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Egyptian Wands of Heka~ A Sacred Chalice for the Primordial Force

The Crystals I have received are being recovered from the highlands of Chapada Diamantina, a plateau that runs directionally north and south with high concentrations of quartz /quartzite; this plateau is located east of Salvador in central Bahia, Brazil; the area is known as the Serra da Mangabeira.

The Heka wand quartz crystal is recognized as a long slender crystal displaying a silky sheen almost like a satin matte finish with horizontal striation lines on one or more sides, these striations can be very lightly etched or deep and prominent. Most Heka Wands are shaped like straight rods, some taper from a wider base to a narrow termination, creating the Laser Wand formation as well. Often the faces tend to be small, having formed in more of a Muzo habit growth pattern, similar to the original Lemurian Seed Crystals.

This is my Journey with the ancient Heka wands~
When I asked for my Teacher crystal from this energetic batch of new crystalline beings, I immediately sensed an ancient presence. I reached my hand out to pick up a crystal without even looking or consciously knowing which one. As soon as my hand touched it, I knew I was in for a visual journey. Feeling the familiar lightheaded sensation, I sat down. I was not exactly dizzy; just very light headed and unfocused, my awareness no longer bound to the physical world.

I was not sure where my conscious awareness was being taken, still sensing the presence of something ancient, I knew I needed to focus. I wanted to gain information about these beautiful crystals and the ancient something I had sensed present was not yet visible nor was it making any sounds; the silence was intense. I was not alarmed though, in fact I felt strangely comforted, trying to focus on something, anything at all and then realized there was nothing for my senses to focus on, it was completely devoid of …everything? I had never been here before, there was always something to catch my attention, my mind began to spiral…. That’s when I realized I needed to stop the mental chatter of my thoughts, my questions and just Be, was that my idea? Or had the thought come from outside of me? Stop! Quiet! Experience!... ok that was not my own thoughts…. relax… experience…sense this ancient place of Before!

I was not accustomed to seeing nothing during these meditation/journeys and I admit it was throwing me off a bit. Then I heard/sensed a voice telling me to….” Expand your life force, feel with your senses” I became mentally quiet, calming my curiosity I began to sense my awareness expand instantly, just by thinking it.

I became centered within my awareness, very peaceful, like a gentle floating sensation, I was attached to nothing yet suddenly connected to everything. I felt a deep inner peace, contentment, my awareness became hyper sensitive. I sensed tiny particles of light being born into existence; dazzling colors with hues I could not identify. One tiny particle drew my awareness, pulled my consciousness so close it felt like I was the particle of light, my energy was flowing in pulses, then radiating in waves, then burst of energy exploded within me and I was looking at the particle of light growing and becoming a star, it was so beautiful! I was completely mesmerized; I forgot everything else, I was not even aware of being on a journey. There was just this particle of shimmering radiant light; actually there were billions of the tiny particles of light. All transforming into stars, planets, galaxies; the entire Universe was coalescing around me. WOW… my awareness seemed infinite in size.

Instantly I again became aware of the ancient something. Had this being been beside me all along? Who are you? What are you showing me? Then an image of the crystals wands came into my awareness…what could they possibly have to do with all of this, the birth of the Cosmos….. That’s when the ancient one appeared, a spiral of golden green particles of light, images of a man, a baboon, a bird, the sphinx then a voice again… I am Thoth (sounded like ...Tote) the stone in your hand is a chalice that fills with this sacred substance of life; it is the Heka wand I created in Atlantis and brought to Egypt. (I suddenly saw the teacher stone I had been holding in my hand in the 3-D world)
The energy of Thoth begin to solidify into a human form directly in front of me, a tall man with shoulder length straight black hair, golden skin, a striking face, he appeared to be in his mid thirties maybe; I was stunned! You are seeing a blend of my human form, he reached his golden hand out as if to take the crystal, instead he touched the tip of the crystal with the tip of his forefinger…an explosion of light streamed forth from the crystal, forming a laser beam of silvery light that extended for eons and then circled back on itself creating a loop. The light was everywhere, directly above us, around us, under us; it had become a thick pool of silvery light particles that filled the universe. As soon as the loop of light touched the crystal again, I felt it surge through my consciousness and yes, into my physical body, (suddenly remembering I have one of those), I was aware of being in both dimensions at once.

My consciousness was hyper sensitive; my awareness one with this pool of light particle energy. I felt connected to the entire cosmos, ….then I was simply my own awareness, ….then I was cosmically connected again to all things, this pulsing sensation of being a singular being, then sharing universal awareness continued for what seemed like very long minutes, it was both soothing and disturbing. I struggled to regain my own separateness, to be my own consciousness; I sensed the ancient presence of Thoth knew what I was experiencing and was mildly amused at my struggle.

Then the voice again..You are experiencing the ancient primordial force known as Heka… the eternal life force of all that is, it is everywhere, it is in everything, eternally flowing through the Cosmic Universe, into and through all forms of creation; it is life! Suddenly the primordial pool formed into a slowly whirling mass of silvery white light, it was huge, in constant motion and I was in the middle of it. I remember thinking, Where is Thoth? Then immediately sensing his ancient presence and feeling the words of his message impressed into my mind like pen strokes on parchment paper….

…These sacred crystalline tools, my Heka wands, were created from pure primordial cosmic energy. I instructed the wise ones of Atlantis and then Egypt in their proper use, using the understanding of this life force energy much healing in many forms were accomplished through them. Before I left your plane of existence; my people hid them away until the age would arrive when humans would be able to put them to their proper use again. The primordial life force on your planet has become corrupted and weak. As a result disease is spreading and mutating, most life forms are unhealthy; in truth, entire species of life are dying out. The negative energies of the mass populace are becoming stronger, emotions of , anger, grief, strife, anxiety, greed are overwhelming many positive frequencies. The Earths precious energy wheels (chakras) have become polluted and stagnant; they will soon shut down for a time of renewal. When the earth has healed and balanced her sacred energy centers which are currently located in the Himalayan Mountains, she will once again open them in the ancient land of the Andes Mountains…..
...The Heka Wand will awaken all students of the Ancient mysteries, we have worked together before, we must work together now! It is time to create our new future!...
 Then I understood what the crystals had to do with Cosmic creation… my consciousness became heavier, I seemed to be moving very rapidly. Suddenly I was sitting in my room, light headed, slowly becoming aware of this physical plane, tightly clutching the little Teacher crystal to my heart Chakra.

Following Thoth’s instructions, a trusted Egyptian Priest traveled to the remote areas of Brazil planting crystalline Heka seeds and hiding the large crystal wands within an ancient Plateau for safe keeping. Thoth knew that if left in the temples of Egypt, they would fall into the hands of humans before humankind was ready to understand their gifts. The Heka wands are a source of eternal energy having the capacity to affect healing throughout time and space when used properly by the students of light. The wands of Heka were destined to be unearthed when we reached a level of spiritual evolution where at least 50% of the populace could understand the importance of these crystalline tools, that time is now!

Every sacred site of power, the Pyramids, the Sphinx, Stonehenge, the Gate of the Sun, the ancient Monasteries, Shrines and Cathedrals all over the world are connected to and draw energy from the eternal Primordial pool of life; these sacred sites are receptacles for this creative force. It cannot be used up, contained or destroyed; the divine primordial energy is eternal and is the flame of life within all things. The Heka wands are a conduit to draw this divine life-force directly from the cosmic source or even from a sacred site anywhere in the Universe. When drawing from a receptacle site we can use the energy for specific infusions.

We are able to focus and draw power from the Temples of Healing into those who may have lost some of their life force energies through illness; we can draw it from the temples of learning into those seeking wisdom; from the temples of ascension into those preparing to evolve into light beings. The Heka wands behave like a sacred Chalice that fills with this divine life force and allows us to consciously focus the divine energy with laser beam precision, directing it exactly where it needs to go. These sacred Wands can be used to infuse harmony within the seekers surroundings; Plant essences, gemstones, colors and sounds can all be infused with the energy of Heka to bring an amazing harmonizing frequency into our 3 dimensional world. This is a powerful tool in the hands of energy workers and healers.

How to use the Wand of Heka…

In your mind’s eye see the tip of the wand touching the primal pool of silvery white energy, within a sacred site or from the Cosmic pool is your personal choice; feel it flow into and fill the crystal, when you are ready consciously direct the beam of energy into an area or person (if they have requested assistance) needing healing or help. You may keep the beam flowing for as long as you feel comfortable. When you are finished remember to infuse your own life force with a renewed dose of this cosmic substance. This can be done by placing the crystal over your heart chakra and allowing the energy to slowly radiate into your energy field. If you need to quickly recharge point the tip of the Heka wand about ½ inch from the yellow energy wheel of your Solar Plexus, make little clockwise circles until you feel the ancient energy flowing into your body. All Chakras can be infused in this way, the Yellow Chakra works best for a quick energy boost.

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  1. This is one of the Most Fantastic things I have ever Read! Thank you for sharing this amazing blessing for humanity - it is so real and POWERFUL! - Dr. Raja