Monday, March 14, 2011

Black Tourmaline with Mica crystal ~ Protection minerals

I think with the current world situation it is time to break out our Black tourmaline and put it to work! I have created small grid cups for each corner of my home with high silica sand in the bottom of a small glass sand bed and a Black Tourmaline crystal standing in the sand. I also have a piece sitting at my desk all the time.

The Black Tourmaline crystals are highly piezoelectric and pyroelectric and are rich in sodium iron minerals. These crystals act to protect the keeper from being victimized by the negative energy attacks of another. They protect against, and repel all forms of negativity.
When carried or worn on the body, they create a shield around their keeper that deflects energy; this makes it an excellent stone for anyone whose work or life increases their potential for excessive exposure to radiation.

The Black Tourmaline with Mica increases physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuteness. It spontaneously activates a grounding connection between the first chakra and the core of Mother Earth. This is a Stone of Protection, emitting a vibratory frequency that surrounds the keeper’s energy space. The energy shield created by Black Tourmaline and mica blocks negative or exhausting intrusions into your personal space. It is also an excellent stone for those working in multiple dimensions; protecting the light being from dark entities that walk between realms. The Dark entities are attracted to the light bearers like a moth to a flame and can be a disturbing nuisance when doing inter-dimensional work…. (Those beings were not born in the light and do not understand the pure Love of our original Source!)

This mineral combination instills a feeling of being cradled in the arms of Mother Earth, and feeling the security and wisdom of all the life forms that dwell within her realm. This amplifies the vibratory frequency of the keeper and enhances all intuitive abilities. This stone emits an energy that gives the keeper a feeling of being refreshed and energized. It guides the keeper on the Divine path of Light, Hope and acceptance. Tension and anxiety are dissolved, replacing those emotions with positive self awareness that leads to balanced confidence.

In healing work, Black Tourmaline protects the bodies electrical cells and stimulates the nervous system of the spine, this stimulation can encourage healing of minor back ailments. The Black Tourmaline and mica mineral combination is also very useful in the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks. When worn around the neck or carried on the body it can be helpful to deflect minor radiation energy from cell phones, computer monitors and even the environment.

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Pyroelectricity is the ability of certain materials to generate a temporary voltage when they are heated or cooled.

The word piezoelectricity means electricity resulting from pressure. Piezoelectricity is the charge which accumulates in certain solid materials like Crystals and biological matter such as bone and DNA in response to applied pressure.

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  1. Hi Victoria,
    I recently (re)discovered a fabulous stone, the Shungite. Have you heard about it ? Twenty years ago a friend of mine, coming back from Africa, told me the magic of this stone.
    I hope you will enlighten us on this topic.
    Joel, Phuket