Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Earth Star Quartz Crystals

Beautiful included Quartz crystals from all over the world, the Earth Star Crystals have awakened. These magnificent crystalline beings are true guardians of our planet and the humans that protect her.

The Earth Star crystals are often called Scenic or Garden Quartz containing inclusions of Green Chlorite, red, yellow or green Moss, Clay of all colors, or black carbon minerals. Any crystal may contain a combination of these minerals or a single mineral. The crystals in this lot seem to contain one, two or three minerals. Included quartz crystals are more often than not, cut up into pieces to make beautiful included Cabs and pendants with the remainder of the quartz crystal tossed away. Rarely do we find any of those diligent beings still in their natural quartz crystal formations. I feel very blessed to have received these few pounds no matter what condition they were in.

Some history on their retrieval and home:

This batch is from a small mining town near Minas Gerais, Brazil. Much of the quartz mineral retrieval in this region is done by small Artisanal Miners who conduct informal retrieval by hand to gather the discarded Quartz Crystals left behind by the larger mining corporations; or they retrieve them from drainage basins located at the foot of slowly eroding mounds of ancient Hills. The discarded crystals are being salvaged and are making their way into the hands of today’s Light workers who know exactly how valuable they are and are ready to use them.

I received these beauties upon my return from a recent dig in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, USA. I had ordered some crystals from this area several weeks before I left and consider it divine timing that they were there waiting for me when I returned home. I immediately set about to cleanse and give them rest after their long journey, marveling at the ancient look and feel of each one. They have been outside resting in a garden bed of sand for three days. During that time they have received full Sunlight, direct Moonlight, Thunder, Lightning, a small amount of Hail and a downpour of Rainwater. During those three days outside they received cleansing and charging by all these elements. Needless to say, when I brought them back in, they were buzzing!

Almost immediately I was drawn to the Teacher crystal of this lot, as you can see in his photo, he is truly a magnificent being. I took the Volunteer teacher to my desk where I keep a handmade pottery bowl filled with sand. I placed the Teacher crystal into the sand; base end first, opened my Word Doc program, relaxed and waited for the communication to begin. In a few moments, I began to feel my skin tingle ever so slightly; this started at the top of my head and began to flow like a gentle stream down to the bottoms of my feet. I felt suddenly more focused, more at one with this crystalline being. I sensed a gentle breeze across my face and could smell a hint of the sweet gardenias blooming outside. Then I remembered that I was inside at my desk, no windows were open, hmmm… I was sensing the plants and wind outside. This was pretty weird and awesome at the same time, I was feeling very energetic and my emotions were calm and rooted. I allowed my senses to wander further away, fully conscious of being at my desk, yet I was sensing the earth, the sky, the lake; such calming, gentle forces of nature, it would be easy to stay here for hours. I pulled my consciousness back and returned my full focus to the teacher crystal. From the corner of my eye it almost seemed there was a shimmering, shifting glow around this crystalline being.

I quickly thought the question, what are you showing me and why? Instantly I knew the answer…

I am your connection to all things that make up our world of Nature. When placed within a human’s energy field we are guardians of the Earth. Together our Human Keepers Auric field and our own crystalline energy field merge and become One energy that can be used to accelerate healing within the planet and all of its inhabitants. Like you, we are guardians, protectors and healers; we are formed within the Earth. Through our connection, you are able to feel, to sense, to experience nature as it is happening. It is our mission of Destiny to empower our human keepers with the ability to meld with the forces of nature; to calm stressed areas and stimulate rejuvenation where it is needed. During the coming years, as well as the current one, there will be a huge need for volunteer protectors of the earth. As turmoil, accidents, weather and natural upheavals seem to grow in frequency, it is important for humans to learn how to work with the forces of nature; to send calming, healing energy to anyone that request it and to any location in need of it; anywhere on the planet. Our gift is to create that connection within humans, to empower them with understanding and knowledge, to assist planet Earth and all her inhabitants into the new era of spiritual enlightenment.

You do not have to do a special meditation to bond with your Earth Star crystal, you simply have to reclaim it…the crystal will do the rest! Once bonded, your two combined energy fields will then meld with that of the Earth, creating a sacred Trinity of compatible thought energy that you can draw upon at will.

You will then be able to consciously create, amplify and direct thought energy into a focused beam of light particles. When consciously directed this beam of energy can be transmitted to any location or person you hold in your mind and consciously focus the energy towards. This is a powerful crystal tool, and should be used with pure intent only!

The high vibratory frequency of the Earth Star crystals can be consciously directed to assist in healing another person (with their consent only) or to send healing energy to a geographical location that has been traumatized. This amazing energy can also be gathered up and sent along the golden grid of light that was created by light workers around our planet in the past decade. This powerful, focused energy will then be redirected back into the Earth to assist in planetary healing all over the world, wherever it is most needed.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ouachita Mountain White Lotus Crystals

The White Lotus crystals will not allow me to list them without first clarifying a few things; including rewriting some of the information about their gifts, where they came from and why they are awakening now.
In essence they are ready to  make known their true name and origin. Since the year 2000 they have been and are currently known as Titanium Gas Phantom crystals, their true name is The White Lotus; they were formed and placed here on Earth by the Ancient Star Temple Guardians.

These crystals have for the last decade been cloaked in mystery and controversy for a reason, to keep them out of the hands of those that would destroy them. Anyone that has ever held one of these tools knows they are not ordinary quartz crystals. There is something sacred, something pure and very familiar about them. We love to hold them, protect them and feel them near us, yet, truly accessing them has been a problem for most of their keepers. The reason we could not completely work with them is because they had not been fully awakened yet. The highly charged light particles streaming from the ancient Blue Star Sirius has traveled along Earths natural magnetic grid lines and has now completely activated The White Lotus crystals.

I wrote about this energy in one of my original Blog posts…..

For years we have all heard of how we will be evolving in the future, how our planet is at the dawn of a major spiritual leap, dimensions will merge, Spiritual Consciousness will soar and senses of all types will be keenly heightened. This long awaited future is no longer ahead of us, it is NOW!!! Many of you already feel the compelling call to accelerate your learning, to prioritize your spiritual growth, and to help others realize their own potential while planting your feet firmly upon your own path of Destiny.

All of today’s active Light workers have traveled to the ancient Star Temples for training, the energy of our consciousness travels through the Galaxy on streams of light particles and thought. This occurs outside of Earths linear time; during rest, during daydreaming or half consciousness, during meditation or deep thought. Even while we are working or playing; sometimes we are aware of this training and sometimes we ask to forget so it does not interfere with our normal day to day life.

During our visits to the Star Temples we are shown the power of the White Lotus crystals and directed in the responsible use and protection of them. These crystals are pure, vibrating, thought energy. They connect us immediately to our Star Temples of higher learning, allowing us to consciously be aware of the training we are receiving there. They align our astral consciousness with our physical consciousness, integrating all the knowledge we have obtained from both existences, into one, enlightened awareness. We become aware of and peacefully accept that we truly are multi-dimensional beings. The White Lotus crystals immediately accelerate our spiritual growth while expediting our physical rejuvenation.

Earths energy workers are being called by this sacred tool, it aligns them with the highest, purest frequency of the universe and prepares them for their own personal leap in consciousness. Many students of the Star Temples become Healers; The White Lotus crystal teaches them ancient techniques for aligning the physical body with a state of perfection that was always meant for humans to exist within. These crystals are going out to all the serious light workers on our planet; they are a very personal tool.


My White Lotus teacher crystal has given me this message about the spiritual origin of these crystals….

…The Star Temple Guardians formed The White Lotus crystals by transmuting silvery white cosmic light particles of thought into crystalline matter; infusing them with the energy and knowledge from the Star Temples within each galaxy. The White Lotus crystals were then placed within the young Ouachita Mountain range where they would rest and slowly grow for hundreds of thousands of years before being activated and awakened by the Particle stream from Sirius. Each crystal has been encoded with a unique signature vibration that will match their keepers’ frequency resonance perfectly. This keeper will have received personal training in the Star Temples and be ready to embrace their role as keeper of The White Lotus. Many of them come visibly encoded with sacred sigils from the Higher Temples of learning; these markings are unique identifiers for its keepers, acting as a catalyst to awaken dormant knowledge and talents.

Often a keeper will be in charge of several White Lotus Crystals, each crystal they are called by will contain information from a different Temple of Knowledge the keeper has been studying in.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The New Lemurian Script Quartz crystals out of Brazil

These crystals are fresh from the Newer Lemurian mines of the Serra do Cobral in Brazil, the same area where miners have uncovered various types of Lemurian crystals over the last decade, beginning with the original pink Lemurian seed crystals. These are not Lemurian Seed crystals, they are Lemurian Script crystals, The formation is much like regular quartz with a pink tinge and Script markings on the body.

The New Lemurian Script crystals are much clearer quartz than the original Lemurians and many have a dusting of light pink Hematite Hydrate on or within their bodies, a few even display a pale tangerine hue. These crystals emit a very powerful, peaceful, and loving energy directly from the heart of the Pink Ray of light. On most of the bodies there is distinct Lemurian Script markings, the etched markings appear like maps, letters and numbers, ancient Temples or Celestial bodies clearly inscribed on the crystal. They carry the encoded Script and stories of the Lemurian people that migrated to Brazil.

To access the script, hold your crystal between your thumb and fingers, slowly twirling it around and allowing the flat imprint of your thumb to rest on each side of the body for a few moments; this authorizes the crystal to read your vibratory frequency. The crystal will open its code to you when it recognizes your Lemurian Signature, do not rush the process, allow it to happen naturally. When the connection is made you will feel it almost instantly, it is a bond between you and the ancient spirit that encoded the crystal.

At this point start noticing the images you see on the crystal, recreate them to the best of your ability with a pen and paper. I did not at first understand everything I was writing so I placed the paper I had been jotting the images down on inside my pillowcase. That night I had the most amazing dreams… A city filled with peaceful people, a society based on respect for nature. Temples and Laboratories held the same honored positions; these people were highly motivated, skilled, intelligent and peaceful. The spirit of love was everywhere, not Carnal love but a higher love and recognition that all beings were connected and of the One Source.

The Teacher crystal from this group showed me that some of the crystals carry the ancient Barcode Striations instead of the Script writings, with these crystals the keeper is to simply place their flat thumbprint over each side and hold for a few seconds. The encoded message will appear within your minds eye, these are very personal messages.  I was told they were encoded by their own current keeper during the Lemurian incarnation and it is that person they will draw to them again.

I believe through these crystals we can connect to that Highly advanced, ancient Nature society of Lemuria, we can learn how to recreate their amazing lifestyles, and learn how to contribute to the healing of our planet. The Lemurian Script crystals are another key left to us by our gentle, highly evolved ancestors !

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I am surrounded by new crystal friends :)

I have finally returned home and I have brought many, many new crystalline tools and friends with me.
I want to thank each one of you that gave me permission to retrieve your special Ouachita Mountains tool for you. There was a wonderful outpouring from over 70 of my wonderful online friends from around the planet. I have to tell you, the energy while I was at the crystal mine was dizzying, many times I found myself sitting down upon the boulders or earth just to steady myself. The entire experience was amazing, from the breath taking view to the actual discovery of gorgeous crystals just waiting to be claimed, there is nothing like it!!!
 Several of you sent me verses of Thanks to be read at the mine and I want to assure each of you that they were indeed read with great joy and reverence and I could feel the energy of the crystals responding each time I read your beautiful words of thanks and appreciation to the Mother Earth.

While we were in Arkansas, the weather took a bit if a nasty turn the day after our mine trip. It was nearly impossible to stay connected to the internet for more than 10 minutes at a time and took me several tries to get the pictures posted and tiny updates made. Thank you all for your sweet patience, I appreciate each of you sooooo much!.

Today I will be responding to each of your emails; then I will begin sorting and preparing your new tools for their journey home. Wednesday and Thursday I plan to get everything mailed

I hope to begin listing some of the other new crystals I have brought home tonight and tomorrow evening. When I returned home there were 2 boxes of crystals that had arrived while I was gone, a package from Australia and one from Brazil...what a thrill!!! Soooo I will be very busy over the next few weeks listing and blogging about these new beauties, I have gorgeous pale pink Brazilian quartz crystals and clear crystals with nice inclusions of various minerals. These crystals contain green Chlorite, yellowish Limonite or Moss, pink lithium and or bentonite inclusions of various colors. Not all the crystals have all the inclusions, there are varying amounts within each one and some only have one type of inclusion. There were also a few yellow Golden Healers and a few Muzo formed Lemurian Seed crystals, More on this batch a little later.

Have a beautiful day my friend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pictures of the Dig 12 May 2010

The crystal Mine in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas

Driving into the mine area

This is me at the beginning of the dig.....
This is a small clear point sticking  
 out of a wall of clay and dirt

Leaving the mine after 7 hours of digging, whewwww!!! So much fun!
Some of you may recognize your crystal coming out of the ground when you recieve it. I will be sending your crystalline tools home to you Wednesday and Thursday of next week. As time permits I will be adding updates about this trip, right now I am still hunting crystals here in the Oauchita Mountains of Arkansas :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Mothers day gift for all my friends, thats you of course :)

One of my Teacher crystals, the one pictured in the Ouachita mountains blog, has given me the idea it is time to retrieve some crystals myself. A wave of energy has hit the mountains of the USA recently and awakened the encoded seed crystals placed there by the the ancient Star systems. Sooooooo….

My husband and I have decided to go on a retrieval mission next week, we are going to Arkansas and visit several of the mines located within the Ouachita Mountain range. I am offering to bring back a volunteer to each one of you that would like to have one of your ancient encoded tools returned to you straight from the earth. I will need your permission to locate your personal crystalline tool, so send me a quick email saying you are ready to reclaim your encoded crystal, infuse as much of your signature energy as possible into the email. I print each email and take it to the crystal mines and fields with me. I will work on locating your crystal tools one at a time, holding your email and asking for guidance to its location. The next crystal I find while working with your message will be your personal tool. I will then wrap your crystal in your email message and tuck it safely away. Also do you want me to clean the clay off your crystal before sending it to you or do you want the earth left on it, please add that information to your email. I plan to spend all day Wednesday retrieving personal tools for my friends. If you have questions, email me, I will have my laptop with me, but not while at the mines, I will return emails in the evening and post pictures of the digs on the blog.

There is NO charge for this of course, but I will need an email with permission to retrieve your crystal before Wednesday May 12th 2010.

Happy Mothers Day Everyone!!!

The Awakened Quachita Mountain Quartz crystals

Powerful quartz crystals are now being recovered from the Ouachita Mountains that are emiting a wave of energy across the entire planet! This energy wave returns individual, personal power to each of its recipients. It awakens the leaders and restores encoded memories needed to activate the light workers of our decade.
The unique energy of Arkansas's Ouachita Mountian Quartz crystals is nothing short of amazing! These crystals are ancient; they formed within the Ouachita Mountain range about 200 million years ago when the mountain building processes were active. Because of their purity and energy, they have been gathered, programmed and used as seed crystals by the ancient lost civilizations for eons.

These crystalline beauties are the working powerhouse of the quartz crystal world, amplifying energy and light within everything they touch. Ouachita Mountain quartz crystal amplifies mental focus, spiritual awareness and emotional balance.

The Quartz crystals retrieved from this part of the world acts as a catalyst to awaken and activate latent memories and abilities within their keeper. They are an energy bridge between the physical body, mental processes and the finer vibrations of other life forms and dimensions. They can be used to sense communication with the Plant, Mineral, Animal or Spirit world. Allowing the keeper to both send and receive information from these realms. Arkansas Quartz crystal is a must for the energy workers tool kit, when consciously applied and combined with the healers light energy, they can trigger spontaneous cellular rejuvenation within human and animal physical bodies as well as plant life forms.

When Broken bits of Ouachita Mountain quartz is sprinkled on top of soil it can be used as plant cell activators to heal and regenerate the root system of plants.

For larger plants like trees and shrubs, plant a crystal at the base of the tree, pointed toward the root system, about 3 inches underground, if the tree is very large you may need to use four crystals one planted at each of the compass points of the tree base.

To help yourself heal faster or to sustain more energy within your physical body;
Find a picture of yourself and write your intent on the back of it.
For example if you are tired all the time, and would like to feel more energetic, write something like this “ I am happy, motivated and filled with energy to accomplish all my goals”…
If you have an illness and want to speed recovery; write something like this “ The cells within my body are supercharged healer cells, I heal faster and more completely than ever before ”...

Then place the picture of yourself with the written intent side downward and the picture side face-up on a tray/bowl of sand; place four small Ouachita Mountain crystals with their terminations pointed inward to the center of your picture at each corner. Place this somewhere it will not be disturbed but will receive sun and moonlight for the time you have it assembled. I suggest that you only leave it assembled for seven days at a time. Wait at least 3 days before assembling it again with the same intent.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Blue Star Smokey Quartz crystals

This is not a new formation, Many of you already have reclaimed your Blue Star crystal. Yet, my Teacher crystal sent me the message to post the information here on the blog as there are also many who are still unaware of these magnificent crystalline beings and their gifts.

These amazing natural Smokey crystals have given me a message to relay about their special properties. I was told the Smokey Quartz that is coming out of the Mountain ranges of earth were seeded there and have now been awakened with a mission to help the people of earth on their physical and spiritual walk. This message applies only to Natural Smokey Quartz not irradiated smokey Quartz and only to the crystals being retrieved from the mountainous regions of our planet.

I went into meditation with these amazing Smokey Quartz crystals off and on for 3 days. They are not like any other smokey quartz I have ever come in contact with, these are buzzing, full of energy and ready to impart their wisdom and frequency to their human keepers!

As I studied these beauties I began to sense a faint vibration throughout my physical body, almost like a tingling sensation surging from my crown chakra to the minor chakras at the base of my feet. I felt the frequency surge through me and travel deep into the earth, anchoring my energy there. Then just as quickly, I felt it surge through my crown chakra and I sensed part of my awareness travel with this new energy and anchor to a milky plasma deep in space. The 2 points of connection made sense to me, original home, the source of all original life, and current space/time home, planet Earth. It was a connection that happened in a split second, yet it seemed like I could slow it down and feel each comforting moment of it. Such beauty and serenity I had not experienced before. My awareness was placed within my ethereal body, anchored in a dimension of beautiful light, yet aware of many dimensions at once. The experience is difficult to place into words and one I will not ever forget.

The smokey Teacher crystal I have chosen to work with appeared in my awareness as a Blue Star and began to transmit a message of how to use these crystals and ways they will help their human friends.

I was first shown a beautiful being composed entirely of translucent blue light, flying over the mountains of Earth dropping tiny seed crystals. I asked my guide what that meant and was told it was showing me how the smoky crystals came to be. The Mountains of our planet were seeded with these special programmed crystals long ago, knowing they would be retrieved and used when our civilization became evolved enough to work with crystal energy again.

The energy emitted by these crystals is one of gentleness, purity and connection to the original source of life. Carrying one with you or placing it near you while you work will gently cleanse and balance your energy fields. You will then begin to attract more beauty, happiness and the means necessary to make positive changes within your life.

Negative feelings can quickly be absorbed and dissipated by holding one of these crystals in your opposite hand of preference, (if you are right handed then hold it in your left hand), bring the negative emotion into your mind and let it travel into the smoky quartz where it will be absorbed and dissipated, leaving you free to emotionally heal and move away from the experience. Negative emotions are stumbling blocks to our health and happiness. Stress causes so many dis-eases of the mind and body and it is self-destructive to hold onto them. These beautiful smoky crystals have come to help us release old baggage and day to day stress, allowing us to heal and live happy, prosperous, healthy and spiritually motivated lives.

The gentle Blue Star Smokey Crystals assist us in establishing and maintaining a connected frequency to our higher ethereal self. Being programmed to show us our real beauty and worth as we will see it from a future dimension; all judgment is suspended and we are able to understand our own and others actions from a higher perspective. They rid us of feelings of depression or futility by showing us glimpses of our real work here on this plane of existence. They gently guide us toward doors to walk through that will lead us down paths of encouragement and blessings where we can fulfill our goals and life missions.