Sunday, November 28, 2010

Golden Lemurian Sol Crystals from Brazil~

I have recently received a new collection of natural unpolished, uncut, Citrine quartz crystal points from Minas Gerais, Brazil. These beautiful crystals are sometimes referred to as Citrine Cathedrals because of their many faces and sometimes multiple terminations that resemble the towers of a Cathedral. However as the Australian natural citrines taught us, these are actually Lemurian Sol crystals! The ones from Brazil are distinguished from the Australian Lemurian Sols by their size, shape and natural golden glisten, they will be known as the Golden Lemurian Sol crystals, and they are connected to the Lemurian colonist that settled in the ancient lands of what is now known as South America.The way to recognize a Golden Lemurian Sol is easy; it resembles a normal colorless, unpolished, uncut natural quartz crystal cathedral formation, however the color ranges from an almost pristine clear with golden hints, to a deeper muted golden yellow. The Lemurian Sols, no matter where on Earth they were recovered from, are completely natural, just the way they were reclaimed from the Earth.

All Lemurian Sol crystals have a mission; to locate the reincarnated people of Lemuria by scanning and reading their unique Lemurian signature. This can be done through a person viewing the images of the crystals as well as actually holding the crystal. When you view an image or hold one of these crystals, consciously ask it to scan you; many times people are actually able to feel the crystal lock on or scan them, others just feel an immediate familiarity. After the crystal assesses whether or not you are a Lemurian, you will most likely react one of two ways, your interest in the crystal will start to diminish as you wonder what attracted you to it in the first place… or you will feel like you have just connected with a part of your real Home. These crystals have so much to teach us about healing, technology, spiritual evolution, the Arts, such as writing, music, painting and much more. All based on the records of the Lemurian Societies. Once they are unlocked by their keeper they begin emitting a unique encoded beacon, this resonance will have a rejuvenating affect on the keepers physical and ethereal bodies, allowing them to grow stronger, reclaim any lost personal power and start tapping into a treasured gift that will enrich their life path.

Click this link to read my complete journey with the original Lemurian Sol crystals:

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