Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cave-Born Water Agates retrived over 40 years ago

A little history, these sacred stones were retrieved by a local Rock hounding club from a cave on private property in Northern Arkansas in the early 1970's. This lady told me she picked them up from the clay ground under and around stalactites that were hanging from the ceiling. Mineral rich Water dripping down the stalactites formed pools and splatters of water directly under and near them. Over thousands of years of exactly the same drips and splatter patterns, the mineral infused water gradually turned to a Silica-quartz rich agate stone that looks like little pools and splatters of water frozen in time.

I have never seen anything like them in all my years of collecting and working with the mineral kingdom. The frequency they emit is absolute, unspeakably PURE! They are a clear and open channel for connection into any realm the keeper focuses their conscious attention, even directly to the source of all. The ability to amp up, amplify any energy contained within the focused awareness or the physical and ethereal bodies is powerful.

Finally after weeks of waiting the time has come. Tonight I feel the Water stone on my desk begin to vibrate, I sense an intense light gently washing over me, like iridescent Angel wings of light folding and cradling me. I sit back and allow the frequency to completely engulf my consciousness…

 I wait… a soothing, vaguely familiar charge of energy running through me…

I am completely at ease, strong, peaceful and oh so much love… the frequency of love… absolute pure love is flowing through every cell within me. The sensation of being suspended in time and space, no movement, completely engulfed in the radiant energy of pure love… I am no longer waiting, I understand.

 I have no questions, I do not expect to see anyone; yet on a certain level I sense everyone, everything. I allow my awareness to expand, to experience my surroundings. Vibrant colors I cannot describe begin to surround me, I am aware of gentle pastel colors spiking around the edges of my awareness and flowing out into the…? Everything? Here I have trouble expressing what is happening, our vocabulary is lacking in words of pure divine expression. I feel a strength growing within me unlike anything I have ever felt before. I stretch my consciousness further and sense iridescent particles of light sparking from thoughts, creating ….something. Creating love, creating life, creating energy… whatever I am thinking, feeling I immediately sense its life force, the beginning stages of its birth. I don’t even question what is happening, it is all so natural, sooo….thats it! I am HOME, the original source of all things, before planets, before physical form, before solid anything this is the pure, ethereal plasma inundated with charged energy particles.

From this plasma intelligent photons of light are born, the precursor to the Kinetic energy particles of matter. I know this place, I feel this space, it is part of me, I am part of it, we are ALL born within this, the Quinta Essentia, the fifth essence~

... there is so much information.. I cannot even describe, there are no words. I have only begun to uncover the energy layers these sacred stones possess. I have done my best to translate the scenes, the emotions, the knowledge I relived through this journey. Even so, I am aware that I have fallen short of a pure and complete translation. I am certain each person that claims their sacred stone will uncover even more.

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