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Raw Emeralds in Black Limestone from Brazil

This is the most well known of the Beryl family, a beautiful green gemstone. Its crystal habit growth can form as a Massive stone or well formed Hexagonal or Trigonal crystals. Its hardness on the mohs scale is 7.5 – 8, its luster is greasy opaque to glassy vitreous. The glassy vitreous Hexagonal Emerald crystals are considered precious gemstones. The opaque massive formations of emeralds are often discarded as having little or no value, what many do not understand is the energy gift these beautiful massive formed stones have been programmed to share with us! The raw emeralds from Brazil form with gorgeous Black Limestone matrix and sometimes with white Quartz and bits of shiny, silvery Mica.
UPDATE: 02 Feb 2011....
I have just discovered after many emails to my supplier stemming from in depth research, the silver mineral on these raw Emeralds is in fact Molybdenum not silvery mica or Silver as I originally thought! There is mica attached to some of them, but not silvery colored. Can you imagine.... Molybdenum is the reason we have life on Earth, it is the mineral that powers our Molybdenite as tiny ions sandwiched between layers of Molybdenite, I am soooo excited I can hardly stand it! Not all of these emeralds have it on them, but check yours to see if there are any bits or sheets of silver metallic mineral on them, if so, you have an Emerald with Molybdenum on it! Awesome~
I took these raw Emeralds into meditation with my Sirian Heir teacher crystal, I felt very strongly there was more to learn than what is commonly published about these stones. I placed several of the raw emeralds on my low table in front of a large window with warm sunlight streaming inside. I use this low table so I can sit on the floor comfortably and make notes about what I am being shown. This type of meditation requires splitting your conscious awareness between two dimensions. I asked my teacher guide to show me the gifts of these remarkable stones, and then began to consciously relax, allowing only images of the stones to permeate my thoughts. Within a few minutes I felt the familiar expansion of awareness and knew that my consciousness had entered both realms. The familiar energy of my ancient Teacher was occupying the space directly across from me. I had a pen in my hand and sheets of white paper on the table, my notes sometimes occur almost automatically as I listen/absorb the information being transmitted to me.

This time the energy of my Sirian Heir expanded in such a way that it completely engulfed my awareness, I realized I was being drawn into my teachers dimension. I was standing in a large open building made of smooth, shiny black slabs of stone; more like a pavilion than a building. Between the cornerstones of the Pavilion I noticed shimmering undulating light waves cascading from the roof to the floor like sol
id walls of energy. At first I noticed only transparent shimmering energy that could only be quickly glimpsed at, and then I noticed as I looking at it, colors were emerging. This was fun, the wall was responding to my thoughts and questions. With every new thought that raced through my mind, the walls of energy changed a different color

.…my curiosity created a gorgeous Yellow color; that made me giggle out loud. Then I was sort of embarrassed for losing focus and the color changed to pinkish grey for a moment then to brilliant Magenta with edges of golden light….I felt completely focused again…I was happily bathing in the beautiful colors my mind was playfully creating on the energy walls…lol

My very patient Teacher gently pulled my awareness back and I noticed a large Oval shaped empty bowl in the center of the room. I am sure it was made of crystalline material. As I focused more intently I saw there were also smaller bowls that formed a half circle around the larger one, these contained crystals, flowers, small grains of minerals/sands, waters, herbs and resins, I realized I must be in one of the Star Nation Temples of Healing, now I was truly intrigued and quite honestly forgot all about why I had come here! That is until I watched the center bowl fill up with raw emeralds, just like the ones I had asked about. My energy was immediately drawn back to them as I heard my Teacher saying …

“Time… for those in your world is in a state of flux, some days will seem short, others feel as though hours have been added to it, this is no longer just a perceived concept, it is an actual occurring event. Your Earth has recently entered a transitional cycle and as you move nearer and nearer to the center of the transition-event time becomes less stable, it refuses to obey the human perception of linear time. Events that happen in one reality now suddenly are drawn into another. You will momentarily see people or events that do not belong to your time or dimension. Physical objects will suddenly enter your reality as though someone tossed them at you; they seem to cross from one dimension into another and sometimes back again. Time is bouncing back and forth between realities as the veil between dimensions becomes thinner. This will be a particularly difficult time for those who believe in only one reality or dimension, the experiences that will be encountered can leave the untrained mind feeling less than secure. It will be very important for each of you to decide if you want to fast forward the experience of spiritual evolution in your current world of reality. You can choose to stay in this realm or move into a dimension that is very similar to your current world but vibrates at a much higher frequency.

Those of Earth that wish to make the transitional-dimensional leap, must go through a process of purification and cleansing that will dissolve all Karmic ties and energy hooks that developed from spending many lifetimes within this dimension. Left un-dissolved these negative ties and hooks would keep them bound to their present dimension, making the transition impossible.

Many of you have already decided to make the leap and are working daily to release, cleanse and purify the mind, body and soul. However we no longer have decades before the transition occurs. Without help there would not be enough time for humans to release all the karmic baggage and energy hooks that are picked up and carried through lifetime after lifetime.

We in the Star Nation Temples discovered the massive forming Earth Emeralds are compatible to infuse with our own high frequency Quantum Light Waves. We chose them to create a tool you can use to detoxify, cleanse and purify your ethereal and physical bodies quickly, making them compatible with the light waves of your new reality. With their new programming, these stones are ready to assist their keepers in taking a huge spiritual leap forward!

Raw unprocessed Emeralds being recovered from Brazil can now be used to infuse their keeper with the high frequency Quantum Light waves generated by the Star Nations Temples, this high frequency light releases/dissolves negative Karma and Energy hooks.

How to use the Emeralds:

First let me explain the phrase “Hand of Preference” … if you are right handed this is your hand of preference, vice versa if you are left handed. Your hand of preference pulls/draws energy out of the body, while your opposite hand pulls energy into the body. So a right handed person pulls energy into the body with their left hand and draws energy out of the body with their right hand.

To begin your Activation Session:

Set aside a little calm, quiet, undisturbed time, perhaps 30 minutes; this will be known as the activation session and can be repeated as often as the keeper feels comfortable.

You will need one raw massive formed Emerald and a bowl of something to discharge negative energy into, this can be sand, earth, salt or salt water, something that will draw and trap negative energy particles as they flow out of your fingertips and hands and that you can dispose of when you have finished.

Sit in a comfortable chair or lay down in a manner that is comfortable for you, hold the Emerald in your opposite hand of preference and place your hand of preference in the bowl of Sand, Earth, Salt or Salt-Water; cover your entire hand or at least your finger tips with whatever material you chose to fill the bowl with. This will insure the negative waves are trapped in the bowl.

Take several slow, deep cleansing breaths, prepare you mind to relax by letting go of worry, stress or daily tension. Perhaps listen to some relaxing music, or visualize a happy, relaxing scene. Activate your Emerald by using your thumb to rub its belly/back (the widest part of the stone), you can turn it over, move it around, rub its back or belly; all of this motion attunes the emeralds frequency to your frequency and activates the stone to release its quantum light wave energy. If you are sensitive to energy you will soon begin to feel a sensation traveling up your arm as the light waves are absorbed into your body. At first there may be an odd sensation, sort of pressure feeling in your arm, this will change as the body becomes accustomed to the new frequency.

Allow the Quantum Light waves to travel through your body, exiting through your hand of preference that is in the bowl. There is no certain amount of time that is correct for everyone, this is a personal cleansing and may take 10 minutes or an hour. Remember this can be repeated as often as the keeper feels comfortable.

When you have absorbed and released as much as the body can tolerate in one session, you will feel the need to stop, like an inner prompting, you have had enough. Often the need to Urinate becomes urgent, this is the body’s way of physically releasing toxins.

When you are satisfied the sessions is over, dispose of the contents of the bowl and wash your hands. If you used water, simply flush or empty the water down a drain, if you used earth, salt or sand you can put it in a bag and toss it in the garbage where no one will accidentally touch it.

Your Emerald does not need cleansing or recharging, it has been infused with the high frequency of the Star Nation Temple Guardians. You should try to keep you emerald close to you for the next few weeks at least. You can carry the stone with you, place it on your desk or night stand or put it in your pocket/ purse, but try to keep it within 3 feet of your physical body as much as possible. Now every time you hold the emerald, it will release more Quantum Light waves into your body and energy field, preparing you for the dimensional shift and a life free of negative baggage.

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  1. Hmmm... I wonder if mine will have Molybdenum on it... I think that would be awesome to have.