Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Newly discovered "Lemurian Sprouts" from Australia

Lemurian Sprouts

These unusually formed crystals are recovered by hand from the Spodumene or Lithium and Tin extracting mines located near the Guyra Shire in New South Wales, Australia. The quartz crystals from this area have been found to contain a combination of Lithium, Cassiterite, Wolframite, and Muscovite. The lithium particles have formed with the quartz giving these milky crystals a light grey hue, this color is not caused by radiation like a smoky quartz, but rather by tiny silvery-grey lithium particle inclusions. Most of them contain Phantoms that almost fill the inside of the body, somewhat like Amphibole quartz. Click on the pictures to enlarge them and see their inclusions, this one has roundish, Teal colored gemmy inclusions.

The Lemurian Sprout is recognized by its unusual growth formation. They resemble a sprouting Rose bud with its larger center crystal point partially or completely surrounded by smaller, thin, parallel crystals attached to its body. For the most part, the base forms in two different shapes; one looks as if you pinched it from the center of a budding Rose, the other is flat with a center circle of Grey Lithium, like a core; giving it the appearance of having been cut from a stem. They are quite unusual and an exceptional find. The energy is like a soft tranquil wave that slowly permeates the energy field, similar to the sweet aroma of a garden flower.

Crystal sprouts were cultivated in the Temple gardens of Lemuria like flowers. As they grew, the crystalline buds captured the radiant energy of the Blue Star Sirius just as plants today capture the energy rays of the Sun. When the Sprouts had matured, the crystalline buds were gathered and brought into the Temple of Knowledge. The energy was used to rejuvenate the mind and spirit; in this way the Lemurians were able to retain youthful mental processes well into old age. The Lemurian Sprout crystals also gave them a conscious connection to their original source; this allowed them to live in a peaceful, spiritual community of advancement and awareness.

(To learn more about the Binary Blue Star Sirius energy read “What is this new energy” on my blog spot.)

How you can use these Lemurian tools:

Lemurian Sprouts, when placed in a grid will produce the energy of a whirling vortex which will draw in and clear stagnant, adverse energy that can hang in an environment. The vortex created by the Lemurian Sprouts can purify a large room size area. This cleansing clears fogginess from the mind and thought processes and stimulates the ability to reason even in stressful situations. The whirling vortex of purifying energy also draws out negative emotions from those in its proximity; like anxiety, fear or despondency, replacing it with a calm centered feeling of contentment that leads the keeper to positive action and new beginnings. It also activates portions of the brain that we may not currently be using. This can result in an increase in intelligence, memory, and psychic ability.

My teacher crystal from this batch suggested that when you first receive your Lemurian Sprout crystal set up a small container of crystalline sand, stand the crystal base end down into the sand and let it rest and recharge until you are ready to work with it, they love sunlight. The sand acts as tiny batteries to charge and activate the Sprouts, this formation is self cleansing.

This is the Age of Remembering:

We came to this planet as intelligent, pure energy beings, and through lifetime after lifetime, we lost that memory. The Lemurian Sprouts act as a catalyst to prompt those latent memories into the forefront of our minds. They encourage us to remember the work that we have done throughout time and remember the work that needs to be done. To remember who we were and who we are to become, to remember our soul contract, and to remember how to fulfill it. They will give us the memory of our individual purpose, and what our higher purpose is to be in the service to humanity.

These amazing crystalline tools open a direct line of communication with our original source which has all information. It is not necessary to go into any deep contemplative state. All that is necessary is to hold the stone and listen to what it has waited thousands of years to tell you.

Simply place the crystal in the cup of your hand then place the other cupped palm over that one. Feel the energy begin to build within your cupped hands, you will know when the crystal is activated, your hands may feel a gentle tingle or warmth, or even like a cool breeze everyone has their own way of experiencing energy. Soon a beautiful indigo light energy begins to build around you; this is the doorway to your personal Stargate. Immerse yourself in this energy and let it take you where you need to be. Calmly center your thoughts, letting your eyelids softly close and keeping your hands cupped around the crystal. Allow any images you see or feel to flow unrestricted into your mind. Here is where you can meet others who are remembering, connect with your family of eons ago or talk with your personal Guides. You can stay here as long as you are comfortable, when you feel you have received all that you can absorb for one day, thank those that came to visit and guide you; allow the blue light ray to gently contract and fade away.

When you are finished working with your crystal you can return it to its crystalline sand base where it will continue to absorb the light rays of the Star Sirius while purifying the environment it is in. If you do not want your crystal to be active, you will need to place it back on its bed of rose petals, this will act as a dimmer switch for the crystal.

Some background on this formation:

"Sprossenquarz", the original term for this quartz growth form was coined in 1975 by a German Geologist named Stadler; it literally translates to Sprouting Quartz. In sprouting quartz formations small thin crystals grow from the base, around the body of a main crystal, like small petals around a bud. In most cases, these thin crystals start their growth from the base and are oriented roughly parallel to the central crystal.

The quartz crystals coming out of this mine grow with a host of other minerals, such as Tungsten, Sapphires, Iron Oxides, Titanium, Opal, Magnesite and Rutilated quartz or Grass Stone as it is locally known, some of the crystals I received have unusual inclusions in them including what appears to be Teal colored sapphires; Australia mines beautiful Teal Sapphires from the Tin recovery mines.

I am sure I will learn more from these delightful teachers, they are so quick to share their knowledge. I will keep you updated as we explore these beauties together. If you discover anything you would like share, please post your information here so others can read about it too.

I feel that Lemurian Sprouts could begin showing up almost anywhere in world, in any color or type of quartz, though it is unusual to find them consistently or in large amounts. I believe they are making themselves known and available now because of the new energy wave that has awakened the mineral kingdom.
These pictures are of the rare Australian Teal Colored Sapphires, Raw and Faceted. look at them and then look at the color and shape of the tiny inclusions within these crystals, they are just gorgeous!!!!


  1. OH MY, Victoria, these are the cyrstals I was told about! I just knew that they would be showing up. This is amazing! Can hardly wait to be a keeper of one.

  2. Lynn, it is soooo exciting that you were given prior knowledge of these crystals, I just love the way that works!!! They are truly incredible!

  3. Victoria,
    For me these crystals are very powerful. I no more than opened the box and I was pulled into a deep deep I had to go lay down.
    Three hours later, lol, I remember seeing crystaline grids and had the feeling I'd been
    astral traveling. There were very vivid images. I also felt tremendous energy in both brain hemispheres, a sense of balancing and new connections being made. They seem grounding and yet expanding at the same time. The vortex energies are quite palpable.
    I think these are excellent 'Dream Quartz' too.
    Would you share some about the properties of a white phantom?

  4. Kelly, What an amazing journey the Lemurian Sprouts are taking you on. I know they are an important part of the crystalline Grid that is being woven around our planet by the very special Bridge builders among us.
    This grid is sooooo important, the Bridge builders on Earth began work on it during the planatary alignment of May 5th 2000 when the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn were closely positioned in a line with our Sun; work is still continuing and must be completed within the next couple fo years.
    As for the White Phantoms, I wanted to let you know that I will be doing a short blog on them. The Lemurian Sprouts have let me know the energies that formation (the White Phantoms) adds to them needs to be addressed... so they definatly agree with you! More on that very soon!

  5. Victoria, I just love the energy of these little powerhouses! I got four of them because I wanted one to represent each of the four directions. As I have told you before, I was called about a year or so ago to create a "Love/Light" grid using Lemerium crystals "from the four corners of the planet". I have collected many Lemurian crystals now from all over the planet and placed them in a grid. The grid is in a circle shape so that the energy radiates out in all directions. I have had some amazing meditations with this grid and feel it is an "energy station". These new crystals are to be placed on this grid and I get the feeling that they are to be a kind of energy amplifier for the grid. Their shape with the smaller crystals surrounding the larger one certainly seems to validate this. I feel energy coming up from the earth and down from the sky, circling around and thru the grid, gathering and intensifying the energy of Love/Light, then the energy beaming out in all directions. I am told that many people are creating grids of this type to bring in, intensify, and beam out the Love/Light that will help all on our planet to evolve to our/it's next level of consciousness.
    I am just delighted to be the keeper of these wonderful crystal spirits. They are all about Love!