Monday, August 8, 2011

The Ancient & Pure energy of Tibetan Vod Quartz Crystals

Recently I was able to locate a collector that had several types of quartz crystals and minerals in her collection that really got my attention, she graciously allowed me to purchase some of them. As some of you already know, I was able to locate a few StarBirths and most all of them have found their way home by now. I also purchased some very unusual and rare cave born Water-Agates that were originally gathered back in the 1970’s from caves located in Northern Arkansas (more about these later). Also this beautiful lady had a small amount of the Monk retrieved ancient Vod Tibetans, some have Purple tops and streaks caused by lepidocrocite & Iron inclusions  some have a pinkish hue caused by Hematite & lepidocrocite and some have a blueish grey inclusion caused by Manganese & Shale inclusions. soooo…I had to have those as well. Now the first group of old Tibetans have signaled to me that they are ready to go home; I am making them available to their keepers this week.
 These ancient Tibetan crystals were hand-picked and gathered up by the Monks without tools. They made their way to an abandoned Quartz mine located a few kilometers from the Drapung Monastery. Drepung is the largest of all Tibetan monasteries and is located on the Gambo Utse Mountain, five kilometers from the western suburb of Lhasa. The Monks from Drepung brought the crystals to America in 1993, to raise money for their Monastery while touring shows like the Whole Life Expo. This formation of Quartz has not been found in any other location and I have not seen anything like them coming out of the Himalaya’s or anywhere else since then.
I felt compelled to take these Masters of energy into meditation and ask for a bit more information on them. As I centered my focus on the ancient cluster I felt a soothing, calming cool breeze across my face… and then BAM! My awareness was in another place and I saw the small being standing in front of me. He was maybe 3 ½ - 4 feet tall, skin was pale blue, his eyes were perfectly round & larger than ours, like round pools of space, This being was from somewhere that had a much heavier gravity than earth, his body was thinner and more elongated than ours. I felt such love and peace from this being, I was mesmerized! Then I heard tones almost like speech, but just tones, I must have appeared to be puzzled because then I heard a voice I could understand saying, ..give my words a moment before you try to understand, then the translation will occur for you. Ahhh, ok, please continue… and I heard the tones again….
I am Shan-vu, I and my people are from a planet we call Vod, you do not have a name for our world. We seeded these mountains with silicon seeds that are programmed to awaken when they find a compatible human electrical system. These are some of the most ancient ones we placed here, few have survived the clumsy excavators. It is our hope that humans will understand the information we have encoded within these life forms and use it to assist other humans in their evolution toward a peaceful society. Use these silicon connections to access our libraries of knowledge, our people will always assist if you ask. Our planet is getting very old, the day is not far when it will turn into a bright star; most of our societies are also advancing and evolving into pure light. Some of you on earth have incarnated on Vod previously and you will know my message as truth… For you, the words Bai-Nadi (Bah-ee naah-die, this is what it sounded like to me ) is your trigger; Bai-Nadi means your positive energy path or pathway that life force energy flows/travels on/within your physical bodies. We do not have exact words that match your understanding; those of you that have lived on Vod will immediately recognize this ancient word, for others it will not matter. Some Humans are preparing to evolve into light, wish to offer our assistance in the form of light energy if you so choose.
The Vod life force
Focus on the symbol of our home world z this symbol represents life force to us and repeat the words Bai-nadi and we will come to you.
The vison faded and I was back in 3D reality, I sat with these ancient beings and just absorbed their vast energies and knowledge.
Holding these old Tibetan Vod crystals are like communing with our sacred source, I have a difficult time even describing what I feel. They are ancient! They are awake! They are sending out beacons to their human families even as I type this, so if you have felt a crystal calling you recently but were unable to locate it, please have a look at my listings and see if one of these ancient beings belongs to you.

 These ancient crystalline beings emanate a radiant, purifying violet flame energy that purifies and activate their keepers ethereal DNA. They immediately begin to communicate with the heart and Mind of the keeper, bringing these two sometimes opposing factions into peaceful and spiritual harmony. They open a portal of communication with the Angelic realm and the ascended beings of light, bringing the energy of that divine being into this dimension and into your accessible space.
Astral projection and remote viewing abilities are strengthened; the aura and Ethereal fields are protected from negative energy sources during your inter-dimensional communications and travels.
 This is a stone that works with humanitarian efforts on a Universal scale, infusing healing energy into the keeper that can be consciously sent out into the planet and through the entire Universe for all beings to benefit from.

These ancient Tibetan crystals align us with the newly birthed energy frequencies that are now part of our reality. Their energy field promotes respect of the individual as well as the whole of humanity and creation. The frequency emanating from this crystal feels like touching the original source of creation; instilling a joy within the soul that dances to celestial tones, smiles and finds goodness everywhere and creates a thought process of optimistic hope and pure love!

These rare formations can instill a new found sense of physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuteness. They activate a balanced grounding between the first chakra and the Center of the Earth, providing a secure feeling of well-being on the physical plane, protecting the keeper from those here in the 3D world and those in the astral world who do not live in the light and do not understand the concept of pure love.

They charge up the auric field around their keeper while clearing unwelcome energy particles. This cleansing leaves the keeper with a refreshed and energized feeling within the mind and body. When this energy is re-directed by a Healer it can be used like a catalyst to promote a speedy healing within the physical body, encouraging the cells to repair themselves.

These magnificent beings create a cyclic flow of energy around and through their human family that activates and stabilizes the pure love Ray of the Heart Chakra. This energy surrounds the keeper with a loving, peaceful, harmonic field of Auric energy.

  This energy does not make the user more emotional as some pink light rays will do; they stabilize and strengthen the emotions and the heart, bringing clarity and understanding to issues that previously caused confusion. With clarity comes healing and forgiveness of those things in the past that may have become stumbling blocks to our growth. This form of healing makes us stronger, more willing to be open and accepted by others; the ancient Tibetans heal and open the emotional heart!

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