Friday, January 8, 2010

What is this Ancient New energy?

Sometimes I think it is helpful to not only feel and work with energy but also to understand what a particular energy is and perhaps even where it originated from. That is what todays blog is about, the amazing energy wave that is affecting a change within us and our mineral kingdoms.

As humans our understanding of the Universe is constantly changing, we are becoming aware of an immense interrelationship between the first star and the most recent spark of energy or electron. The entire Universe is finally being seen as an intricate labyrinth composed of spirals and coils within spirals and coils. Stars are eternally exchanging energy particles and gases that continuously flow along the magnetic fields of the galactic Universe. These streams of particle energy may be relaying information from star to star, galaxy to galaxy, crashing into our own Sun Star which acts like a powerful lens reflecting this energy outward to all the planets in our Solar System. Our earth's electromagnetic field picks it up and disperses it through the magnetic streams of ley lines where our crystalline tools are receiving and transmitting this information back to their human keepers.

As energy workers we know there is a definite re-alignment occurring at this time that has awakened new energies within many of our ancient minerals. So many people have noticed a change in their quartz crystals energy fields and how they, personally, interact with these changes. As we learn more about the nature of our Galaxy and especially its magnetic field, we know that streams of energy from stars travel in specific directions, either up or down the galactic arm in which they are embedded. Stars are polarized to other stars, both negative and positive; some receiving energy, some sending it out. All of which travels on the path of the magnetic field lines. In the part of the galactic arm our solar system resides in, recent studies reveal we are downstream from the stars Sirius a & Sirius b. The Sirius stars inject their highly charged light particles into our entire solar system via the magnetic field lines. Here on Earth, our Ley Lines are actually receiving this pure energy stream from the binary Blue Stars, Sirius! This is not a new energy, it is actually ancient. The orbit of our Solar System has reached a position within our Galaxy that has changed the way we are interacting with this energy stream.

My crystal friends have told me this increased energy pulse has awakened them and instilled additional information and abilities within many if not all of the mineral kingdom. Our Crystals and stones have not lost any of their previous properties; they have simply expanded and become aware of more information being attached to them. The quartz crystals coming out of the earth’s mountain regions seem to have awakened first and have begun transmitting directions to build a sacred Grid. There is a powerful Ley line that runs from the Peruvian Mountains up into Alaska, I believe this explains the powerful energy of the StarBirth and Atlantean Peru crystals from the Andes Mountain Range.

We are being made aware that their own Universal life force or Odic Energy has increased; Some of us feel stronger, more confident/knowing, more alert/aware of our world, compassion and empathy for our neighbor has increased, hunger for knowledge becomes almost overwhelming at times. A deep awareness of the need for transformation has occurred on all levels of our planet. This is an exciting time to be an energy worker.

Join me next Friday to learn techniques to dissolve and dissipate old, outmoded or negative energies from your physical space that may be holding you back from integrating with this beautiful energy stream from Sirius, Also known as the Star of Isis!

Baron von Reichenbach expounded the concept of Odic force in detail in a book-length article, Researches on Magnetism, Electricity, Heat and Light in their Relations to Vital Forces, which anomalously appeared in a special issue of a respected scientific journal, Annalen der Chemie und Physik. He said that (1) the Odic force had a positive and negative flux, and a light and dark side. (2) Individuals could forcefully "emanate" it, particularly from the hands, mouth, and forehead. and (3) Odic force had many possible applications.


  1. wonder I felt the stars calling me about 4 to 5 yrs. ago.(and still do) I Love to look up at serious and I enjoy gazing at all the constallations through my own eyes and my telescope. I have hundreds of crystals and Love them all. My first Lemurian came to me about 2 yrs. ago. Ten minutes after I purchased her online I felt a powerful tingling on the top of my head(like I was using ultra mint shampoo). My first thought lemurian knows shes coming to me. How awesome is that? Talk about the crown chakra opening! After receiving her, other lems came quit easily, and I always came across great deals on all that I have and have given to others. Of course my first Lem Love will always be starshine, my first Lem. I really enjoy all the wonderful info. you have here! Keep up the great work! Blessings....Light & Love, Tara

  2. Hi Tara,
    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, I enjoyed reading your comment very much :)
    I am always fascinated by the methods the crystals use to reach their true keepers and to assist them along their path of destiny. The Lemurians seem to be your special guardian/teachers, I would have to say you must have worked with them in the time of Lemuria and even before then. Yes, Awesome indeed! Thank you for posting and please continue to join us on this wonderful journey the crystals are guiding us on, this is all information from my crystalline teachers and I am absolutly happy to be a vehicle to deliver their messages.
    Many Blessings to you,