Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Indigo Gabbro Pendants

 Indigo Gabbro hand-cast Resin Pendants
I have been working on the Gabbro Pendant design for a few weeks now. I feel like I have finally come up with a few designs I really love.

The Reversed Triangle with twisted Copper and Apple seed Garnet makes an  empowered statement while providing a strong shield. The Stone like shapes emit a natural flowing energy that feels comfortable, secure and very intune with earths nature frequencies.
I also created some in multi-colors just for fun and they have a light energetic feel to them. 

I am adding part of my Indigo Gabbro description here, but for the full information use this link;
or this link for the update:

Stone-like shapes

  Indigo Gabbro is a stone that vibrates to the frequency of the Star People, when we connect to it we are drawing on the Inter-Galactic stream of energy particles flowing through the Star Nations into our Planet earth and directly into our personal energy fields.

This beautiful blue stone emits a warm, friendly energy that draws your consciousness into its multi-faceted energy field. When carried on or near the body this stone throws up a shield of protection around its keeper that extends outward and just beyond the Auric energy field. This shield blocks negative or incompatible frequencies from attaching energy hooks that can drain or disrupt your own personal level of strength. It is very important to have the ability to shield ourselves from discordant and inharmonious energies, even if accidently encountered.

Showing some  of the shapes on silver chains
  If you are planning to have energy work done on   your chakras, auric field or ethereal bodies, the Indigo Gabbro will need to be removed from close proximity to the body or the energy work will not get through its shield and will not be successful. Once the work has been completed, the keeper should replace the Indigo Gabbro on or near their physical body to seal and protect them from outside influences that could disturb the new energy alignment.

Many of the minerals contained within this ancient stone are identical to minerals found within rocks retrieved from the Moon and Meteorites that have fallen from space. All week I have been holding and researching these beautiful pieces of stone, randomly throughout the day an image of a section of the Universe would flash into my consciousness, different sectors of Space, Stars and Planets would appear. I now know I was being shown the home planets of various Star People that are currently visiting and or residing on our Earth.

I created these beautiful colors just for fun

Closeup of the Reversed Triangle shape
  There are many intellegent, peace loving Star People that visit our planet..... and there is at least one race that does not have our best interest at heart! Please when you communicate with the Star People always call for light to surround you; ask that your personal guardian walk with you and guide you to the Wise ones, the Peaceful ones and the ancient Elders of the Star Nations!

I would love to hear from you concerning which shape you like best. I will have a batch ready to list in about a week, I want to get some sterling silver chains in for these pendants. The energy of the silver works very well with the copper to empower and amplify the energies already being emitted. Besides, the sterling silver chains look beautiful with them ;)


  1. These look amazing Victoria! I am immediately drawn to the reversed triangle shape. For one thing the reversed triangle is a symbol of the Divine Feminine. And looking at the pictures of the one you posted I can feel the focused energy and protection. I sooooo hope to get one of these when you post them.

  2. I bought one of these for my daughter, and she can't wait to get it. She was very choosy and particular with the one she chose. I've told her she has to be super responsible with it, and she immediately cleaned up her dresser and made a spot for it in her jewelry box!

  3. I love mine.. I purchased the reversed triangle and have had so many compliments on it. I am hoping you make more of the pendants.. so I can give them as gifts to my daughters and a couple of close friends.
    Love you Victoria!!