Thursday, August 25, 2011

Iron Coated Sentinel Crystals~ from the Ouachita Mountains, USA

The gorgeous Golden Brown coat that covers the outer body of the Sentinel crystals comes about naturally from the iron rich deposits in the soil they are retrieved from. However this iron has not attached itself permanently. It could be taken off and removed with an Acid bath or vigorous scraping/scrubbing. Personally, I love the energy the Iron coat adds and I think the color is simply divine! These amazing Sentinels have put on this Iron Coat to ward off attacks and shield us from negative energy drains within any environment they are placed in; they are Iron clad soldiers, healers and protectors for the light workers of Earth!

The Sentinel crystal activates a frequency within our brain that begins a process of emotional and mental balance that can eliminate unjustified fear or anxiety of unknown people, places or situations. A calm confidence begins to take root, a new found awareness of strength, vital energy and courage is instilled deeply within the keeper. The Sentinel crystals also encourage a sense of playfulness when encountering Chaos or difficult challenges in life, allowing us to see opportunities instead of focusing on painful or difficult challenges.

The Sentinel crystal stimulates healing in areas where negative experiences have left emotional scars. This type of healing is necessary for the energy worker to maintain their own health. Holding one of these crystals or placing one over your yellow/ sacral chakra acts as a catalyst that immediately strengthens your entire energy field; emotional scarring is infused with crystalline light energy and begins to heal. Your entire being is infused with Vitality, Physical Stamina and endurance.

The frequency of the Sentinel crystals is like fuel for our brains that unleashes our greatest potential. Our minds are empowered to break free from the shackles that have kept our dreams from becoming reality. We are able to think more clearly with precise focus when needed, we are grounded in spiritual truth and anchored to the very core of our Earth Mother. They prompt us to explore and understand inter-dimensional worlds of reality; strengthening our ability to understand, transport and retrieve frequencies, movement and space-time information within many dimensions. Understanding the many realms of reality can help us become more grounded and feel more secure in our own dimension of reality.

The Golden Brown Iron Coated Sentinel crystals are Divine warriors and healers. I Placed one in a bowl of high Silica Sand and immediately the energy streaming from it become even more active, the sand amplified the frequency. I am loving these beautiful crystalline beings, I know you will too.

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