Sunday, January 30, 2011

Amphibole Quartz from Bahia, Brazil

The beautiful Amphibole (Angel Phantom) crystals I have received come from a mine in the mountains of Bahia Brazil, the same area our beautiful Lithium crystals are retrieved from. The Amphibole crystals are found sporadically during mining so only a very small quantity is retrieved and made available to us each year. These amazing Quartz crystals contain various amounts of the following inclusions; White Kaolinite, Yellow Limonite, Red/orange Hematite and Silvery white Lithium. The lithium in these beautiful Amphibole specimens is a soft silvery-white metal found as a trace element. Some of the crystals contain all four inclusions and some contain only one or two. They have all formed within veins containing these five minerals and all carry the combined quinary strength of Quartz, Kaolinite, Limonite, Lithium and Hematite, a powerhouse of spiritual, ethereal energy!

Amphibole crystals are beautiful, pure, strong and supportive tools, especially during those times in life when we are faced with hills and mountains to cross over. The soothing energy of this crystal gives us a sense of peace and courage; while it sends out a beacon to the angels to lift us up and perhaps even carry our spirit from time to time when the path seems just too difficult to continue onward.

Energy healers can use Amphibole crystals in situations where advanced and quickened spiritual progress has tired or weakened the person’s ability to absorb, understand and make necessary changes in the mental, emotional and karmic issues of life. Infusions of energy from this crystalline form instills an inner strength into the keeper’s spiritual stamina; enabling the person to progress along their spiritual path in a smoother, more confident, less stressful manner than ever before.
Just placing an Amphibole crystal within your common space creates a sense of tranquil serenity, emotional balance, cohesion and quiet confidence. This beautiful crystalline powerhouse also provides mental protection, shielding its keeper from detrimental thought forms, muddied or unclear thinking and psychic attack. Amphibole quartz not only shields its keeper, it transforms any negative vibration that may attempt to enter your space into a rarified high energy frequency, then sends it out into your space as purified love energy.

This is the perfect tool for the inter-dimensional era we have recently entered, so much unrest, worry, anxiety and fear are running amuck in the daily world news. We all need to take a deep breath and realize by our thoughts, feelings and beliefs today, we create the future we will live in tomorrow. The Amphibole Quartz is exactly what we need to give us that little extra boost of confidence, courage and protection we could all benefit from while we are creating the new us.


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