Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Solar Glyphs on the Lemurian Sol crystals

Many of the Lemurian Sol crystals have Etched Circle Glyphs or Solar Glyphs on their faces and body, Some of the Circles are Orb-like in appearence and some have a darker colored center creating a dot inside, like the symbol for Sun. This symbol is Sacred, Universal and Divine; it represents the infinite nature of energy; Scientist say Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change forms; like energy the circle is eternal.

The Lemurian Sol crystals that bear the mark of the Solar Glyphs carry the most ancient of the Lemurian records, those records that taught the Lemurians and assisted them in building their peaceful society, these carry the original records of the Pleiadian Star people. These records were studied inside the Temple of the Prophetess in Lemuria and preserved there for safe keeping. When the colonist were sent out, the Prophtess gathered her sacred records and took them to the new land, it is these records that were stored inside the crystalline seeds and marked with the Sacred Seal of Lemuria, the symbol for eternal energy the Solar Star, the circle.

If you are drawn to open one of these sacred repositories, be prepared for perhaps a life altering awareness to begin to settle within your mind. As you study and retrive the ancient records you begin to see the goal we as humans are striving to reach and your comprehension of spirit is amplified. It would be difficult to look at everyday life the same way after having viewed a glimpse of this gentle, advanced bio-technology based society. Many people think of Lemurians as just peaceful Dreamers that worked with nature and was very spiritual and ecology minded. Only those who remember, or have retrived the actual records of this society realize just how advanced these gentle people were. They did indeed love nature, because they understood the connection that all life forms have and they deeply respected that connection. Their tech was engineered in such a way that nature was included within it, all woven together so intimatly one could not be distinguished from the other. The Lemurians worked, played and lived with nature as part of every aspect of their lives, even their Spiritual studies were based in nature; holding sacred the interwoven network of all energy life forms. Their horticulture was infused with crystalline bio-technology, this is how they were able to engineer their spectacular Crystal flower gardens, and their amazing Aromatherapy gardens.
These are exciting tools to work with and I am honored to be able to assist in reuniting them with their Lemurian Keepers

Lemurian Sol Meditations & Information

I placed my Lemurian Sol Teacher crystal into its sand bed and began my meditation with it…. Below is the information I received:
I first perceived a gorgeous brilliant yellow star that completely encompassed my field of vision. I could hardly move my attention from it, it felt so warm and inviting I could feel all my muscles totally relaxing; much like lying on the beach and completely relaxing into the warmth of the sun on your skin. All stress completely dissolved from my body; my mind was alert and focused; I felt a click, like an unlocking of something deep within my memory.

My attention was drawn back to the beautiful yellow star, it was slowly spiraling in a clockwise circle, as I watched it seemed to be moving away from me, growing smaller and smaller, then I noticed a human figure was emerging behind it. It was only then that I realized I was looking at the amazing Solar Plexus of a human being. So THAT’S what a healthy, active Solar Plexus is supposed to look and feel like! Rarely have I equated the color yellow to relaxation, normally I feel it as Motivation and Energy for the physical body while helping the mind stay focused. I have a new respect for the yellow energy ray, when balanced and energized it creates a relaxed feeling that transcends the physical body, permeates the mind and reaches into our very soul. The Lemurians knew this; they knew the importance of keeping the third chakra in healthy balance. This chakra is the center of our strength, the root of our memories and the blueprint for a healthy body and mind; it is our own personal Central Sun.

The beautiful Lemurian Sol crystals light up our Yellow chakra and infuse the keeper with a nourishing, brilliant life force energy that radiates warmth, acceptance, and joy from the center of your being. It acts as a catalyst to remind you of the Lemurian Gift you brought with you this lifetime; all reincarnated Lemurians have carried within them a special, unique Gift they had in Lemuria. As a child there was most likely something that held your attention and brought you much happiness. For example with me, it was simply picking up yard Rocks and bringing them to my room, I loved them! I treated them like living beings, (much to my parent’s annoyance.) I believe this was an imprint within my soul memory, a trigger; my Key to help me realize my life work was to gather and work with crystals/stones/minerals.

To access your Lemurian Memories and/or align your yellow chakra you can use the meditation below or create one of your own:

Visualize yourself bathed in warm, golden sunlight. Lay back in a comfortable safe location where you will be undisturbed. Place the Lemurian Sol crystal upon the area of your third chakra, with the termination pointing up toward your head. Allow a few moments for the crystal to awaken and assess your chakra. You will feel a different energy when this happens, perhaps a cool breeze, or tingling sensation, added warmth or even a feeling of a lock opening, a click like I experience. This is when you will know the Lemurian Sol crystal and your chakra have aligned. Here you can decide if you want to unlock memories or simply infuse your chakra with this amazing life force energy. If you want to energize the Yellow chakra, simply remain in this warm and loving place, feeling the waves of yellow golden light wash over your body, then stop when you feel you have had enough.

If you want to unlock memories of your Lemurian Lifetimes or your unique Lemurian gift/talent, proceed with the visualization/meditation below; a Lemurian Guide who has volunteered to assist their incarnated friends will come to meet you:

In your minds eye, visualize your lemurian Sol crystal as a large Citrine Obelisk you are standing in front of. Notice your attention has been drawn to a shimmering oval area near the base of the crystal. Walk over to this area and see yourself entering the crystal through this ethereal gate. Once inside you will immediately enter a beautiful garden of the most incredible flowers, trees, and plants you have ever seen. There is a winding path through this garden for you to follow, slowly see yourself strolling along the path, stopping to look at any of the plants or flowers that intrigue you, enjoy the intoxicating aromas. With each step you begin to feel yourself relaxing more and more, dropping all stressful thoughts and embracing this piece of your Lemurian history; here is where you will wait until your Spirit Guide walks through the garden to visit with you.

When you see a golden white light approaching, walk up to your Spirit Guide like an old friend, you may instantly recognize them or it may take a few meditations before you remember who they are. Ask your guide for help in retrieving your memories and to show you the Lemurian gift or talent you brought to this lifetime.

Enjoy this visit as long as you feel comfortable, when you are ready to leave thank your old friend for their assistance and ask them to help you bring the memories from this visit into your conscious world. Walk back out through the shimmering gate and allow yourself to slowly refocus on your physical world. You may use this meditation as often as you like, the more you recreate the ancient gardens of Lemuria the more you will remember.

Some of the Lemurian Sol crystals come Etched with many Solar Glyphs...Some of the Etching are Orb like Circles, some are Circles with a dot in the center, the standard symbol for the Sun. These Solar Glyphs are found on the faces and body.
I will be posting what these Solar Glyphs mean very soon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lemurian Sol Quartz Crystals

I have just received a beautiful shipment of natural slender unpolished, uncut Citrine points. They are gathered by hand from a mine in Gough County, Australia. There have never been large deposits of Citrine found in this area; only small pockets are unearthed at a time. This form of Citrine looks nothing like most Citrine on the market, it is not shaped like an Amethyst tooth from a cluster or geode and it is not a heat treated orange- brown in color. These crystal points are shaped exactly like natural colorless quartz crystal points. They range from very pale Yellow to a deeper yellow with a slight green tint to a Smokey brown- yellow with phantoms; they are all completely natural, just the way they were recovered from the Earth.

These beautiful, powerful citrine points are Lemurian Sol crystals. They measure from about ½ inch to 1 ½ inches in length; They are a natural quartz crystal point with Ferric Iron inclusions creating the beautiful yellow citrine color, the Smokey Citrine ones contain a combination of Silicon Dioxide, Ferric Iron and Aluminum creating its mystical Smokey hue and the phantoms are most likely ancient decayed plant matter or Carbon inclusions. The way to recognize a Lemurian Sol is easy; it looks like a normal colorless, unpolished, uncut natural quartz crystal point with the citrine color or combination of Smokey and Citrine colors. Take a look at the pictures, if you see this rare formation you will know it is a Lemurian Sol crystal.

The Lemurian Sol crystals have a mission; to locate the reincarnated people of Lemuria by scanning and reading their unique Lemurian signature. This can be done through a person viewing the images of the crystals as well as actually holding the crystal. When you view an image or hold one of these crystals, consciously ask it to scan you; many times people are actually able to feel the crystal lock on or scan them, others just feel an immediate familiarity. After the crystal assesses whether or not you are a Lemurian, you will most likely react one of two ways, your interest in the crystal will start to diminish as wonder what attracted you to it in the first place… or you will feel like you have just connected with a part of your real Home. These crystals have much to teach us about healing, technology, spiritual evolution, writing, music, and painting and much more. All based on the records of the Lemurian Societies. Once they are unlocked by their keeper they begin emitting a unique encoded beacon, this resonance will have a rejuvenating affect on the keepers physical and ethereal bodies, allowing them to grow stronger, reclaim any lost personal power and start tapping into a treasured gift that will enrich their life path.

Why the name Lemurian Sol? The name is simple, they re-connect us with our Lemurian Past and activate our Sun chakra, Sol is the ancient word for our Sun. I felt the name Lemurian Sol was perfect for them.

Meditations and information from the Lemurian Sol Teacher crystal will be posted soon~

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Australia's Lemurian connection

My teacher crystal for the Australian Quartz is this gorgeous giant Data Pod I recieved a few weeks ago. Most Data pods are more or less about 1 inch tall, this one is 2 3/4 inches tall making it a giant among Data
The first info it wanted to give me was on the retrieving location, Australia. Now I know why the Lemurian Sprout Teacher crystal revealed its Lemurian on to discover more!

Quartz crystals from Australia

The name Australia is derived from the Latin word Australis, meaning southern. Legends of an "unknown land of the south" (terra Australis incognita) date back to Roman times but are not documented by any geographical knowledge of the continent. The first recorded use of the word was in 1625 in a small paper published by Samuel Purchas.

An Amazing combination of minerals is being recovered from the Australian Continent. Although this is the world’s smallest continent, it has been inhabited for well over 40,000 years by almost 250 different language groups and cultures. Human habitation of Australia is estimated to have begun between 42,000 - 48,000 years ago. It is believed that Lemuria broke apart about 26,000 years ago and Atlantis sank approximately 12,000 years ago.

My Australian Teacher Crystal tells me a group of colonist from Lemuria went to Terra Australis to preserve the lineage, culture and history of their people. Later a group of Atlantean colonist also went to Terra Australis, hoping to reunite with descendents of their Lemurian teachers and build a new Lemurian-Atlantis culture. By this time however the Lemurians had long ago locked away their secrets storing them in quartz crystalline seeds and planting the seeds in the mineral rich earth; the Atlantean colony never located the Lemurians and finally integrated into the local cultures. The original Lemurians knew a day would come where they could reincarnate and gain access through the quartz crystals to their societies records again. These wise ancient souls encoded the seeds with a specific Lemurian resonance to make it impossible for the casual user, curiosity seeker or person of negative intent to unlock their precious tools.

I am told by my beautiful teacher crystal that hundreds of thousands of Lemurians have indeed incarnated on this planet since 1900 and many are now ready to reclaim their records and step into the role they agreed to play in the dawning of our new world. I was also advised that only those people who have actually lived in the Lemurian culture will be able to recognize and unlock the ancient Lemurian records. Others may be drawn to them simply for their beauty or because just being near the pure crystalline frequency just makes them feel better, however, the crystal will not unlock its recorded information. What It will do for them is this; raise their vibratory rate, increase spontaneous acts of healing and act as a catalyst for a spiritual leap forward in their soul evolution.

The Quartz crystals being retrieved from this ancient continent are mainly being found by small private parties, the larger mining companies are for the most part, interested in the metal ores. While mining for these ores they are dredging up many of the ancient crystalline tools, or opening small pockets of them, making it easier for the ancient Lemurian tools to be gathered by hand. I have been fortunate and blessed to locate an honorable local couple thats loves fossicking (Rock hounding and collecting) and supplies me with all my carefully and lovingly hand recovered Australian-Lemurian tools.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Little Smokey Data Pods

The Little Pod crystals

The little Smokey Data Pods are recognized by their unusual size and shape, they sort of resemble a faceted bullet....  this is actually a Classic Muzo growth habit just like the original Lemurian Seed crystals. They also have the horizontal striations etched on their sides. All this leads me to think perhaps there is a Lemurian connection to these beauties.
They have chubby bottoms that taper into small pointy terminations, sometimes to an unusually steep point. Some of them are flat, they have the Pod shape, but instead of chubby, they are flat, like a bullet shaped Tabby, The flat ones have a completely different energy which I will explain below. Currently they are being found in creek beds in the Shires of Gough Co in Australia. These little crystalline Pods are natural Brown to Black Smokey quartz, (none are human irradiated, they are completely natural) and 90% of them are one inch or less in size. The curious thing about these little tools is that they are not pre-programmed with information, they are not connected to any particular lost civilization or star system. What they do is this; they lock onto and download random signals that contain information and transmit it back to you in the form of visions, ethereal sounds, and/or words. There ability is not limited by linear time or dimensions, their search for data seems to know no bounds. While holding one to my third eye, images began passing in front of my mind like flipping through images on a touch screen. I discovered that if I visually grabbed onto and focused on one image, then that is where the data pod would stop; then the image I held onto would expand. The Data Pod would then start downloading whatever information the signal from that image was emitting. The clarity of the images is astounding, words when used are clear, non-emotional, no inflection, but very clear! I have discovered that you can hold one of the data Pods to your third eye and consciously focus the energy toward something you want to know more about, images are returned to your minds eye rather quickly.

The flat Pods do not seem to grab onto random energy signals the way the chubby ones do, rather they seem to be energy amplifiers, hence forth referred to as Amplifier Pods. Place one of these under the base of another crystal and it will act like a super-charged battery, it increases the energy of the larger stone by at least three fold. To feel this yourself, take a quartz crystal of your choice, place it somewhere it will stand alone, prop it up or place in a container of sand so that it stands without your hand touching it. Then clear the palms of your hands by lightly rubbing them together. Then pass your open Palm over the tip of the crystals termination, you should feel a difference in the air space directly over the termination. It may feel cool, or tingly or just different. Notice how it feels, then place the flat Amplifier Pod crystal under the base of the larger crystal, again proping it so it stands alone. Now clear the palms of your hands again and pass them over the tip of the termination, you should feel a significant increase in the energy coming from the larger crystal. The Amplifier Pods increase the energy anywhere you consciously direct its use, it would be interesting to add this formation to a manifestation array and watch the results.