Monday, August 22, 2011

Pictures of a few of the Crystals and Minerals that were rescued

A Sampling of some fo the VOD crystals I was able to retrive
This is a sampling of some the Crystalline beings I retrived this past weekend to give. The first two images are the sacred VOD crystals that were sending out beacons to be retrived, I am thrilled to have located them and brought them here. Today is all about sorting, washing, Sun/Moon rays, resting in Rose petals. They have been through a lot, the conditions they were being stored in was painful to see, the joy of finding them, almost overwhelming!
The sacred VOD crystals will be added to the website this week, if I have your name on a list I will notify you soon.
A Vod Cluster
From OLD stock Private Property Cave born Water Agates

 These amazing examples of purity were not retrived this weekend, they were retrived in May 2011 when I went to see the Dalia Lama.Their Blog information will be published soon.

Ouachita Iron coated quartz crystals

I fell in love with these Iron Coated soilders of protection from Ouachita Quartz Crystal mines, I knew I had to help them find their human keepers and families. While washing them with a soft brush and mild soap, I noticed the Iron coating lightened a bit on some of them, so I am SURE it could be removed in an acid bath. However I DO NOT have the stomach for placing crystals in acid and besides I think the color is gorgeous and the energy is strong, steady and secure!
A Ouachita cluster with the red Iron Clay stains
 I aquired a handful of these small Blue Lithium crystals from the Old Spanish mine

OLD STOCK from the now closed Old Spanish Mine

Beautiful formations from ouachita Mountains USA
A bunch of assorted minerals that begged to be rescued
Tampa Bay Coral with quartz Drusy

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