Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Please send light and prayers to the people of Brazil~

Raw Emerald stones

I want to remind everyone of the tragedy that is still ongoing in our beloved Towns and Villages near Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. These precious people need our prayers and light energy desperately. Please remember them, especially when you are working with the brazilian crystal energy. Many of these people affected by the flooding are farmers and crystal miners that recover our beloved crystalline tools. So far the floods have caused at least 727 deaths; many families are still waiting for news of their loved ones.
I have created a grid of light just for these beautiful people, I hope each one of you will do the same in whatever manner you are led to.
I wanted to share with you a small part of an email from my supplier regarding the flooding,
 you can feel the sweet energy of this person through their words…

Thanks for your prayers; It was a tragedy, the largest in Brazil until now. Everything happened in a mountainous area of Rio de Janeiro, about an hour and a half from the city of Rio de Janeiro, where I live. Many people died, and the mountain cities were destroyed. The population is helping a lot, many volunteers. The saddest part of all this, was that everything could have been avoided if the authorities did not leave the population build their houses in areas at risk of collapse. The geography of the Rio de Janeiro is amazing, we have the ocean and mountains on all sides, the city is really beautiful, and people are always happy and ready to help even when they are suffering.

This is just one of the reasons the crystals we receive have such beautiful energy in them, they pass through the hands of people like this!

My order has been shipped and will arrive shortly, we will be getting the very rare Amphibole Phantom Quartz crystals from the only Mine in Brazil that produces them and only a small amount is retrieved every year. These amazing crystals have White (Kaolinte), Yellow (Limonite) and Red (Hematite) inclusions within them, they are uncommon and emit a very high energy frequency.

 I have felt very deeply the need to work with the Amphibole crystals lately, they have something new to tell us about the Era we are entering. I am excited to take these crystals into a Journey meditation :)

I have also ordered us some rough, unpolished Emerald Stones from the Minas Gerais area mines of Brazil.
They are really beautiful, these images are from the samples I was sent.

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