Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shakti Stones ~ from Mount Shasta Area

Shakti Stones
 Amphibolic Basalt Stones from the creeks and river runoffs around Mount Shasta
The natural smooth and rounded shapes of the beautiful and soothing Shakti stones are created when the ancient Volcanic Basalt rocks fall into glacial streams and rivers. They are then tumbled and tossed for eons in the currents of the sacred Mountain waters before they finally land on the banks of a remote creek. Each one of these stones was recovered gently and gratefully by hand with honor and respect. I have them in shades of Red, Green, Black/grey, Brown and White Amphibolic Basalt.
All basalt stones originate from hardened volcanic ash and contain varying amounts of the minerals Amphibole, Pyroxene, Chlorite, Anorthite, Olivine, epidote, Plagioclase, Feldspar and Magnetite. These Shakti stones are infused with the sacred energies of the ancient Masters that call this holy mountain home.
Shakti is the divine breath of original source or cosmic energy that resides within these sacred stones. We know that all matter is made up of tiny particles called atoms and that atoms are made of swirling microcosms of energy, or life force.  Holding a Shakti stone is like cradling a living, self-aware galaxy within the palm of your hand!  It is a microcosmic power-house of energy waves we know as divine source, the sacred pure frequency of creation. These sacred stones are vessels/conduits for Shakti, Prana the Divine light and cosmic energy.
 Each stone is searching for the human energy frequency that matches the source energy signature they carry within their own crystalline atomic structure. Sometimes several of the Shakti Stones will seek out the same human, this occurs when the humans life path is one of great service to others, such as energy healers, counselors, life coach, teachers, herbalists and light workers. It is their purpose to draw the sacred Shakti directly from original source of pure light and infuse the human healer and their work space with this precious Prana breath. They function at high frequency when placed in a room where energy work or meditation is performed almost daily and it is here they like to congregate in groups that amplify the Shakti energy cycle. They remind us that life really matters and that all matter is teaming with atomic life. In Latin, by the way, the word matter is the base or root of our word for mother (mater). 
The Shakti stones were awakened and activated during the wave of 11.11.11 and they have given me a message concerning that sacred date and some of the affects people are feeling:
There has been a great deal of confusion about what happened on 11.11.11, there was no big physical sensation, no outer awareness that anything out of the ordinary was happening, in fact this date came and went in calm silence for most people. When the “Portal of the Ancients” was opened, a precious, gentle energy waved flowed through. These dear ones are only working with and through humans that have given their permission to be fined tuned to allow their life path missions to be accelerated quickly.
Sometimes the energies feel chaotic as the physical body Adjusts to the finer, higher frequencies of the pure light you are being infused with. Please understand, the chaos energy is an illusion, a physical interpretation of what appear to be stumbling blocks placed in your path. In reality these little annoyances are simply there to slow us down for a few days so we can better absorb and integrate with our accelerated vibration. We are being forced to examine every relationship in our life, does it fit where you are going, is it a positive addition to your life, is that relationship a blessing to you or an albatross tied to your ankle? You cannot drag anyone along as you accelerate; you are being reminded that only those that provide a positive, uplifting influence in your life can peacefully co-exist alongside your new signature.
There is one ability that has been activated and amplified first, before all others and it is causing sooo much confusion… many of you already know this to be fact, Empathy!
 The Empaths have really had a roller coaster, difficult time lately; they are feeling an influx of spontaneous emotions; the issues, the pain, the sadness, the joy, the grief, the triumphs, the love the confusion and so on and so on…. At any given moment of the day an Empath may suddenly experience emotions that have nothing to do with anything going on in their own lives. You need to be aware that you have just connected with another human and are fully feeling what that person is feeling.
This is part of your healing work, to fine tune, understand and use your empath abilities to heal others, not only emotionally, but sometimes physically as well. As Empaths you have a specific mission to fulfill, allowing your bodies to receive the higher vibrating energy from the ascended masters of wisdom and gently stepping it down to the general population, as well as all living matter. The Shakti Stones anchor these higher energies within the body allowing the Empath to use themselves as a tool of diagnostic perception.
However, first you must learn what the signature frequency of your own personal emotions feel like; notice that you have a different energy signature from any other living thing, more personal than a fingerprint. Learn to identify what your own pattern feels like and what feels foreign to you, belonging to someone else. Once you are able to distinguish your signature from that of another, your emotions from someone else’s imprint you will understand and become calmer. This new awareness will allow you to instantly know when someone is reaching out for help on the cosmic level. You do not even need to see their face to help them, as an Empath you will simply infuse your mind and body with healing, soothing Cosmic light energy and send it out on the same energy signature you experienced as unfamiliar emotions. In this way you are able to send healing to anyone/any living matter anywhere that is able to call out for assistance. You can assist all manner of life in this way, even the Stones, Trees, Animals and Oceans are able to send out requests for help; your job is to learn the frequency pattern of the different life forms and respond with healing energy and loving kindness to their requests for help.
 There are intense shifts ahead, some having to do with Earth and weather cycles that will leave many souls crying out for help. During these times the emotions can be crippling if you have not learned to filter the energy and help one by one. Remember there are others that are Empaths as well and you are all tuning in and helping as a unified group on the cosmic level. It is imperative that you learn how to understand and direct energy for the healing and guidance that will be needed. So many humans will feel cut off from their source of power, lost or have just been pushed too far! Remember that all the light workers are being fined tuned right now and everyone is helping to uplift their neighbors and their world. We are not in this change alone; we are a unified group drawing strength from the one source of pure divine light and love!
The ancient souls of the Ascended Masters are walking with us, gently uplifting, nudging us forward. They cannot make decisions for us, they will not tell you what to do, they can only accelerate your energy frequency and place gentle suggestions in your path, it is up to you to learn how to be of service and where you are most needed. You must make your own choices on this path, grow in strength and self awareness, know your own worth and own your spiritual responsibilities. It is so important for empaths to stay clear of negativity and align with the higher frequencies in order for them to accomplish their life’s mission. The Shakti Stones help Empaths to understand themselves as embodied and empowered Beings of Light~
I have noticed that some of these stones want to be rubbed with sacred oils, this deepens the color and seems to amplify the energies. I pictured an oblong one in the blog that appears matte Black after anointing it with Virgin Olive oil, the energy is indescribable really! I have another one that is circular that wanted to be infused with citrus oil, after complying I felt my own physical energy level snap to attention! What a total rush of energy! I feel like these sacred beings have no trouble communicating what  they need or desire to their keepers, just listen and you too will be rewarded with amazing infusions of divine energy~

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The White Lakshmi stone (pronounced luck–Shmee)

This beautiful White Lakshmi Stone was recovered from the mines in Kymore, Madhya Pradesh, India. It is a metamorphic composition mineral composed of Calcite, Limestone, Quartz Silica and Carbon from fossil material. The Stones color is gleaming White; some of the stones have a pale silvery grey color streaking in them; this is remnants of carbon fossils. I was sent a sample of this stone last month and I was so thrilled with its energy levels I knew I wanted to be able to offer this to everyone. I could feel its connection to a source of pure light.
I decided to take this ancient being into a journey meditation to ask my Star nation teacher what I could learn from this stone… As soon as I settled into my meditation, I began to sense a very strong source of light, at first I found it difficult to look directly at it. Slowly the light began to dim and I sensed a very pure being nearby, my teacher emerged in front of me and began to speak….
 “Welcome dear sister… I see you have discovered an ancient treasure. The stone being you are asking about carries the energy frequency of a precious light being from a planet we know as Lakshmi in the galaxy you call Andromeda. This being of pure light took a female physical form and resided on your planet about 36,000 years ago. Because of her luminous golden skin, abilities of manifestation, and her many teachings on life in the cosmos, humans worshipped her as a Goddess of Prosperity and Knowledge, the 8 pointed star became the symbol of her cosmic world.  For thousands of years she was able to transform their lives from poverty into spiritual and physical abundance, their civilizations prospered and grew. When it was time for her to return to her home world, she promised the people of Earth that she would always be available to help them. She picked up a shiny white stone from the nearby mountains and encoded her energy stream within it. Telling them…”When you need my help just hold one of these stones and call my name, I will send a particle of my light and you will be abundantly blessed.”  
This is the stone you have brought to me today; you are to give this stone its proper name once again the “White lakshmi Stone”. It holds a key to raising the human energy frequency, this vibratory change results in increased prosperity, spiritual awareness and knowledge. Your stone being brings the gifts of the Goddess Lakshmi back to Earth and humanity once again.”……
 As my Journey began to fade I sensed a soft glow surround me, like the petals of a lotus flower gently wrapping around me. I heard a soft, gentle voice saying…”My name is Miabuush, my home is Lakshmi, take this particle of light and be blessed”… I felt a tiny spark on the very top of my head and then the vision was gone; I had received a blessing directly from Miabuush of Lakshima.
 This stone is encoded with the energy of a precious being of light, use its gift when you need to increase Prosperity and Abundance. Exceptionally helpful to business owners, Students, Healers or anyone that needs more knowledge, business, money or spiritual awareness in their life.
 This is a bit of the information I found on line after my meditation with the White Lakshmi Stone....
“Lakshmi is the name of the Goddess of good fortune, she is a beautiful woman with golden skin sitting or standing on an open White Lotus flower and Cascades of gold coins are seen flowing from her hands. Lakshmi is derived from a Sanskrit phrase that loosely means “accomplished goals”.

Creative Commons License
The White Lakshmi stone (pronounced luck–Shmee) by Victoria Lenning is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Atlantis Fire Dragon stone ~ The elemental stone of Fire & Earth

 My supply of Red Volcanic Stone was recovered by hand from the ancient lava flows of the southwestern United States. Several weeks ago I was contacted by a sweet couple, rock hound/stone enthusiasts that I had met a few years ago during a dig. I was asked if I would be interested in some Red Volcanic stone they had recovered during their trips out west. I was very intrigued and told them “Yes, of course, please send me what you are willing to part with” … When my parcel arrived I could hardly believe the energy I was holding in my hands! As I opened the box and began to unwrap each of the stones I felt an instant connection to these ancient beings. Wow, not sure how exactly to describe what I felt but something like the grounding energy of fire!?!

 I knew I had to take them into meditation to learn more…..

When I knew the time was right to connect with my ancient Sirian heir Teacher, I brought 6 of these Stones with me. I placed them in a low flat tray of sand; somehow Rose petals did not seem right for these beings. As my focus began to shift between realities, I felt the need to hold a stone in each hand…That’s when the first image appeared before my ethereal vision. A large ancient Fire Dragon, there were sparks of Gold, Orange and Red that glistened and ignited off her scales. I was more than a little surprised as I do not normally see such beings in my meditations. I brought my complete attention to this magnificent one, waiting for her to speak, anxious to learn more. I did not have to wait long, the dragon began to speak

” As you know, on 11.11.11 The Portal of the Ancients was opened; many of us have walked through and now exist on both planes of reality. The Ancient Dragons, the Fairies, the mermaids and mermen, the council of Atlantis, all of the ancient legends and mythical intelligent beings that once inhabited your planet have returned to guide those that can sense them. We are working with the stone beings to bring our presence into your reality. I am the first of the Primal elements needed to balance the wave of chaos energy that will continue to sweep across your planet over the next 13 months. It is imperative that you consciously raise your vibrations to match those of the light wave. Otherwise the energy will be experienced as pure Chaos in your lives. You must gather all the primal element stones and use them daily in your life.  The Red Volcanic stones hold the key to working with the Atlantean Fire Dragon energy; my frequency balances combustible emotions and roots them in the heart of your planet. During the time of Atlantis Dragons and Humans were allies, we worked together to bring about peace between all the races and species of the Stars. As you remember, not everyone in Atlantis or even in the Universe wanted peace, we were betrayed; Atlantis and most of her advancements fell into legend. It is time to allow us to open your memories. All former citizens of Atlantis we need your help as we prepare for battle once again, the time is now. I have personally infused these dragon stones with my energies; when you align your frequency to mine you too will hold the powers of transmutation! Use that power to change chaos and negative power and your own frequency will rise. You are holding pieces of my life force in your hands, treat these bits of my soul with honor!”
....the dragon faded from my awareness…

Instantly I saw my usual beautiful teacher appear and I spent what seemed like days walking and talking about the new energies, the ancient dragons and what this all meant for us here on Earth. I have written below the gifts I was told about concerning the Fire & Earth stones

This stone is pure fire, primal magma from the heart of our Earth Mother that has taken solid form. This is an incredibly powerful tool for anyone that can work with Fire or Dragon energies.  The power of this stone is rooted in transmutation, the ability to change from one form or state of being into another. Remember this stone was once intense, pure liquid fire and is now a solid earth stone! It has the double power of two out of four of our basic elements of science, Fire and Earth.

 The energy of the Fire Dragon stone is direct, powerful, impassioned, assertive and determined. A very useful energy for those who are indecisive, timid, or who generally feel they are too weak to fight back or stand up for themselves. Born of fire, these molten creations rise to the surface and become magical, porous creations of earth. They now possess the gifts of Spontaneous Fire energies with those of practicality, restraint and common sense. This combination is a powerful one generally reserved for those in the roles of leadership. An immensely useful tool when doing energy work or healing, it works something like a black hole in space, sucking in and transmuting all forms of negative energy. Simply place the stone over an area of the body or in a room you feel is out of balance, the stone will immediately begin to draw out the offending energy thread, hook or stream, transmuting it into light as it passes into and through the stone. They do not retain any of the frequencies that pass through them so there is no need to cleanse them; they do however enjoy time in the Sun, rather like a cat enjoys a sunny window sill.

 The frequency emitted by this stone is like a burning fire that dwells within our souls; it gives us the strength to fight for the things we believe in, even when it feels like the odds are stacked against us. This power house of energy transmutes the situation against you into a tidal wave of positive energy that is working for you; allowing you to turn dreams and goals into reality. It will consume burn up and dissipate any energy that comes against your goals; fire does not know fear or self-doubt. The energy emitted by the Earthly side of the Fire Dragon stone remains grounded in truth and love, inspired by compassion and rooted in spiritual longing.

The frequency of this stone is very calming and strengthening to those who are quick to anger. It is also helpful when we are feeling scattered or seem to have lost the ability to control our emotional self. This can occur when we have too much fire energy. The Fire dragon stone brings about a natural and gentle balance, allowing us to root our scattered energies deep within the Earth Mother. This connection to the earth allows us to develop focus and find our point of inner stillness.

Geological information about these stones:

These elemental stones are rich in minerals gathered deep in the earth's core; they contain a combination of 11 powerful elements, minerals & micro-minerals:

Iron, magnesium, pyroxine, olivine, amphibole and plagioclase feldspar, with small amounts of the minerals hornblende, biotite, mica, magnetite and quartz.
The red fire rock varies from a deep, rich red to bright orange in color. This type of stone starts out as lava, a pure molten fire deep within the earth. It transmutes into solid stone when molten lava is spewed into the air during volcanic eruptions. As the lava begins to cool, tiny pockets of gas trapped inside create air bubbles. These air filled bubbles burst and leave holes in the newborn stone; this process transmutes the element Fire into the element Earth.
Now the molten Fire has become a solid porous, light volcanic stone that possesses the primal energies of both Fire & Earth.


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Atlantis Fire Dragon stone ~The elemental stone of Fire & Earth by Victoria Lenning is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Iron Coated Sentinel Crystals~ from the Ouachita Mountains, USA

The gorgeous Golden Brown coat that covers the outer body of the Sentinel crystals comes about naturally from the iron rich deposits in the soil they are retrieved from. However this iron has not attached itself permanently. It could be taken off and removed with an Acid bath or vigorous scraping/scrubbing. Personally, I love the energy the Iron coat adds and I think the color is simply divine! These amazing Sentinels have put on this Iron Coat to ward off attacks and shield us from negative energy drains within any environment they are placed in; they are Iron clad soldiers, healers and protectors for the light workers of Earth!

The Sentinel crystal activates a frequency within our brain that begins a process of emotional and mental balance that can eliminate unjustified fear or anxiety of unknown people, places or situations. A calm confidence begins to take root, a new found awareness of strength, vital energy and courage is instilled deeply within the keeper. The Sentinel crystals also encourage a sense of playfulness when encountering Chaos or difficult challenges in life, allowing us to see opportunities instead of focusing on painful or difficult challenges.

The Sentinel crystal stimulates healing in areas where negative experiences have left emotional scars. This type of healing is necessary for the energy worker to maintain their own health. Holding one of these crystals or placing one over your yellow/ sacral chakra acts as a catalyst that immediately strengthens your entire energy field; emotional scarring is infused with crystalline light energy and begins to heal. Your entire being is infused with Vitality, Physical Stamina and endurance.

The frequency of the Sentinel crystals is like fuel for our brains that unleashes our greatest potential. Our minds are empowered to break free from the shackles that have kept our dreams from becoming reality. We are able to think more clearly with precise focus when needed, we are grounded in spiritual truth and anchored to the very core of our Earth Mother. They prompt us to explore and understand inter-dimensional worlds of reality; strengthening our ability to understand, transport and retrieve frequencies, movement and space-time information within many dimensions. Understanding the many realms of reality can help us become more grounded and feel more secure in our own dimension of reality.

The Golden Brown Iron Coated Sentinel crystals are Divine warriors and healers. I Placed one in a bowl of high Silica Sand and immediately the energy streaming from it become even more active, the sand amplified the frequency. I am loving these beautiful crystalline beings, I know you will too.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cave-Born Water Agates retrived over 40 years ago

A little history, these sacred stones were retrieved by a local Rock hounding club from a cave on private property in Northern Arkansas in the early 1970's. This lady told me she picked them up from the clay ground under and around stalactites that were hanging from the ceiling. Mineral rich Water dripping down the stalactites formed pools and splatters of water directly under and near them. Over thousands of years of exactly the same drips and splatter patterns, the mineral infused water gradually turned to a Silica-quartz rich agate stone that looks like little pools and splatters of water frozen in time.

I have never seen anything like them in all my years of collecting and working with the mineral kingdom. The frequency they emit is absolute, unspeakably PURE! They are a clear and open channel for connection into any realm the keeper focuses their conscious attention, even directly to the source of all. The ability to amp up, amplify any energy contained within the focused awareness or the physical and ethereal bodies is powerful.

Finally after weeks of waiting the time has come. Tonight I feel the Water stone on my desk begin to vibrate, I sense an intense light gently washing over me, like iridescent Angel wings of light folding and cradling me. I sit back and allow the frequency to completely engulf my consciousness…

 I wait… a soothing, vaguely familiar charge of energy running through me…

I am completely at ease, strong, peaceful and oh so much love… the frequency of love… absolute pure love is flowing through every cell within me. The sensation of being suspended in time and space, no movement, completely engulfed in the radiant energy of pure love… I am no longer waiting, I understand.

 I have no questions, I do not expect to see anyone; yet on a certain level I sense everyone, everything. I allow my awareness to expand, to experience my surroundings. Vibrant colors I cannot describe begin to surround me, I am aware of gentle pastel colors spiking around the edges of my awareness and flowing out into the…? Everything? Here I have trouble expressing what is happening, our vocabulary is lacking in words of pure divine expression. I feel a strength growing within me unlike anything I have ever felt before. I stretch my consciousness further and sense iridescent particles of light sparking from thoughts, creating ….something. Creating love, creating life, creating energy… whatever I am thinking, feeling I immediately sense its life force, the beginning stages of its birth. I don’t even question what is happening, it is all so natural, sooo….thats it! I am HOME, the original source of all things, before planets, before physical form, before solid anything this is the pure, ethereal plasma inundated with charged energy particles.

From this plasma intelligent photons of light are born, the precursor to the Kinetic energy particles of matter. I know this place, I feel this space, it is part of me, I am part of it, we are ALL born within this, the Quinta Essentia, the fifth essence~

... there is so much information.. I cannot even describe, there are no words. I have only begun to uncover the energy layers these sacred stones possess. I have done my best to translate the scenes, the emotions, the knowledge I relived through this journey. Even so, I am aware that I have fallen short of a pure and complete translation. I am certain each person that claims their sacred stone will uncover even more.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pictures of a few of the Crystals and Minerals that were rescued

A Sampling of some fo the VOD crystals I was able to retrive
This is a sampling of some the Crystalline beings I retrived this past weekend to give. The first two images are the sacred VOD crystals that were sending out beacons to be retrived, I am thrilled to have located them and brought them here. Today is all about sorting, washing, Sun/Moon rays, resting in Rose petals. They have been through a lot, the conditions they were being stored in was painful to see, the joy of finding them, almost overwhelming!
The sacred VOD crystals will be added to the website this week, if I have your name on a list I will notify you soon.
A Vod Cluster
From OLD stock Private Property Cave born Water Agates

 These amazing examples of purity were not retrived this weekend, they were retrived in May 2011 when I went to see the Dalia Lama.Their Blog information will be published soon.

Ouachita Iron coated quartz crystals

I fell in love with these Iron Coated soilders of protection from Ouachita Quartz Crystal mines, I knew I had to help them find their human keepers and families. While washing them with a soft brush and mild soap, I noticed the Iron coating lightened a bit on some of them, so I am SURE it could be removed in an acid bath. However I DO NOT have the stomach for placing crystals in acid and besides I think the color is gorgeous and the energy is strong, steady and secure!
A Ouachita cluster with the red Iron Clay stains
 I aquired a handful of these small Blue Lithium crystals from the Old Spanish mine

OLD STOCK from the now closed Old Spanish Mine

Beautiful formations from ouachita Mountains USA
A bunch of assorted minerals that begged to be rescued
Tampa Bay Coral with quartz Drusy

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Taking a Mini journey for crystal retrival

Just a quick note to let everyone know I will be on the road for a few days, I hear the call of the crystalline beings, wish me luck in this retrival mission. I will be back Sunday evening, the ebay store and website will be open for purchases but I will not be able to ship until Monday Aug 22 2011.

EDIT*** This is Monday 22 Aug 2011, The retrival quest was wonderful and a success, I did manage to locate some amazing crystalline beings and bring them here to the rest station while I prepare them for their next adventure, their journey home~ Today I am unpacking, sorting, bathing and pampering everyone, I will update the blog with progress reports and pictures.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Ancient & Pure energy of Tibetan Vod Quartz Crystals

Recently I was able to locate a collector that had several types of quartz crystals and minerals in her collection that really got my attention, she graciously allowed me to purchase some of them. As some of you already know, I was able to locate a few StarBirths and most all of them have found their way home by now. I also purchased some very unusual and rare cave born Water-Agates that were originally gathered back in the 1970’s from caves located in Northern Arkansas (more about these later). Also this beautiful lady had a small amount of the Monk retrieved ancient Vod Tibetans, some have Purple tops and streaks caused by lepidocrocite & Iron inclusions  some have a pinkish hue caused by Hematite & lepidocrocite and some have a blueish grey inclusion caused by Manganese & Shale inclusions. soooo…I had to have those as well. Now the first group of old Tibetans have signaled to me that they are ready to go home; I am making them available to their keepers this week.
 These ancient Tibetan crystals were hand-picked and gathered up by the Monks without tools. They made their way to an abandoned Quartz mine located a few kilometers from the Drapung Monastery. Drepung is the largest of all Tibetan monasteries and is located on the Gambo Utse Mountain, five kilometers from the western suburb of Lhasa. The Monks from Drepung brought the crystals to America in 1993, to raise money for their Monastery while touring shows like the Whole Life Expo. This formation of Quartz has not been found in any other location and I have not seen anything like them coming out of the Himalaya’s or anywhere else since then.
I felt compelled to take these Masters of energy into meditation and ask for a bit more information on them. As I centered my focus on the ancient cluster I felt a soothing, calming cool breeze across my face… and then BAM! My awareness was in another place and I saw the small being standing in front of me. He was maybe 3 ½ - 4 feet tall, skin was pale blue, his eyes were perfectly round & larger than ours, like round pools of space, This being was from somewhere that had a much heavier gravity than earth, his body was thinner and more elongated than ours. I felt such love and peace from this being, I was mesmerized! Then I heard tones almost like speech, but just tones, I must have appeared to be puzzled because then I heard a voice I could understand saying, ..give my words a moment before you try to understand, then the translation will occur for you. Ahhh, ok, please continue… and I heard the tones again….
I am Shan-vu, I and my people are from a planet we call Vod, you do not have a name for our world. We seeded these mountains with silicon seeds that are programmed to awaken when they find a compatible human electrical system. These are some of the most ancient ones we placed here, few have survived the clumsy excavators. It is our hope that humans will understand the information we have encoded within these life forms and use it to assist other humans in their evolution toward a peaceful society. Use these silicon connections to access our libraries of knowledge, our people will always assist if you ask. Our planet is getting very old, the day is not far when it will turn into a bright star; most of our societies are also advancing and evolving into pure light. Some of you on earth have incarnated on Vod previously and you will know my message as truth… For you, the words Bai-Nadi (Bah-ee naah-die, this is what it sounded like to me ) is your trigger; Bai-Nadi means your positive energy path or pathway that life force energy flows/travels on/within your physical bodies. We do not have exact words that match your understanding; those of you that have lived on Vod will immediately recognize this ancient word, for others it will not matter. Some Humans are preparing to evolve into light, wish to offer our assistance in the form of light energy if you so choose.
The Vod life force
Focus on the symbol of our home world z this symbol represents life force to us and repeat the words Bai-nadi and we will come to you.
The vison faded and I was back in 3D reality, I sat with these ancient beings and just absorbed their vast energies and knowledge.
Holding these old Tibetan Vod crystals are like communing with our sacred source, I have a difficult time even describing what I feel. They are ancient! They are awake! They are sending out beacons to their human families even as I type this, so if you have felt a crystal calling you recently but were unable to locate it, please have a look at my listings and see if one of these ancient beings belongs to you.

 These ancient crystalline beings emanate a radiant, purifying violet flame energy that purifies and activate their keepers ethereal DNA. They immediately begin to communicate with the heart and Mind of the keeper, bringing these two sometimes opposing factions into peaceful and spiritual harmony. They open a portal of communication with the Angelic realm and the ascended beings of light, bringing the energy of that divine being into this dimension and into your accessible space.
Astral projection and remote viewing abilities are strengthened; the aura and Ethereal fields are protected from negative energy sources during your inter-dimensional communications and travels.
 This is a stone that works with humanitarian efforts on a Universal scale, infusing healing energy into the keeper that can be consciously sent out into the planet and through the entire Universe for all beings to benefit from.

These ancient Tibetan crystals align us with the newly birthed energy frequencies that are now part of our reality. Their energy field promotes respect of the individual as well as the whole of humanity and creation. The frequency emanating from this crystal feels like touching the original source of creation; instilling a joy within the soul that dances to celestial tones, smiles and finds goodness everywhere and creates a thought process of optimistic hope and pure love!

These rare formations can instill a new found sense of physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuteness. They activate a balanced grounding between the first chakra and the Center of the Earth, providing a secure feeling of well-being on the physical plane, protecting the keeper from those here in the 3D world and those in the astral world who do not live in the light and do not understand the concept of pure love.

They charge up the auric field around their keeper while clearing unwelcome energy particles. This cleansing leaves the keeper with a refreshed and energized feeling within the mind and body. When this energy is re-directed by a Healer it can be used like a catalyst to promote a speedy healing within the physical body, encouraging the cells to repair themselves.

These magnificent beings create a cyclic flow of energy around and through their human family that activates and stabilizes the pure love Ray of the Heart Chakra. This energy surrounds the keeper with a loving, peaceful, harmonic field of Auric energy.

  This energy does not make the user more emotional as some pink light rays will do; they stabilize and strengthen the emotions and the heart, bringing clarity and understanding to issues that previously caused confusion. With clarity comes healing and forgiveness of those things in the past that may have become stumbling blocks to our growth. This form of healing makes us stronger, more willing to be open and accepted by others; the ancient Tibetans heal and open the emotional heart!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My updated Website

I want to thank everyone for their kind patience while I had the website down for maintence. It was time to install a shopping cart and give the site a smoother, cleaner look. I hope you will stop by and have a peek around and maybe give me some feedback if you have time. If you notice something is not working correctly, a link is broken or a page not opening correctly, please let me know so I can fix it right away. I have removed the mandatory sign in links, so also notify me know if you encounter a rouge password request or ..they should not be there anymore.

For all my ebay customers, remember you can add website items to your box as well, just let me know so I can help you with it.
If you have any questions, just shoot me off an email and thanks again for your kind understanding and patience,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

StarBirth Quartz Crystals..Update & New limited Supply

As many of you already know, I recently took a trip for spiritual regeneration. While I was in a specific area of the state I re-connected to the local Rock hounds Club and was astounded to find one member with a small collection of STARBIRTH crystals, I was floored! I asked if she had any information on the original location of recovery and this is what I was told….

“These crystals were recovered during a 30 year span between  1930’s and 1960 in an area of the Andes Mountain range known as the Valparaiso Region of central Chile, approximately 65 miles north of Santiago at elevations of about 4,000 ft above Sea level. They were uncovered during Gold mining excavations and tossed aside as having no value. There use to be many old hand dug pits in the area where minerals that were not being mined were tossed, if it did not relate to Gold or Silver or even Copper, the mineral was not considered valuable, Quartz crystals were not specifically mined, they just came out with the gold and most were tossed. These crystals came into my possession through a fellow collector that had gone to Chile and was personally escorted to the mines where he collected many specimens and shipped them home. I have had them in my collection since 1984; now I am looking to sell off some of these rocks to supplement my income.”

I was very happy to make a few purchases from this precious lady and now I have a little more information and a few more of these powerful and very limited Quartz crystals to offer.  

May and June have been very busy months and I have only now been able to take the time to work with these newly acquired powerhouses, in fact I felt their pull as soon as I got quiet this evening. I retrieved the packages I had purchased and began taking everyone from their box carefully unwrapping each one and laying it before me on the low table. It was not long before my hands were tingling so intensely I had to stop for a moment and ask them what was happening. I have worked with the StarBirths now off and on for 2 years and this frequency they were emitting was new! I selected 3 StarBirth Crystals of varying sizes and brought them to my meditation area. I felt I needed to light 2 candles to bring in the element of Fire during the meditation. I placed a fresh bowl of sand between the candles and added some Volcanic Ash dust to the top of the sand, then placed the 3 crystals in a standing position, this felt perfect. I had now recreated a similar feel to their homeland, a region of frequent volcanic activity.  I sat quietly and drew in several deep cleansing breaths connecting with the energy the StarBirths were emitting. Next I drew the frequency into my naval, pulling it up into my chest and exhaling the energy particles out through my mouth, creating a continuous cycle of life force energy between me and the crystals.

Suddenly the journey began, I felt the familiar tug between my physical body and ethereal consciousness.. the room became a distant place …like a long ago memory and my awareness was immediately focused on a warm and familiar scene… I could smell the sweet aroma of frankincense, pinon and myhrr resins, I saw the great pyramids in the distance… I was in ancient Egypt, standing in a sacred Temple. To my left, I saw stone steps leading up to a large flat platform with an elaborate Golden chair in the middle. Behind the Chair was a Hieroglyph with 3 symbols on it, a half circle in the top left area, a Star directly under the half circle and to the side on the right was a tall slender triangle. I was searching the room looking for clues on what brought me here when I felt a pure energy presence near me. I quickly turned and saw an oval shaped white light form coming towards me. Then I heard a voice so beautiful and warm I felt my heart radiating energy in response.. ” I am known in your legends as Ishtar, Nommo, Isis, Queen of the Nile, Goddess of Egypt, I have incarnated  many times on many worlds. You have been summoned into my Temple to receive a message and deliver it to my precious and brave Companions of light that currently reside on Earth.”

I was almost speechless, I could only reply…”I am honored to be your messenger”

Understand dear Sister that we are the same! You, me and all of our brothers and sisters of light that bravely volunteered to incarnate on the planet Earth during this Era, we are the SAME! Taking on a physical body causes us to forget some of our heritage, you must remember to seek deeply inside your memories, quiet your mental chatter and feel those of us who remained here in the realm of light, we are your anchor now. It is all of you who are working as leaders, healers, artists and writers that are on the front line now. Many of you are working completely alone on the physical plane, some of you have formed groups that support and encourage each other. I am reminding you to reconnect to us here in the light realms, we will guide and encourage you, we can send you light and strengthen you, allow us to help you! We cannot interfere without being asked, remember WHO you are and WHERE you came from, you are eternal Infinite light confined in a finite physical body!

I am guiding you to the locations of these precious crystalline beings, they are beyond ancient in age and are precious beings of light that we have used on many planets, not just Earth, there are only a relative few that have survived to this Era. Each one has spent time in our dimension of light being infused with the purest of light frequencies before being safely hidden in the sacred mountain range of Earth.

I know each of you personally and I have programmed your StarBirth to allow you to see your true self, in all of your radiant light! Some of you have several paths to walk, that is because you volunteered to take on more than one task during your limited life span on earth. Here in the light realms there are not many souls willing to return to the harsh physical realm of Earth. For this reason many of you brave ones took on multiple tasks that had to be completed during this phase of Earths regeneration. For those who are multiple task workers you will need more than one light realm infused StarBirth crystal to assist you as each one is programmed with a specific purpose and path. Once you activate your crystal you will be able to retrieve the encoded information within by sitting quietly with your StarBirth crystal, hold it closely to you between your Orange and Yellow Chakras this will allow the message/s to flow into your life energy field where the physical mind can retrieve it when it is ready.

We have infused and anchored an ethereal indigo light cord into these StarBirth crystals, this ethereal cord will unfurl when the human keeper downloads their spiritual and family information from the crystal. This Indigo cord will allow you to travel here to my Temple of Light and personal speak with your light family in this realm. We have found those of you that have already reconnected with us are walking their paths and completing their work with strength, determination, joy and purpose. Remember Children of light, WE are your brothers and Sisters and we are here to assist you from this realm, your true home, feel our embrace and our love, we have always been with you. Take these sacred tools and use them as Keys to unlock your memories, to set your heart and soul on the important work at hand and most important of all, to reconnect you to US your real family of light!”

I felt a tingle of energy surge through my ethereal body that seemed to grow larger by the second, suddenly I felt as though I were made completely of energy and light and it was the most peaceful, joyful moment I have ever experienced. As I was being drawn back into our physical world I glanced over at the precious being of light and saw a beautiful face filled with compassion and love smiling directly at me, my beautiful sister Isis was sending me back to Earth filled with her loving presence.