Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Message from the Dragons!

Tonight, 21 July 2012 at about 6 – 7 pm central time, I was listing dragon Jewels on the website when suddenly I felt an energy I had not experienced before! It was quick, and huge, as though the world had been turned upside down in the blink of an eye!

It left me stunned and unable to move for several minutes’, unsure of exactly what had happened I waited. Several more minutes passed and the feeling of impending despair lingered… I then called for my Dragon Guides.

Precious Lurra my Earth Dragon companion was immediately at my side, I felt tears burning my eyes; “Lurra what just happened!?! ….I asked.  Her face was somber and her eyes were filled with sadness as she spoke…  we have failed in our attempt to block the opening of the shadow portal. What you felt was a burst of chaos upon your world! Beings of darkness and chaotic energies now have an open doorway into your world; with only 5 months left in this epic battle we must remind our precious human family of light to be ever vigilant. Root yourself firmly in the Earths energies; bend like the willow when the Winds of chaos try to uproot you. Many unstable humans will lose their sane thinking processes, the shadows will feed off their chaotic energies. Learn to laugh when fear begins to creep near, sing when anxiety tries to take root, play uplifting music and dance when the thoughts try to turn negative.

 This is a battle that will be fought and won with one soul at time, stay strong, stay rooted in the knowledge of your truths, delight in every small happiness and joy. Allow your smile to spread kindness to everyone you encounter. These are the weapons of victory my dear family and friends!

We of the Dragon realm are doing battle on the ethereal plane alongside many of your strongest light workers that join us while their physical body is at rest; we are grateful for your assistance! Now we are calling ALL humans of the light to spread the energies of calmness and kindness everywhere you go! This may sound like a small silly thing to do, but I assure you it will not be an easy task to accomplish and it will bring many victories! You will need to recharge your energies daily and we will assist you as needed.
Arm yourselves with the energies of rooted peacefulness and joy; this will see you through the next 5 months of Chaos and Dark energy. Uplift each other and do not allow yourselves to be drawn into the “Drama” or personal Chaos traps, these are energy drains and small wins for the dark side. Use your Dragon anchors, pearls and jewels to protect and energize your environments. We are with your precious ones; we WILL win this war on Darkness!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Metaphysical properties and gifts of the Dragon Jewels

 Neon Blue Apatite color:
This jewel is in the Realm of the Water Dragons:

The energetic Blue color of this Dragon Jewel enhances manifestation of ideas/desires to reality and empowers the ability to get results. It also brings clarity of mind and expansion of insights, and is especially helpful when diligent study is needed to uncover the truth. This Jewel begins cleansing the Aura of cluttered energies as soon as it is held in your hand of preference. This cleansing brings a renewed sensation to the physical body as it balances the chakras and ethereal bodies bringing the keepers energy field into a balanced alignment.
 These gorgeous Neon Blue dragon jewels encourage communication and ease in social situations, a quality that makes it especially useful for autistic and autistic syndrome children and adults.
Used at a physical level  this is a good energy for those wishing to curb the excessive  appetites, simply carry your jewel with you all day to eliminate stumbling blocks and increase self-will and will also focus healing energy on the body’s nervous system, glands, meridians and internal organs.

 The Neon Blue Jewel can effectively work within the dream state to form solutions to perplexing problems. Those who are overemotional can benefit from from this Jewel’s ability to highlight logical solutions and induce calm states of mind.

Pink Rose color:
This Jewel is in the Realm of the Earth Dragons:

The Pink Rose Jewel emits a calm, peaceful energy that can be used to release negative attachments from all the heart chakra. Simply lay quietly with the Jewel resting over your heart Chakra, you will soon feel the energy as it penetrates through your aura and begins dissolving the unwelcome energy threads anchored there.
 The frequency of this Jewel is one that spiritually aligns the keeper’s ethereal field to the essence of pure loving light. This is an excellent Jewel for working through and healing emotional scars while instilling the gentle force of self-appreciation within the user.
Placing a Pink Rose Dragon Jewel within your environment stimulates the true life force of LOVE to radiate continuously within that space. When holding this sweet Jewel the entire frequency of unconditional love is stimulated, the vibration begins to purify the energy Aura, filling in any gaps or tears in the field with pure light energy. This is a very soothing and healing Dragon Jewel that radiates a powerful uplifting strength to its keeper.

Golden Sunlight Color:
This Jewel is in the realm of the Golden Dragons

The energy of this wonderful Dragon Jewel takes root in the Third chakra, activating, opening and energizing your Solar Plexus. Its frequency is directed toward personal power, regaining past life memories and focused, intelligent decisiveness. Carrying one of these jewels with you energizes  and enhances the physical mind and body; stimulating mental focus and endurance. The Golden Dragon Jewel infuses and illuminates the keepers aura with a positive pure light source, amplifying a sense of comfort and optimism that culminates in a happy disposition within the user.
Placing a Golden Dragon Jewel over the Solar Plexus Chakra activates an immediate response within the physical body. The keeper begins to feel a low vibrational frequency passing thru the body that increases the level of energy and focus you are able to maintain. You may feel like your teeth are tightening or your fingers, toes or lips may begin to tingle, even sinus areas open, this is the energy of the Golden Dragon Jewel passing through the cells of your physical body. The brain seems to light-up in response to this perfect frequency. These Jewels bring light to the darkest corners of the mind, dissolving the fundamental roots of fear and brings forth a Joyous laughter from deep within that feels like particles of golden light filling the entire emotional body.

Green Olivine color:
This Jewel is in the Realm of the Earth Dragons
This beautiful Peridot/Olivine colored Dragon Jewel belongs to the Healer! It is especially useful to assist in the regeneration of soft tissues and organs like the heart, gallbladder, lungs, thymus and intestinal track. Drinking water that has been infused with a properly cleansed Olivine hued Dragon Jewel can help strengthen the human eyesight.
Only spiritual focused and clear-minded humans should use this particular color of the dragon Jewel. If a human with too many earthly problems look at or hold this precious jewel they will see only a piece of lifeless glass. This type of human is not be able to understand the beauty or gifts of such a high frequency tool.

The Olivine Hued Jewel balances and regulates the cycles of life, whether it be emotional, spiritual or intellectual cycles. It provides a shield around its keeper’s bodies and should always be removed before any type of energy work is performed. The Dragons also recommend immediately replacing the Jewel on your body or near your presence to prevent outside influences from reappearing.

Iolite colored Dragon Jewel:
This Jewel is in the Realm of the Air Dragons

This color of Dragon Jewel is one of the best tools to use in intuitive and spiritual activities. Use it to open your frequency to latent psychic abilities, expand them. Balances and opens the Crown and 3rd eye chakras. This Iolite colored Jewel can bring clear visions that may include auditory senses, meditation becomes a deeper experience and lucid astral travel is now possible.
This Beautiful dragon Jewel is very helpful when dealing with addictions, including drugs and alcoholism, assisting the body to detoxify and maintain a sense of being fully present in the here.  It helps build and strengthen relationships of all kinds. Iolite
In the physical realm, iolite is used to help relieve headaches, heal sore throat, varicose veins, and blisters.

Iolite hued Dragon Jewels enhance self-confidence, self-awareness and self-responsibility, helping you to see what you need to see to learn the lesson that you need to learn from any given situation. Placing this jewel over the 6th chakra, your third eye activates a special energy frequency that gives you insight into issues that were almost too obvious for you to see before.

Accepting and working with this jewel takes inner strength and a complete willingness to walk your path of Destiny! It gives you the strength to accept the things you are responsible for; allowing you to realize it is time to fully walk in your own light and your own ability for compassion and love. When you have fully chosen to accept your path of Destiny this Jewel will with gift you with the knowledge of why YOU are on this planet at this very special time.

 Red Fire Garnet colored Dragon Jewel:
This Jewel is the realm of the Fire Dragons

These Red Garnet colored Dragon Jewels are for the Warrior! You know who you are! You have always known you would be called into the Epic battle of Light vs. dark, you are a Warrior of light dear soul and this is YOUR Dragon Jewel of light!
This Dragon Jewel gives you clear direction and is your talisman of safety on your spiritual journey and through your spiritual battles on all levels. Carrying this Jewel on your body or in close proximity will shed light into every dark corner the negative tries to hide itself in. You will be able to clearly see your enemy and its intention towards you; these jewels carry the spark of Divine Fire within their composition. They are not only beautiful to behold, they are comforting and strengthening to the Warrior. In these treacherous days and the coming ones ahead, it is imperative that our army of light be equipped and armed with their tools from the original source of light; we must all be ready to fight the dark forces of negative entities! The Red fire Jewel grows in strength the more it is held and worked with by its Dragon family member; these jewels know you, they are programmed to work with you!
When the dark forces attack your emotions, the powerful frequency of Divine Fire immediately sends a vibration from original source to purify and uplift thoughts while increasing personal strength, endurance, and personal power.
On the physical level, these jewels are helpful for cardiovascular problems and regulate internal rhythms, also helping to balance the blood pressure.

 Amethyst color Dragon Jewel
This Jewel is in the realm of the Water Dragons

The energy of this Dragon Jewel is both authoritive and calming; like taking the hand of an ancient and wise old Master, secure and peaceful. The Amethyst color Dragon Jewels encourage their keeper/family to trust in the process and flow of life, to adapt easily to sudden or un-nerving changes; knowing the universal Light is leading you where you should be. Laying down and placing this jewel over the crown Chakra creates a multi-dimensional connection to everything, everywhere, all realms feel connected and at one. Millions of tiny thin Ethereal silver threads spread outward from your body, touching and connecting with all forms of life on our planet. Then the threads seem to reach even farther, out into space and beyond. The longer the meditation the more multi-dimensional connections seem to be made. The feeling within yourself as this is occurring is complete and utter peacefulness; a true knowing and understanding that all creation has a consciousness and reacts to your touch; even the drops of water that form our rivers, lakes, and
oceans, change their formation when your consciousness touches them. The sky reacts, the trees acknowledge you, sending you the message that we are all of the same origin, created from the same universal source. You are able to draw strength from the whole of the universe and apply it to your daily life. The depth of complete love that you are able to feel and hold within yourself, is immense! This Dragon Jewel is truly an amplifier for the Source of creation, the experience is unmistakably Divine!

 Teal Turquoise color Hathor Dragon Jewel
These Jewels are in the realm of Hathor’s Dragons
Honestly, this is a new area for me as well, I am being taught by the most beautiful iridescent Teal Dragon I have ever seen! I am being told that like the Hathor Crystals from the Andes Mts of Argentina, these Jewels are directly connected to the Goddess Hathor of Ancient Egypt! Their gifts are much the same as her precious Crystals…The primary function of this Dragon Jewel is to radiate a frequency that can be consciously directed into areas that need positive energy, purifying light rays and/or health restored to them. The Hathor dragon Jewel activates and balances the Immune system, clears blockages, and releases negative emotions such as resentment, anger, guilt, anxiety… etc.
The healing ray that is emitted also dissolves ethereal attachments from uninvited outside sources (sycophants) that can drain you of personal strength and focused thought.

Turquoise is the color of the bodies Thymus energy Wheel, the Chakra that controls our immune systems health, it is the master color of healing. Even if the cause of discomfort is unknown you can still use a meditation that focuses on the healing light ray of turquoise, sending it throughout the body to aid in recovery where it is needed.
Hathor, the Celestial Egyptian Goddess, balances the masculine and feminine principles within us, teaching us how to use the original pattern of the sun and moons frequencies, the sun being the masculine vibration and the moon being the feminine vibration. When those two energies are in harmony we have a perfect balancing of the electro-magnetic fields of our own body. When these aspects are brought into compatible existence, a complete healing on all physical, emotional and ethereal levels can begin. Negative energies are dispelled and replaced by blue green Light rays that radiate from within the keeper. The Pineal and Pituitary glands are activated and balanced to their correct frequencies, bringing Intuitive and Psychic awareness to a new level. The Keepers natural Creation and Healing abilities are empowered and strengthened. The Teal Dragon Jewels bring an energy of vitality to the user while establishing a reservoir of energy that can be drawn upon whenever needed. This can be a powerful tool for those who have chosen Healing or Vision work as their Path of Destiny on Earth, acting as an anchor and energy source for you. A very empowering Dragon Jewel, they establish a Celestial Dragon link between the keeper and the Goddess Hathor.

Blue Sapphire colored Dragon Jewels
These jewels are in the realm of the Water dragons

The blue Sapphire Dragon Jewel is connected to and a protector of all water beings, teaching us to live freely with kindness, compassion and open hearts. This stone opens the throat chakra allowing the Keeper to speak with their truth with clarity and pride. It rids the mind of unwanted or detrimental thoughts replacing them with feelings of contentment and security. The sapphire dragon Jewel propels its keeper along a path of Destiny that leads them not only to financial success but also to spiritual fulfillment!
When you wear or keep this jewel in close proximity to your body, it will teach you to trust your instinct, follow your hunches and listen to your intuition; doing so will lead you along the path you have chosen to walk this lifetime.
The Blue Sapphire Dragon Jewel melds its energy with the wearer’s auric field, repairing holes or areas of energy leakage that can leave its keeper feeling drained and tired all of the time. This jewel also emits a frequency that dissolves feeling of Jealousy from others toward the keeper… it also allows its keeper to see the true beauty of themselves and the wonder of the gifts they have to offer. This awareness lets the keeper work freely in the realm of light without the baggage or insecure feeling that normally would drag them back into 3D Muddiness.

Icy Blue Topaz Colored Angel Dragon Jewels
This jewel is in the realm of the Air Dragons
The Icy Blue Topaz colored Dragon Jewel is connected to the Angelic realms! They create a frequency that opens a clear and strong link to the Angelic realm of light beings. You will be entrusted with the gift of “Calling forth the Light Beings” and requesting their assistance when needed. You may think everyone has this gift, let us remind you once again dear family… Many are called, but few are chosen! If you are drawn or called by this Dragon Jewel, then YOU are indeed a Chosen one! It is time to reclaim your abilities, reconnect to the realms of Angelic light, make your claim and tie your energy anchor to the precious beings of the Light. They ARE your family, your request of them are 10 times more powerful than the ordinary human, Stand in the light of the precious Angels, Know that you are a beautiful soul of light!

The Orange Flame colored Dragon Stones:
These Jewels are in the Realm of the Fire Dragons

This Dragon Jewel bestows confidence, divine boldness, motivation, decisive abilities, Self-preservation assertiveness and inner strength.
 It is the Dragons Jewel of spiritual passion that anchors in the Sacral Chakra helping you feel anchored and comfortable with your comfortable in the life you have chosen this time. This is a perfect Jewel for those still questioning what planet they are actually from, knowing that Earth is not their home world. It helps you to realize and establish a connection to your star families. You will be able to visit your home world during dream times when the physical body drops its barriers to ethereal travel.  Your memories will be returned  that allows you to see the reason you are here so that you can be at peace with your mission on this 3D world.
 The Orange Flame Dragon Jewel is one of the most powerful jewels for healing inner trauma, stress and emotional wounds that have accumulated in the etheric body or the Aura and are now manifesting as physical symptoms. The best way to see these results is to charge a bottle of pure Water with a thoroughly cleaned/scrubbed  Orange Fire Dragon stone. Drink the water for 3 days then stop! During this time you may experience a physical cleansing, discharging, eliminating and purging of toxic baggage. Allow this to happen, drawing the color and flames of the Dragon Jewel into your body and soul.
The Orange Flame Jewel can help ease sorrows and stablize the energies in the home. Physically, it can been used to heal sores, rejuvenate tissues and cells, rheumatism, kidney problems, gall stones, colds, pollen allergies, and neuralgia.

Green Emerald colored Dragon Jewels
These jewels are in the realm of the Earth Dragons

The Emerald Green dragon Jewel is very protective of its family, once physical contact is made between you and the jewel it will immediately set up a shield around you. This beauty then scans your physical and mental bodies for any demonic or dark entities that may be feeding off you or have attached an energy hook into you. If any are found you may feel a slight burning sensation as the hook is dissolved. Sometimes if there are many hooks you may want to work with this Dragon jewel a little at a time, resting and recharging between sessions.

One way to use this precious beings gift is to locate and remove hooks in innocent individuals that are being used by the dark entities for fuel and food. If the person is agreeable to a session, you can either have them lie down in a comfortable position or sit up, holding the stone in their hand of preference.  If there IS a hook attached to them they may suddenly change their mind about the session, this is the dark entity telling them the jewel has no power and they are being foolish! This is the evil ones way of stopping the session and protecting their fuel source. At this point you have to comply with their wishes, however, wait 5 seconds to remove the Jewel from their hand. This will allow the Dragons jewel to send a spark of Divine light into the humans body that will work its way into the hook and eventually dissolve it. Remember, only do this if you have been given permission in the beginning of the session when the human was in charge.

The Emerald color Dragon jewel offers the gift of regeneration and renewal, it instills emotional and spiritual balance within the heart and mind of the keeper.
This is the perfect jewel when you need to work on self-healing. Carrying one on your body, drinking an elixir created with a properly cleaned and scrubbed jewel or placing the jewel in close proximity to the physical body can act as a catalyst for your own healing.

Batch 3 of our precious Dragon Jewels have arrived!

I am sooo excited, yes there was a beautiful surprise in this box of batch three Dragon Jewels!
New and exciting colors have been released to us! I have been in meditation off and on for two days, I could not take down all of the information in one session. The Dragon guides have finally explained to us the gifts of each color Jewel we are being sent. I will posting this guide tonight :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

new Batch of Dragon Jewels

I have just learned that a new batch of the precious Dragon Jewels are on ther way to us! I am sooo excited, we should have them beginning of the week, I am thinking Tuesday and no later than Wednesday! I was also told to expect a couple of surprises so I am doubly excited...just had to share the good news :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jewels of the Golden Dragons

First Batch of our precious Dragon Jewels have arrived!
Jewels of the Golden Dragons
I was amazed at the amount of consummate pure energy emanating from the box. I could hardly contain myself, my hands were shaking, I had to consciously calm and steady my breaths. My excitement and joy was almost more than I could contain.  By now I am very familiar with the energy presence of my Dragon friends, I could feel them all hovering very near to me as I fumbled my way through the tape and packing paper…
 Whewww,  I am still reeling! I wanted to personally call each and every one of you and let you know the Dragon Jewels are finally here! I want to shout it from the rooftops ….LOL
This feels like a major victory for the light workers, there are more to come, but our first wave is here.
Our introduction to the Dragon Jewels from my last blog on the Golden Dragons…
….“One more thing before I go dear Victoria, you will discover in the box a single jewel, this is for you a gift from the golden dragons. Contact your human friend and tell him he sent you one of these. He will not remember doing so, however press him on this. He is a good human, a sympathizer of the ancient Dragon Code and he has been entrusted with our Golden Dragon Jewels. He regards them as “pretty” bits of glass he recovered from his fields over the years. These are not just pretty bits of glass… they are activators of the Dragon Light within your DNA code, stimulators of the human neocortex, they are infused with the energy of the Golden Dragons.  You must recover these and distribute them to their rightful owners, our human family of Dragon lights!
Once you have your Dragon Jewel you will have access to the healing power of the Dragon realm….
Holding a Dragon Jewel will allow you to work with healing energies in a new way. You can call to the frequency of crystals, minerals and metals directing them from the earth, up into and through your feet and lower chakras. You can then discharge this energy through your hands for physical healing purposes.
Or you may choose to call the celestial frequencies and draw them down into and through your higher chakras, discharging the frequency through your heart and eyes for emotional healing.”…
It is time for a new evolutionary leap within the human species; our Dragon jewel is the catalyst to begin your new journey forward!
These beautiful glass like Jewels are infused with the Dragon Signature of power, they radiate light energy and respond to their human keepers thoughts and emotions.
The Jewel of the golden Dragon stimulates the neo-cortex region of the human brain aligning the humans DNA and genetic map with the newly activated blueprint for evolution. This neo-cortex stimulation increases sensory perception, cognitive skills, memory, speech, and language. Humans with these new abilities will be the teachers, leaders and way showers of tomorrow, passing on their acquired knowledge to their students and their new genetic map to their offspring.
 The Dragon Jewels were brought forth through the Dragon realms 5th dimension into your 3rd dimension of reality. Upon their arrival they were scattered/buried in their current location for safe keeping. Now is the time to release them, to place them in the hands of their proper keepers, to empower our human families! The Dragons have returned to watch over, empower and protect both their human families and the precious Jewels. It is time to accept your full power, step into the light and reclaim our beautiful world and all of its innocent inhabitants. It is our time, our world and our Victory!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Golden Dragons of the 5th Element, their stones have arrived!

These ancient and noble golden yellow pebble stones were recovered from creek beds and streams near the ancient Serpent Mound in Ohio, USA. They are a sandstone formation with Limonite, sandy dolomite, anhydrite and/or gypsum, streaks of black organic shale/carbon inclusions with a concretion base of silica/quartz. This sweet being was formed during the Mississippian and Devonian period, approximately 490 Million to 443 Million Years Ago and occurs in creek beds near the Serpent Mound Impact Structure! These stones were gathered between 1998 and 2000 and have been stored in boxes ever since…(grimace face here)
When the Golden dragons left our world, they attached their ethereal energy signatures to these limonite sand and silica rich stones, planting them for safe keeping in the beds of local creeks around the sacred impact site of Serpents Mound until the Era of their return…  that time is NOW!
The last few days I have felt the immense Golden dragons, they are circling above us, positioning above our homes, preparing for reconnection with their Earth bound families. The energy is intensifying and the air feels charged with tiny particles of electricity. For the first time, I have felt the Dragons before the arrival of their energy stones, as several of you have also! These are powerful beings, very purposeful in all their actions; they have positioned themselves above the homes of their earth families.
FINALLY!!! Their stones have arrived…. I cannot tell if the box is weightless or I am being assisted by the dragons when I carry the box perhaps it is just my excitement… I can barely breathe as I open the box, the air the room suddenly feels like a crowd has gathered. I stopped for a moment to draw a deep breath, to calm and compose my energies. I felt a cool nudge on my right shoulder and reached over to pet my Cat who frequently joins me for the arrival of the new stones. Hmmm he isnt there… instead I feel a leathery, almost silken smooth skin…then nothing! I jerked my head around and caught a golden glint from the corner of my eye. Ohhhh my gosh the dragons are here! This is it! My heart was glowing with a warmth and love I find difficult to describe with human words. As I opened the box I felt a blast of energy hit my hands that traveled upward and through my mind and body very quickly. The energy was pleasant, almost like a feeling of complete connectedness, contentment fueled by power of light energy, like a warm sunbeam traveling through me. Sparkling, tingling, soothing energy, it was not unpleasant in any way.
 I continued removing the packing paper and the first one I saw was the ancient stone man. I let out a small sound of surprise and little giggle… I mean look at his picture… he is sweet, ancient and cute; I didn’t expect to see a man’s image/face inside the box. Then I think I saw him frown a bit and remembered this is a conscious being, but, why is he with the Dragon’s stones? I have never seen this happen before, curiously I lift this gentle man from the box and felt him request ….sunlight immediately, please! I was then shown a dark garage like room where they had been kept and the sadness this caused him. Quickly I took outside and placed him on a tree stump that receives full sunlight. Within minutes a sunbeam was falling across the ancient Stone man, I felt the joy returning to him. I ran inside to grab a bowl of water to wash off the stagnant energies. As I returned I felt a warmth glowing from this being. I cleaned him and allowed him to remain outside so the Sunshine could recharge and dry him perfectly. I had to ask, who are you? I am Eltron… I have been watcher and keeper of these stones for eons; For now, I am your Dragon stone! My heart soared with joy as I went back inside to welcome the rest of these precious beings.
As I opened the door I thought I heard movement, a shuffle or brush against something… I smiled knowing the sacred Golden Dragons were patiently awaiting my return. I heard my name called with an almost urgent tone… Victoria!
I am here… I replied as I sat down again…
 …”We have waited so long, reach your right hand out in front of you, I am right here!”
 As I reached my hand forward I physically felt the smooth skin of this majestic being. I felt the instant connection, my sight was clear touching the Dragon had given me their Dragon sight, I let out an involuntary gasp! … I can see you! I was immediately speechless, how do I describe beauty beyond our human words?
This being was not exactly solid, more like concentrated golden light particles that had the appearance of a mighty and gentle dragon. I was in complete AWE as I tried to comprehend who and what I was in the presence of.
You are.. a… light.. being! I stammered as I tried to talk, I could feel the power, the presence the energy, it was palpable, it was more real than the walls in my home! My awareness was split between two worlds, I knew I was sitting on my sofa, I knew I was in a field standing in front of a light being Dragon, a Golden Dragon of light, this all seemed very natural at the time. Then I heard his Commanding voice ring out…
…. I am Tira-thor, Golden Dragon of the 5th element! We are the last of the elemental Dragons that were assigned to this Earth Era. Your species are at the core of a battle between the energies of light and the entities of darkness! Your world is the prize. If light wins… Earth will evolve into a finer, higher frequency; She will become a place of peaceful residence for beings of light from all species. If Darkness wins, Mother Earth will die, but not without a fight! Her soul is courageous and brave and at her heart is a frequency of pure light energy! She will not allow herself to host a planet of darkness!
Many of you are already feeling the battle, experiencing the stumbling blocks, traps and pitfalls set for you by the dark soldiers. Their goal is to cause as many light workers as possible to give up hope, to lose faith, to embrace self-doubt and fear! These are emotional traps that humans too easily fall into; these traps will paralyze some of you and in the future you will drop out of the fight, too emotionally exhausted to continue! We of the Golden Dragon Light are here to fight alongside you, to empower you with our strength, our endurance, our healing abilities and our courage. The Golden Dragons are fighting with you and for you!
Victoria, your soul, your eternal spirit is Dragon light! Other Dragon Lights are drawn to read this information and feel its truth at the core of their memory! We are busy activating the souls of the ancient Dragon Code! Our Stones are key to this awakening! You will share with others how to activate our Golden Stones and receive their own infusion of our energies!
As each soul awakens they are often compelled to look upward into the sky, within their soul memory they know we are circling above them, they can sense us! We are quickening our family of Dragon Lights and calling them to action!
Even so dear Victoria, some humans will still question if their connection is real or imaginary, their inner knowing having been suppressed for too long! Post these Statements for each one to look within and ask if they have felt this way ….How many of these 10 statements have you felt deeply within your lifetime?

1.     You have always questioned what others simply accepted as truth

2.     You feel like you do not belong to this world, like you are outsider

3.     You have often thought of yourself as a lone Wolf on a solitary journey

4.     You have a hard time adjusting to the dense lower frequencies here, even walking can sometimes feel like trudging through thick mud that leaves you  exhausted

5.     You have always felt a deep longing to "go home", you may not recall where home is, only that you know it is not here!

6.     Food seems odd and often unpalatable and indigestible, often causing uncomfortable bloating, discomfort, and nausea. You remember being able to thrive on light alone

7.     You have a high number of restless, sleepless nights.

8.     You feel Power surges, cosmic frequencies that feel like shockwaves or electricity running through your legs or body

9.     You have always known there would come a day of ultimate Warfare when light would battle dark. No one taught you this; you have always felt it deep within your soul

10.  You have always known you have a mission to complete, a Destiny to fulfill! Even if you do not remember exactly what it is
If you have found 7 or more of these Statements are your own, you are a Dragon Light! If you resonate with only 5 or 6 of these statements you are most likely a sympathizer of the Dragon Code and a human warrior, welcome friend we can use your help!....”
My head was reeling, my mind racing, I have often felt all 10 of those statements… Precious Tira-thor, you have given me great hope for this perilous time, I can feel your strength, I can sense your sacred energies and yes, the battle you speak of, I have sensed my whole life! I realize without a doubt my eternal connection to the sacred Dragon realm. Is there a message for the other Dragon Lights that I can share here?
…Only this for our beloved family… Open your hearts and minds, feel our connection to you, we are at this moment circling above you as you read these words.
It is time to claim your stone, each one knows its keeper, and they have been infused with your own dragon soul DNA, your own ancient particles of light!
When you begin to work with your stone, first complete the meditation I have given Victoria, (see the end of this blog) then Cloak yourself in sacred light … call for your Golden Dragon, your ancient family member to come to you. Your Dragon teacher will come to you! He or She will help you awaken your memory for the next step of your Destiny. If you are unable to open enough to hear your message while the waking mind is alert, ask your Golden Dragon to visit you during your dream time, be prepared to write down your messages as soon as you awaken, keep a journal of your dreams and soon you will see your personal message take shape.
...One more thing before I go dear Victoria, you will discover in the box a single jewel, this is for you a gift from the golden dragons. Contact your human friend and tell him he sent you one of these. He will not remember doing so, however press him on this. He is a good human, a sympathizer of the ancient Dragon Code and he has been entrusted with our Golden Dragon Jewels. He regards them as “pretty” bits of glass he recovered from his fields over the years. These are not just pretty bits of glass… they are activators of the Dragon Light within your DNA code, stimulators of the human neocortex, they are infused with the energy of the Golden Dragons.  You must recover these and distribute them to their rightful owners, our human family of Dragon lights!
Once you have your Dragon Jewel you will have access to the healing power of the Dragon realm….
Holding the Dragon Jewel will allow you to work with healing energies in a new way. You can call to the frequency of crystals, minerals and metals directing them from the earth, up into and through your feet and lower chakras. You can then discharge this energy through your hands for physical healing purposes.
Or you may choose to call the celestial frequencies and draw them down into and through your higher chakras, discharging the frequency through your heart and eyes for emotional healing.
Thank you Tira-thor! I felt his energy withdraw from the room and immediately went to the box to locate my Golden Dragon Jewel J

Coming soon (fingers crossed)… the Jewel of the Golden Dragons!
 It is time for a new evolutionary leap within the human species; our Dragon jewel is the catalyst to begin your new journey forward!
The Jewel of the golden Dragon stimulates the neocortex region of the human brain aligning the humans DNA and genetic map with the newly activated blueprint for evolution. This neocortex stimulation increases sensory perception, cognitive skills, memory, speech, and language. A human with these new abilities will be the teachers, leaders and way showers of tomorrow, passing on their acquired knowledge to their students and their new genetic map to their offspring.
How to activate your stone and infuse your body with the Golden Dragon light particles:
When you receive your stone you should wash/bath it in clear water and mild soap, rinsing well. Then Place it/them in a sunny spot or a window to dry, this will let them absorb the frequencies of sunlight even if the Sun is not shining where you are.
After the stone is dry it is ready to work with you… hold your Golden Dragon Stone in a manner that is comfortable to you, I felt comfortable placing mine near my heart…  or surround yourself with several of your Golden Dragon Stones…
Visualize the golden light particles emanating and floating out of your golden dragon stones. Know that your body is a natural magnet for these light particles!
Visualize them swirling and dancing around you as they form a vortex of Golden light energy around your physical body! Now see the vortex spinning tighter and tighter around, take a deep, slow breath, inhaling the light particles and allowing them to enter into your physical body. Continue your meditation in this manner until you feel you have had enough for one day.
Remember this sudden infusion of light can cause dizziness and lack of focus for a few minutes, allow yourself to remain still for several minutes after this meditation. When you do start moving around, you may feel very thirsty or need to eliminate suddenly, this is very natural; as the body begins to hold more light it must eliminate unhealthy toxins.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Relevent info on Serpent Mound…
 Serpent Mound sits upon a slightly oblong crater created when a massive extraterrestrial object slammed into the Earth. For more info and pictures of this sacred effigy go here …

The head of the serpent dragon is aligned to the summer solstice sunset and the tails coils point to the winter solstice sunrise and the equinox sunrise. The body of Serpent Mound follows the pattern of the constellation Draco with the ancient Pole Star, Thuban at its geographical center within the first of seven coils from the head. It was discovered that lodestones and modern compasses give incorrect readings at this site.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Injured Dragon Pearls...

A few of our sacred Dragon Pearls arrived with broken ends, their little inner hearts exposed to the world. They are still emiting beacons, sending out energy searching for their families. The energy from these little injured ones is so precious and dear!

Friday, March 30, 2012

This is what all of the Gulf Coast is living with still, Thanks a lot BP!

This is an update, an informational Blog. I did not write this, yet I would like share this precious womans work here, her name is Laurel Lockamy. I have included a link to her story with pictures she took to back up what she is saying. It has been 2 years since the horrible gulf Oil disaster and our beaches are still teaming with death!
This is a quote her from story...
"People don’t know what’s going on down here,” Laurel says. “The oil is still here and things are still dying. BP likes to make all their pretty commercials about how everything’s fine. Well I’m still here too and it’s not. But I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing to show people what's really going on here.”
Please send all the light and healing energy you can spare for the precious water beings dying everyday in our gulf waters.
This is a link to her story...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Sacred Dragon Pearls have arrived!

Our Sacred Dragon Pearls are being recovered from ancient Eocene period of Volcanic Ryolite domes and lava ash flows in Piedra,Chubut in Patagonia, Argentin. The dragon Pearls are a nodule-like geological structure (lithophysae Nodules, rock bubbles) that formed inside vesicles (gas bubbles) in the rhyolitic lava flows. They contain a powerful mineral combination of Perlite, Anorthoclase, Selenite, Iron Oxide, LimoniteMagnetite, Sanidine, Biotite and basalt that formed inside gas bubbles of Ryolite Volcanic lava flows.  
The Patagonia area of Argentina was formed when pre–Ice Age glaciers punched jagged holes through the Andean Mountains cordillera, leaving a network of forested valleys and emerald lakes. This is the home of our Sacred Dragon Pearls, where they have been safely stored and protected for eons!

Finally I received my latest order from Brazil, I could hardly wait to open the box and inspect the lovely Pink Lemurian Scripts, Earths Stars and any other assorted stray crystals the locals may have retrieved from the washes and sold to my supplier. As I held this precious box in my hands I felt my four dragon Guardians appear in circle around me… Strange, I thought, I didn’t order any dragon stones this time, why are they here? No response from the Dragons… okayyy.. I took a deep breath not sure what to expect and started opening the box. As I lifted each flap of the box my hands began to tingle. Hmmm… I took out the first wrapped bundle of stones and saw a nice supply of Lemurian Script crystals..ohhh, how lovely! The air in the room was prickling with energy by now. I took out the next package which should be our beautiful Earth Star Crystals and noticed another bundle under the first two…What is this? I thought, I didn’t order anything else!?! As I reached into the box I felt a shock of energy run through my fingertips… the dragons were pressing closer to me now… what on Earth are you dragons up to? I lifted the last bundle out and started to rip the paper from it, it was an odd feel, not crystals at all, heavy, bumpy objects, ancient….what am I looking at!?! 

 Now the Dragons were so close I thought I felt their breath on my shoulders….. then I Gasped as I realized and recognized what I was holding…OH MY GODDESS, are you kidding me!!?! The Dragon Pearls! My entire body felt like it was floating, I felt almost giddy and the air was thick with charged energy. How, did these get into my box….

 It was dear Lurra, my Earth Dragon Guardian that stepped forward,
 Damia, focus your thoughts for few moments, allow us to activate and fully awaken these precious stones of our people.” All at once the Dragons let out a collective stream of energy that landed directly on the Ancient Dragon Pearls.

Full-screen Instantly I felt a beautiful peace wash over me, my heart was smiling. Then it felt as if the stones in my lap were shimmering, blinking in and out of my reality. I felt no desire to intervene; memories were rolling through my awareness, sweet beautiful memories of life with the Dragons.

Then I heard my original Mother/Teacher’s voice, Precious Akor was speaking…

Anaya, when we last took you on an ethereal journey, I asked you to remember your Dragon Code of Honor to embrace our teachings of all that is pure and holy? You have done as we instructed and now we have brought you the first round of Our Dragon Pearls. These first collections will go to a precious few our most advanced children/students, those who are awakening first!

 I will explain exactly what these are. The Dragon Pearls are pure containers of our knowledge, our culture, and our families’ linage. Every Dragon family, in every Solar System has created these sets of Dragon Pearls for their students to learn from. You may have many Dragon Pearls to reclaim, depending on the number of incarnations you have had in the Dragon realms. Some students may have only one or two, others may have one or two dozen. Every life time in the Dragon Realms will be recorded on these Dragon Pearls, along with the teachings and codes you acquired during that lifetime. These teachings will have a direct influence on the path you have chosen to live this lifetime on this planet. It is so very important that our beloved children regain control of their original families Pearls; they must awaken to their true origins and proudly walk in the ways of the Dragon Hearts! We have activated the ancient stones, they are as we speak sending out beacons to their family, those who are truly awakened Dragon Hearts will immediately recognize their families precious Pearls.

I felt my dear water Dragon Guardian Nawall come closer to me, he began to speak…”These are our instructions for working with your Family Dragon Pearls once you get them home. Immediately place them in the sacred bath, washing them and holding them infuses the Dragon Pearls with your energy frequency. This infusion attunes you to their energy signature allowing you to access the sacred records inside. The immersion into water is a sacred Dragon code ritual of awakening. Once the bath is complete create a special place they can rest for a few hours. After this they will be ready to open and reveal their information to you.

 The contents of your Dragon Pearls are completely personal to you; no two contain the same information. Once activated and attuned to their family member, they begin emitting a beacon that is recognized by all other Dragon Pearls. The pearls create an energy network of protection, strength and healing that any Dragon Heart can draw from. Each awakened stone lends its strength and energy to all the other awakened stones, this creates a powerful force for good on this planet!”
Patagonia, Argentina A land beloved by the Ancient Dragons
Now my Fire Dragon Guardian Aleeya is speaking…
The Fire Dragons have been protecting these sacred Pearls for thousands and thousands of years. Deep within the Calderas of the sacred Andes Mountains, we have awaited this day of awakening! Have no fear dear friend, the Dragon Pearls will find their way to you, we will see to it!

I am not sure I ever went totally into a journey meditation, I know I was completely blissed out during this transmission of information.  I hope each one of you that feels the call of these sacred stones will heed their beacon and bring them home. Our work is hastening, Space and Time are not playing by the rules (some of you know exactly what I mean) even the seasons are out of step with what we know as normal. A change is upon us and growing closer every moment, your path of accomplishment draws nearer and nearer. Do not doubt yourself, you will waste valuable time, KNOW who you are and start living your life in the manner you were meant to live it! If you are reading these words you were drawn here for a reason, you have a mission to complete, get busy, get serious and let’s do this! Let’s finish what we came here to do, to bring beauty and light and transformation to a world that has been shrouded in bleakness too long. To bring hope and healing to the wounded, to bring love and acceptance to those who have been shunned, to walk our chosen path with deep honor and respect for our fellow life forms, no matter who or what they may be! It is time to embrace your pure Dragon Heart! Reclaim your families Dragon pearls and know who you really are~
Piedra Parada Caldera, protection for the precious Dragon Pearls
*****************                                                                                          ******************
Just as an informational aside, I called my supplier in Brazil and asked about the stones he had sent to me that I had NOT ordered. I received a sincere apology and was told that a mistake had been made and he would gladly refund the money I was charged for them. I told him it was no mistake, I did not want to return them; I would actually like to order more of them if possible. He said he would check to see if more were available from his Argentina supplier and today I heard back from him, YES we have another batch on their way here now. J

The Dragon Pearls will be available exclusively on my website, they will not be posted on ebay~