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Phyllite Stone~ Energy Anchor for The Green Earth Dragons

I have recently acquired some beautiful stones from a private collector that were hand gathered from the Appalachian Mountain range, these stones are known as Phyllite and they are a silky, shimmery pale to dark green in color. Phyllite is from the scientific Latin word that means "leaf-stone”. It occurs in a gray or greenish stone with a silky Sheen that has metamorphosed somewhere between Slate and Mica Schist, all of the ones I have are of the varying shades of Chlorite Green. Phyllite’s silky sheen is caused by tiny grains of mica chlorite/ancient sea sediments, clay and quartz.

 This stone has nearly all of its original sedimentary structure erased, although some of its clay minerals persist. Further metamorphism will convert all of the clays into large grains of mica, quartz and feldspar. At that point, phyllite would become schist. Phyllite from this location has recently been determined to be older than the continent itself possibly as old as 1800 million years. Phyllite formed in the Earth’s crust before the Mountains were birthed, before Pangea broke apart. It is described as a silvery-green chlorite, quartz, sericite mica combination mineral…. or phyllite pronounced fil-ahyt.

Appalachian Mountains...
The Appalachians are old, really old mountains that formed during the formation of Pangea, before the continental drift occurred. Rocks exposed in today's Appalachian Mountains reveals elongated belts of folded marine sedimentary rocks, volcanic rocks and slivers of ancient ocean floor. There is strong evidence that these rocks were de-formed during plate collision. The birth of the Appalachian ranges, some 480 million years ago, marks the first of several mountain building plate collisions that culminated in the construction of the supercontinent Pangea with the Appalachians near the center of the super continent.

I knew there was something special about this stone as soon I opened the box they arrived in. Immediately I felt a wave of energy flow through me, something soooo very familiar about this energy. I rushed to hold one of these precious stones, to feel the connection deeper, to remember who this is! As soon as I held this magnificent being I instinctively drew her to my heart and thought, oh my I have missed you! Such a feeling of warmth flooded through my energy field, I knew instantly who this old friend was, how could I have forgotten!?! Precious ones, you’re Back! Oh my goodness, I had forgot, how could I have forgot? Yes, this is the sacred season of your return, I remember now! I knew some very ancient memories had just been unlocked… I felt relief, laughter and joy well up inside me as warm tears rolled down my checks...the Earth Guardian Dragons that resided in Lemuria have returned! I almost ran to my meditation area, my hands shaking with anticipation as I lit the sacred smoke of incense and settled in for my journey of enlightenment. I realized I was still clutching the sweet green stone to my heart, when suddenly I felt the familiar tug on my consciousness… I knew I had to sit down fast.

...I saw her radiant warm golden eyes first, then the glistening emerald green of her body scales began to emerge, I felt my ethereal body run to embrace her, Oh precious Lurra, how I have missed you! Her voice penetrated my awareness like a warm spring breeze….

"My old Friend Damia … As promised, the season of our return has arrived, We have anchored our energy frequency within these ancient stones of Lemuria."
Hmmm..Damia? why did you call me Damia? It’s me, Victoria…… awkward pause...I felt Lurra waiting for me to catch up.... Ohhhh, now I feel foolish… that was my name in Lemuria, so much is coming back to me, I had no idea how much I had forgotten.

"Damia, look deep into my eyes and you will see the memories you stored away for this day, you were meant to forget, however it is time now to awaken and remember."

I stood back and gazed into those beautiful large compassionate eyes...
…Oh Lurra! Memories were flooding my mind… I remember when you left our world and why! My heart felt like it was breaking, the pain Lurra’s kind had suffered at the hands of the invading humans, the Dragons had refused to fight back, they defended our city but refused to hurt the fragile, malicious humans. Memories were flooding my mind with sounds and images….

I heard my sweet Friend Lurra trying to comfort me from those long ago places, "….do not feel sadness Damia, We must leave your world now, the season of Lemuria’s peaceful light has ended, we can no longer hold the primitive earthlings from your land without breaking our own code of ethics. We will return to your world when the Season of light sweeps across the planet Earth once again. Place your hand on this Temple wall, feel the sacred energy running through this Green stone being. Remember this feeling Damia, remember the stone that was used to build all of Lemuria’s Sacred Temples. For now this stone will sleep, its energy must not fall into the hands of the primitives. When we return we will awaken these stone beings and once again infuse them with our energy frequency; Use this stone to contact us when the season of light has arrived!”

Everything was falling into place within my mind, my memories ,it all began to make sense now. So it is true, your era has arrived, have all the Dragons returned to Earth now?

“No… The Red Fire Dragons of Atlantis arrived first to calm the chaos energies, we, the Green Earth Dragons of Lemuria have arrived second to anchor the energy of light deep with the Earths heart. Soon the Blue Water Dragons will arrive. That is enough information for now Damia, you must write about how to use these stones for the few that will awaken and remember us. When a Lemurian brother or Sister holds this stone we will immediately be at their side. If they do not remember the name of their dragon Guardian, they may call on me Lurra, to their side and I will bring their dragon through to them."
My old friend, you have helped me remember a life that I treasure and was very sacred to me, thank you! Now, perhaps you can share with me how we can use the precious Star energy of your people to help us at this time. We certainly do not live in a Lemuria like country anymore and honestly, I do not feel the wave of light across our planet and sometimes I wonder if it will ever happen here.

“Damia… you are looking with human eyes and a human heart carrying its share of scars. From our perspective we can see much clearer than the human embodiment can at this time. The wave is fast approaching; it is at the edges of your galaxy as we speak. The first particles of this massive Wave of light will reach your planet near the end of your current year. The effect it will have on Earths inhabitants will manifest in many ways. For some the light will feel unpleasant and foreign, these are people who have not ever connected with the light stream, those whose souls do not originate in the source of light. They will feel out of control and threatened by an unseen force. They will call the precious light wave, Evil and dark. In truth, the Darkness is from within their own hearts where no light particle has ever taken root. Be aware of these souls, they can be dangerous in their ignorance; it is just this type of soul that attacked Lemuria so long ago.
For others the wave will feel like an old friend has finally come home! The incarnated Light beings will immerse themselves in the radiant energy of the wave and they will grow strong as memories begin to return to their conscious mind. They will become aware of their own divinity and their purpose for returning to Earth at this time. Damia, it is a beautiful and sacred time to be on this planet, many Star Nations are involved and understand the importance of this little world, at just this time in galactic history, you will soon understand."
I trust your wisdom Lurra, you have always understood so much more than I do, please, before you go.. will you share with us how to use these beautiful stones to help our earth and ourselves?

"Damia…I will always be near you now. Sit down at your desk and record this information …On a plantary scale, these Lemuria Temple Stones are the green heart of your planet and the anchor of our Star energies. They must be placed with their keepers throughout the places of Earth like a grid. This stone will not call to everyone, many will find it plain and unappealing, that is how it is suppose to be! Only the incarnated ancient ones will recognize its signature frequency and bring it home to work with. Those are our beloved Lemurian citizens that have volunteered to help us bring the light to this world. These stones are powerful beacons and anchors of our energies, placing one in your home will immediately provide a receptacle and anchor for the light particles to gather in and attach themselves to.
This accumulation of the sacred light will provide a fountain for you to recharge and purify your own energies anytime you feel led to do so. Place your stone on a table or shelf as the main energy piece in that spot. You could place it in a bowl of sand, seashells, tiny pebbles or any natural earth objects that you feel drawn to use to make it stronger, or simply lay it flat on the table. As soon as you have established the place of honor for your Stone, a shield of white light will surround your dwelling that reflects all dark particles back to their creators and anchors. This can be of great value to the light worker, as it repels those who wish to strengthen themselves by feeding off your energy field.

Every day you should visit the stone at least once, holding your hands, palms open, above the stone. Feel the gentle waves of light hit your palms as it enters your body and ethereal energy fields.
You may infuse as much or as little of the light as you feel comfortable taking in. This infusion of energy will begin manifesting in your life and dream state, memories will begin to open for you, and communication between realities may become easier for you. Working with our stone energies will strengthen all light souls and propel you forward on your chosen path of destiny.
All further instructions will be of a personal nature to each light worker, if there is more for them to learn they will receive it directly from their dragon Guardian."

At that moment I saw a burst of golden Emerald light and the communication was broken. I can still feel the energy of my precious dragon friend near me all the time now. Below is a summary of this meditation and this stones energy gifts.

The second of our primal Element Stones, Phyllite is a gift from Ancient Earth and is extremely protective of its keepers; this is the stone the Green Earth Dragons of Lemuria have chosen as an anchor for their energies. Many legends have depicted Dragons as evil and aggressive, this is simply not true! They are a peaceful race of intelligent beings from an ancient planet located in our Andromeda region of the Universe. This stone seems to open a connection, a channel of communication with the Dragon people. It also offers us a way to gather and hold more light within our physical bodies, allowing us to strengthen our ethereal bodies of light. I believe that when our light bodies are stronger we are happier, healthier and more in tune with our spiritual paths. If you feel the call to bring one of these stones into your home to work with, you are remembering your roots as an ancient Lemurian and your vow to help anchor the light of the new era on our world! (((Energy Hugggzzz)))… to all my ancient family and friends of Lemuria
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Phyllite Stone~ Energy Anchor for The Green Earth Dragons by Victoria Lenning is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Golden Topaz Scalar StarGate Pendants

Activates the untapped energy portals within our minds...
These beautiful Golden Pendants were created using a mixture of Scared earth/sand/clay/seeds (from Ancient sites like Sedona AZ, Sacred Land in Sao Paulo, Brazil , Crop circles, The Andes Mts, a Bodhi tree… ect), silk threads infused with pure light energy, precious metals, a copper Spiral and tiny grains of stone from a Meteorite (the stars) and more.

 The Golden Topaz pendants have tapped into a Quantum energy wave connected directly to our brains electro-magnetic Beta waves, I feel this is the brains personal Stargate or portal to all realities.  As I held the first pendant and gazed into its blanket of Golden sparkles I noticed my mind felt like it was “lighting up” like someone had turned on a light switch in a dark room. Wow, this is certainly different than my usual response to the Scalar energy waves! I decided to go ahead and focus my awareness into the pendant and learn what I could about its gifts.

As I gazed into the golden background I noticed that many of the pale and yellow minerals I had included had melded completely with the Golden yellow background. So complete was their fusion I could not locate several of the items I had included, there seemed to be no separation, no difference in stones, resins or seeds they had all fused into one visible, sparkling reality. I was sort of lost in this world of beauty, searching for the different sacred items when I realized I was now surrounded by a sparkling Golden mist. My awareness had leaped beyond my 3D world of reality; I had crossed into another dimension of space/time. I didn’t feel like I was standing on anything solid, I felt as though I was part of the mist… them I thought…Am I inside the pendant!?! …

I heard a voice that seemed to come from all directions at once; it was neither male nor female… “No… your creation has tapped into our reality and brought your conscious awareness here, your perception of reality has shifted; The mist you are experiencing is the quantum light photons your electromagnetic energy field has attached to.“

My mind was racing, my questions and thoughts spiraling ….Where is here? What dimension am I sharing? Who is this talking to me?... ok.. Remember to be calm I kept telling myself as the questions kept popping into my brain. Shhhh, stop all the chatter brain! ….Why can’t I calm my mind?... I felt the pendant in my hand and squeezed it tight, I instinctively raised my hand and placed the pendant over my breastbone at the Thymus area of my chest. Instantly my mind was clear and focused, the brain chatter stopped! I heard the voice begin to speak again…

…“You came here through your own power, you wanted answers, focused your mind on that desire, created a tool that would amplify your brain waves and then used that tool to discover my world, why do you have so many questions, what did you expect would happen?”

Hmmm, now this is new turn of events, I am being asked questions… No! …No! I am the one asking questions here, just who are you …and where am I?

I heard laughter in response to my annoyance, which just made me more annoyed actually, ..if you are not going to help me then I am leaving! Ok, I know.. not very spiritual of me but really, this is supposed to be a journey meditation where I learn stuff, not a bus stop conversation…geeezh

…”Go ahead and leave, the voice continued…no one is making you stay here …and my name is Aria.”…

I found myself apologizing…… I’m sorry…  Aria; I shouldn’t have been so rude. Obviously my awareness is focused here so that I can learn, will you please help me?

The voice, Aria was laughing again! ….What was so darn funny anyway!?!

…”Yes, I’ll help you, now it is my turn to apologize, I am not laughing AT you, I am amused that you have not yet realized the answers to your questions …your conscious awareness attached to into an inter-dimensional photon wave of light that brought part of your awareness into my time/reality stream. In my world the multiverse and its many dimensional realities are common knowledge. Energy Photons bind us all together, binds everything together, that golden mist you are seeing is pure light particles. Your Beta Brain waves have created the link that allowed you to make this leap in conscious awareness. The tool you created was the catalyst that ignited your brain waves. You will not be able to stay here long; soon your 3D world will be pulling your conscious awareness back. Remember, it is the Beta Brain waves that power your focus and you will understand wh…..” the voice was becoming fainter and fainter and then it was gone. I was back in my room holding the pendant and feeling a little light headed, no pun intended…lol.

 Immediately I began researching Beta Brain waves, Electric fields and Thymus connections… what I discovered is this:

There is a network of Nerve fibers connected to the Thymus gland; these nerve fibers are connected to the brain through the central Nervous system. The Thymus Gland is part of the endocrine System which is connected to the central nervous system by a network of nerve fibers, these nerves are controlled by the pituitary gland in the brain and ….Voila! There is the connection!

A little background on Beta Waves and our Electromagnetic field…

Our brains are composed of a tight network of nerve cells, all interacting with one another and generating an electrical field. This electric field is detectable using common medical equipment. Not only our brain, but our entire body has an electric field. Anywhere there's a nerve cell, there's electricity, and the electrical waves are amplified within and around our brains because that's where the bulk of our nerve cells are. Any time you've felt the shocking tingle of static electricity, or used a touch-sensitive screen, you've proven that you have an electro-magnetic field.

Using your Beta Brainwaves to Create Reality…

When beta brainwaves are operating at a high level, in addition to increased writing ability and IQ, you will become more energetic, enthusiastic, focused, goal oriented, motivated, quick thinking and socially interactive. The frequency energy and positive mood experienced by high levels of beta brainwaves are the catalyst to creating the reality you want to live in. The light seen coming from a star and the energy of your mind are one and the same frequency.

This is the frequency or Electromagnetic field that thoughts are formed/born into. The thoughts that race through your mind create measurable palpations in your personal field of energy. The thoughts you are thinking right now, the words your mind is processing as you read this, are all electrical points of energy… thoughts are energy, everything in the universe is made up of tiny energy photons. The difference between random energy photons and the ones generated by our brain waves is that our human energy has Conscious awareness to power its direction.  By using the highly coherent frequencies of our focused thoughts, we can choose the reality we want our energy waves to meld and merge into… creating a new reality! We can affect and influence the randomness of chaos instead of it always affecting us. Our minds are transceivers, able to receive and send signals into the vacuum of quantum space where all particles have a probability of appearing within our reality.

The stronger our beta brain wave function, the more focused our consciousness becomes creating a higher frequency within our minds. Your focused, conscious awareness is what makes your reality what it is and what it will continue to be. If you desire to make a change, declare and fix your intention within your mind. Next, align your behavior with your intent to reach your desired path. Then… drop it!...  detach your thoughts and emotional concerns from the desired goal and allow the universe to handle the details.

Wearing the Golden Topaz energy pendants just above or over the Thymus area creates the perfect energy waves to help us accomplish both our personal goals and the goals of our spiritual path. The fusion of ancient energies emitted by these sacred tools can empower our minds with the ability to make the changes we want to be and the ones we want to live in. As with the other two Scalar wave pendants, I am certain everyone will feel the energies differently; We all have a unique energy signature and will experience the waves as our own personal journey experience.

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Newly arrived Fire Dragon Stones... Sunning themselves :)

Newly arrived Large Atlantis Fire Dragon Stones sunning themsleves
 in the warm Louisiana Sunshine
I am soooo thrilled to welcome this new batch of Atlantis Fire dragon stones!!! I was amazed to see the size of them, most are between 5 inches and 11 inches with a small amount of petite Atlantis Fire Dragon stones.

I have posted a couple of pictures here so you can see the difference in the new size and the smaller petite size I recieved before. The Petite Dragon Stones are awesome, no doubt about it! The larger ones are simply put... Magnificent! The energy stream is sooooo strong and so alive, it is difficult to properly convey in written words, I adore them and I know you will too~
I will adding some of these to the website at and some of them to ebay~