Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Indigo Gabbro, our connection to the Star People!

 Indigo Gabbro is a plutonic rock that forms deep in the Earth's and Oceanic crusts from high pressure and cooled magma. It is a densely formed mixture containing black Pyroxene, white Plagioclase Feldspar, Amphibole (in the form of Bluish lavender Gluacophane), Olivine (Surround by Black Orthopyroxene-magnetite) and Muscovite mica with small amounts of iron-titanium oxides. It presents with a lovely pale blue color background with lavender to mauve streaks randomly running through it. Scattered throughout the stone are irregular shaped areas of black Pyroxene surrounding gorgeous green centers of Olivine; there are flashes of shimmering Muscovite mica throughout the stone. I am told this was one of the new stones to find at the Tucson show last year, I don’t know, I have never been there. I do know that when I saw and held a sample of this stone sent to me by my Madagascar Supplier; I HAD to have it! The feeling was overwhelming that I need to get this in right away, so of course I did and immediately began researching this amazing mineral. Imagine my surprise when I discovered hardly anyone knew anything about it and almost nothing has been written about the Indigo form of Gabbro. What I have learned geologically through my research and Spiritually through meditation are written below…

The Beautiful Indigo Gabbro formed approximately 140 million years ago as Madagascar moved over the Marion Hotspot during the Cretaceous period; the same time frame that flowering plants like the Magnolia and Water Lily came into existence. This was a warm, beautiful time in Earth’s history spanning 80 million years and existed prior to the large Meteor strike that caused a mass extinction of many life forms on this planet, including the Dinosaurs.

This is the time frame when Madagascar and India were part of ancient Gonwanda, the Southern part of a large land mass that was inhabited by the Star people of early Earth. This planet was evolving and thriving while many of the ancient Stars systems were dying. Earth became home to several Star colonies who lived and created peaceful societies and developed civilizations here. We have learned of the peaceful, intelligent Lemurians, a combined race of the Pleiadian and Orion peoples. However there were several other Star cultures that settled Earth before and during the period of time of the Pleiadian and Orion cultures were flourishing.

 Indigo Gabbro is a stone that vibrates to the frequency of the Star People, when we connect to it we are drawing on the Inter-Galactic stream of energy particles flowing through the Star Nations into our Planet earth and directly into our personal energy fields.
This beautiful blue stone emits a warm, friendly energy that draws your consciousness into its multi-faceted energy field. When carried on or near the body this stone throws up a shield of protection around its keeper that extends outward and just beyond the Auric energy field. This shield blocks negative or incompatible frequencies from attaching energy hooks that can drain or disrupt your own personal level of strength. It is very important to have the ability to shield ourselves from discordant and inharmonious energies, even if accidently encountered.

If you are planning to have energy work done on your chakras, auric field or ethereal bodies, the Indigo Gabbro will need to be removed from close proximity to the body or the energy work will not get through its shield and will not be successful. Once the work has been completed, the keeper should replace the Indigo Gabbro on or near their physical body to seal and protect them from outside influences that could disturb the new energy alignment.

Many of the minerals contained within this ancient stone are identical to minerals found within rocks retrieved from the Moon and Meteorites that have fallen from space. All week I have been holding and researching these beautiful pieces of stone, randomly throughout the day an image of a section of the Universe would flash into my consciousness, different sectors of Space, Stars and Planets would appear. I now know I was being shown the home planets of various Star People that are currently visiting and or residing on our Earth. Using two Indigo Gabbro stones, one in each open palm of the hand, consciously focus and mentally direct the energy emitted by the stones to open a channel of communication with the Star people that may be near to you on our planet.

Placing a piece of Indigo Gabbro upon the throat chakra releases a gentle flow of energy that travels inward through the throat then upward to the brain. This energy quickly multiplies and immediately begins to clear and sharpen the mental processes; allowing the keeper to make quick and accurate decisions. Also very protective when doing personal clearing work, the energy allows you to recognize, locate and then release emotional scars without reliving the pain that caused them. This is and will be an extremely useful tool to have, especially during this era when it is absolutely imperative that we quickly advance and move forward along our chosen spiritual path. We must learn to release the negative baggage of past lives as well as this one, bringing only the pure light of our being into the next phase of energy work.

The Indigo Gabbro is a wonderful tool to enlighten, protect, cleanse and prepare us as we embark on the next level of our Spiritual path!

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  1. I just saw this stone in person and had to have it. It is beautiful, mystic,and I was imediately drawn to it. Reminds me of Nebula stone but with a wonderful blue/lavender color.