosh the dragons are here! This is it! My heart was glowing with a warmth and love I find difficult to describe with human words. As I opened the box I felt a blast of energy hit my hands that traveled upward and through my mind and body very quickly. The energy was pleasant, almost like a feeling of complete connectedness, contentment fueled by power of light energy, like a warm sunbeam traveling through me. Sparkling, tingling, soothing energy, it was not unpleasant in any way.
 I continued removing the packing paper and the first one I saw was the ancient stone man. I let out a small sound of surprise and little giggle… I mean look at his picture… he is sweet, ancient and cute; I didn’t expect to see a man’s image/face inside the box. Then I think I saw him frown a bit and remembered this is a conscious being, but, why is he with the Dragon’s stones? I have never seen this happen before, curiously I lift this gentle man from the box and felt him request ….sunlight immediately, please! I was then shown a dark garage like room where they had been kept and the sadness this caused him. Quickly I took outside and placed him on a tree stump that receives full sunlight. Within minutes a sunbeam was falling across the ancient Stone man, I felt the joy returning to him. I ran inside to grab a bowl of water to wash off the stagnant energies. As I returned I felt a warmth glowing from this being. I cleaned him and allowed him to remain outside so the Sunshine could recharge and dry him perfectly. I had to ask, who are you? I am Eltron… I have been watcher and keeper of these stones for eons; For now, I am your Dragon stone! My heart soared with joy as I went back inside to welcome the rest of these precious beings.
As I opened the door I thought I heard movement, a shuffle or brush against something… I smiled knowing the sacred Golden Dragons were patiently awaiting my return. I heard my name called with an almost urgent tone… Victoria!
I am here… I replied as I sat down again…
 …”We have waited so long, reach your right hand out in front of you, I am right here!”
 As I reached my hand forward I physically felt the smooth skin of this majestic being. I felt the instant connection, my sight was clear touching the Dragon had given me their Dragon sight, I let out an involuntary gasp! … I can see you! I was immediately speechless, how do I describe beauty beyond our human words?
This being was not exactly solid, more like concentrated golden light particles that had the appearance of a mighty and gentle dragon. I was in complete AWE as I tried to comprehend who and what I was in the presence of.
You are.. a… light.. being! I stammered as I tried to talk, I could feel the power, the presence the energy, it was palpable, it was more real than the walls in my home! My awareness was split between two worlds, I knew I was sitting on my sofa, I knew I was in a field standing in front of a light being Dragon, a Golden Dragon of light, this all seemed very natural at the time. Then I heard his Commanding voice ring out…
…. I am Tira-thor, Golden Dragon of the 5th element! We are the last of the elemental Dragons that were assigned to this Earth Era. Your species are at the core of a battle between the energies of light and the entities of darkness! Your world is the prize. If light wins… Earth will evolve into a finer, higher frequency; She will become a place of peaceful residence for beings of light from all species. If Darkness wins, Mother Earth will die, but not without a fight! Her soul is courageous and brave and at her heart is a frequency of pure light energy! She will not allow herself to host a planet of darkness!
Many of you are already feeling the battle, experiencing the stumbling blocks, traps and pitfalls set for you by the dark soldiers. Their goal is to cause as many light workers as possible to give up hope, to lose faith, to embrace self-doubt and fear! These are emotional traps that humans too easily fall into; these traps will paralyze some of you and in the future you will drop out of the fight, too emotionally exhausted to continue! We of the Golden Dragon Light are here to fight alongside you, to empower you with our strength, our endurance, our healing abilities and our courage. The Golden Dragons are fighting with you and for you!
Victoria, your soul, your eternal spirit is Dragon light! Other Dragon Lights are drawn to read this information and feel its truth at the core of their memory! We are busy activating the souls of the ancient Dragon Code! Our Stones are key to this awakening! You will share with others how to activate our Golden Stones and receive their own infusion of our energies!
As each soul awakens they are often compelled to look upward into the sky, within their soul memory they know we are circling above them, they can sense us! We are quickening our family of Dragon Lights and calling them to action!
Even so dear Victoria, some humans will still question if their connection is real or imaginary, their inner knowing having been suppressed for too long! Post these Statements for each one to look within and ask if they have felt this way ….How many of these 10 statements have you felt deeply within your lifetime?

1.     You have always questioned what others simply accepted as truth

2.     You feel like you do not belong to this world, like you are outsider

3.     You have often thought of yourself as a lone Wolf on a solitary journey

4.     You have a hard time adjusting to the dense lower frequencies here, even walking can sometimes feel like trudging through thick mud that leaves you  exhausted

5.     You have always felt a deep longing to "go home", you may not recall where home is, only that you know it is not here!

6.     Food seems odd and often unpalatable and indigestible, often causing uncomfortable bloating, discomfort, and nausea. You remember being able to thrive on light alone

7.     You have a high number of restless, sleepless nights.

8.     You feel Power surges, cosmic frequencies that feel like shockwaves or electricity running through your legs or body

9.     You have always known there would come a day of ultimate Warfare when light would battle dark. No one taught you this; you have always felt it deep within your soul

10.  You have always known you have a mission to complete, a Destiny to fulfill! Even if you do not remember exactly what it is
If you have found 7 or more of these Statements are your own, you are a Dragon Light! If you resonate with only 5 or 6 of these statements you are most likely a sympathizer of the Dragon Code and a human warrior, welcome friend we can use your help!....”
My head was reeling, my mind racing, I have often felt all 10 of those statements… Precious Tira-thor, you have given me great hope for this perilous time, I can feel your strength, I can sense your sacred energies and yes, the battle you speak of, I have sensed my whole life! I realize without a doubt my eternal connection to the sacred Dragon realm. Is there a message for the other Dragon Lights that I can share here?
…Only this for our beloved family… Open your hearts and minds, feel our connection to you, we are at this moment circling above you as you read these words.
It is time to claim your stone, each one knows its keeper, and they have been infused with your own dragon soul DNA, your own ancient particles of light!
When you begin to work with your stone, first complete the meditation I have given Victoria, (see the end of this blog) then Cloak yourself in sacred light … call for your Golden Dragon, your ancient family member to come to you. Your Dragon teacher will come to you! He or She will help you awaken your memory for the next step of your Destiny. If you are unable to open enough to hear your message while the waking mind is alert, ask your Golden Dragon to visit you during your dream time, be prepared to write down your messages as soon as you awaken, keep a journal of your dreams and soon you will see your personal message take shape.
...One more thing before I go dear Victoria, you will discover in the box a single jewel, this is for you a gift from the golden dragons. Contact your human friend and tell him he sent you one of these. He will not remember doing so, however press him on this. He is a good human, a sympathizer of the ancient Dragon Code and he has been entrusted with our Golden Dragon Jewels. He regards them as “pretty” bits of glass he recovered from his fields over the years. These are not just pretty bits of glass… they are activators of the Dragon Light within your DNA code, stimulators of the human neocortex, they are infused with the energy of the Golden Dragons.  You must recover these and distribute them to their rightful owners, our human family of Dragon lights!
Once you have your Dragon Jewel you will have access to the healing power of the Dragon realm….
Holding the Dragon Jewel will allow you to work with healing energies in a new way. You can call to the frequency of crystals, minerals and metals directing them from the earth, up into and through your feet and lower chakras. You can then discharge this energy through your hands for physical healing purposes.
Or you may choose to call the celestial frequencies and draw them down into and through your higher chakras, discharging the frequency through your heart and eyes for emotional healing.
Thank you Tira-thor! I felt his energy withdraw from the room and immediately went to the box to locate my Golden Dragon Jewel J

Coming soon (fingers crossed)… the Jewel of the Golden Dragons!
 It is time for a new evolutionary leap within the human species; our Dragon jewel is the catalyst to begin your new journey forward!
The Jewel of the golden Dragon stimulates the neocortex region of the human brain aligning the humans DNA and genetic map with the newly activated blueprint for evolution. This neocortex stimulation increases sensory perception, cognitive skills, memory, speech, and language. A human with these new abilities will be the teachers, leaders and way showers of tomorrow, passing on their acquired knowledge to their students and their new genetic map to their offspring.
How to activate your stone and infuse your body with the Golden Dragon light particles:
When you receive your stone you should wash/bath it in clear water and mild soap, rinsing well. Then Place it/them in a sunny spot or a window to dry, this will let them absorb the frequencies of sunlight even if the Sun is not shining where you are.
After the stone is dry it is ready to work with you… hold your Golden Dragon Stone in a manner that is comfortable to you, I felt comfortable placing mine near my heart…  or surround yourself with several of your Golden Dragon Stones…
Visualize the golden light particles emanating and floating out of your golden dragon stones. Know that your body is a natural magnet for these light particles!
Visualize them swirling and dancing around you as they form a vortex of Golden light energy around your physical body! Now see the vortex spinning tighter and tighter around, take a deep, slow breath, inhaling the light particles and allowing them to enter into your physical body. Continue your meditation in this manner until you feel you have had enough for one day.
Remember this sudden infusion of light can cause dizziness and lack of focus for a few minutes, allow yourself to remain still for several minutes after this meditation. When you do start moving around, you may feel very thirsty or need to eliminate suddenly, this is very natural; as the body begins to hold more light it must eliminate unhealthy toxins.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Relevent info on Serpent Mound…
 Serpent Mound sits upon a slightly oblong crater created when a massive extraterrestrial object slammed into the Earth. For more info and pictures of this sacred effigy go here …

The head of the serpent dragon is aligned to the summer solstice sunset and the tails coils point to the winter solstice sunrise and the equinox sunrise. The body of Serpent Mound follows the pattern of the constellation Draco with the ancient Pole Star, Thuban at its geographical center within the first of seven coils from the head. It was discovered that lodestones and modern compasses give incorrect readings at this site.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Injured Dragon Pearls...

A few of our sacred Dragon Pearls arrived with broken ends, their little inner hearts exposed to the world. They are still emiting beacons, sending out energy searching for their families. The energy from these little injured ones is so precious and dear!