Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tana ~ Firey Star Goddess

After receiving a number of emails concerning some unexpected and joyful side effects of wearing the Ruby Scalar energy pendants, I decided it was time to go into meditation and ask my guide some questions; Soooo....
I gathered my collection of remaining Ruby pendants and brought them all to my Meditation area. I laid them out and ran my hands about 3 inches over the tops of them. Somewhere in my mind I heard a faint sound, like drumming, it was soothing, calling to me, drawing me closer to a rhythm that was almost intoxicating. I don’t know how long I had sat there listening to this drum beat when suddenly it became louder and intense, my entire awareness was focused on this rhythmic sound as my consciousness was lifted up and into the familiar Temple of Rejuvenation. I called my guides name and instantly he appeared, not alone though as in my normal meditations. There was a beautiful glowing soft light that was taking form beside him, a woman… not just a woman, …a Queen, a Priestess or perhaps a Goddess. She looked into my eyes and smiled as she reached out and took my hand, her voice seemed to wrap around me like a warm blanket of comfort as she spoke…We have been waiting for you, Come with me daughter, it is time for us to talk!
Had I voiced my question yet? Had I even thought it? Noooo, I don’t think I did, they already knew why I was here. Well of course they do, I don’t know why I was surprised, they always seem to know my questions before I ask them.
Then I heard her voice again… Keep your awareness here child, or you will miss the very answers you came here to gain. You and your sisters wish to learn more about the wave producers we are teaching you to create, the one that causes the awakening of the Feminine Fire.
Yes, exactly! ..I replied what is actually happening? And will it happen to everyone that wears this tool?We did not tell you every aspect of the igniter you were to create, it was necessary for it to be discovered in your dimension without previous knowledge. We taught you to create a catalyst that would ignite the Tana’ (Ta-Nah’) within every woman on your planet that wants it.
For some the awakening will be instantaneous and almost immediate, for others it will slowly build like nourishing a tiny flame. Make no mistake daughter…this is not the Kundalini energy claimed by the males of earth society. Tana’ is the feminine coil of life, the Fiery, Star Goddess that resides within all females. Tana’ sleeps like a tiny seed between the Red and Orange chakra, when she awakens,  the woman will feel her rush of sensual warmth and fire flowing in two directions, like a tree suddenly sending its roots to the center of the earth and simultaneously sprouting branches that reach to the cosmos. Every woman that awakens her Tana’ will be forever changed; her cellular memory will activate and begin a process of rejuvenation that will empower her physical and mental bodies to reclaim their original perfection, power and joy.

This is being done now because of the Era your planet has recently entered, the time is not far off when the balance of power within your earth societies will shift, and it must! The paternal influence has held reign for many thousands of years, the earth will be uninhabitable if their greed continues.
To regain balance, the matriarchal societies must be reborn on your world; the women of earth must awaken and reclaim their power. This will not be done through revolution or war; it is a gentler, slower path of healing while regaining your confidence so that you begin to insert your wisdom, love and strength into every aspect of daily life. It is time for the women of earth to awaken, to teach, to heal and to guide the inhabitants of Earth into a new Era. Reclaim your power my daughter and help all of your sisters to reclaim their power as well!
( The images in this blog are all Ruby Pendants with the Kaleidoscope effect applied, I just love how each one took on its individual personality and sacred form)


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ruby Scalar Energy Pendant

Ruby Scalar Energy Pendants

Creating a stream of pure universal love energy!

I have to say, these beautiful, energetic pendants were inspired by a lady of tremendous spiritual beauty and light, thank you Natalia!

When worn on the body Rubies are warm and fiery stones that can change your world!

Molybdenite empowers and amplifies the energy of Rubies, while the little round opals act as a catalyst for spontaneous and profound visions that propel us forward toward our spiritual destiny. I have added the lengendary Romantic seeds of Pomegranates and Strawberries to spark the energy of new life and sacred love. The Ancient resins of White Copal and Frankincense behave as an anchor that secures and ties the Rubys energy to the wearer. This combination of stone and metal and Resins creates a spark of ethereal light energy with the wearer that travels throughout the brain and body in a continuous spiral that dissolves all manner of physical & emotional darkness, from Stress, Grief, Anger, Resentment or feelings of unworthiness, to mutated cells and tiny beginnings of dis-ease that hide in dark recesses of the body.

This tiny spark of ethereal light begins to replace the darkness with sparks of life affirming joy, Pure Love, health and emotional balance. The more you wear your Ruby Scalar Energy jewelry, the stronger the ethereal spark becomes and with this new freedom from the chains of negative emotions you begin to take control of your destiny. You begin to see and speak clearly what your objectives should be and you start to see goals clearly and joyfully manifest in your life.

The energy from a ruby is intense yet stabilizing, they are especially useful for small business owners as they create an aura of financial stability around the wearer that acts like a magnetic field, drawing those circumstances to the keeper that will open doors leading to success and prosperity, however, as with all opportunities... you yourself have to walk through them to make these changes happen. This delightful stone raises your self-image and emits a sense of joy from your heart that draws positive people to you; they just want to be around you!

These pendants have a distinct energy pattern that is very different than the original Molybdenite scalar energy pendants. The Ruby energy is so amazing, it is the feeling of being loved, it is the energy of home comfort, at ease with everyone, so happy to be alive, absolute knowing that you are a treasured and loved being. I think if everyone wore one of these we would have the most beautiful and loving race of planetary beings anywhere in the Universe!