Sunday, March 7, 2010

How to meditate with a Quartz Crystal

The first thing I would like to explain is the term Meditation and my interpretation and use of it:

We use the term meditation a lot when we talk about accessing our crystals. I would actually like to clarify what I mean when I say; I take my crystal into meditation. I do not meditate in the traditional way. I have not ever been able to totally quiet my mind, clear it of all thoughts and sit quietly for hours. I would make a terrible monk.
Meditation as I have learned to achieve it is a time to relax my mind, make no demands or judgments, allow myself to not have to do something or be somewhere or talk to anyone for a short amount of time and not feel guilty about taking this time for myself, the no guilt is really important. Over the years I have acquired a few things that act as a catalyst or trigger for my mental relaxation. This works for me; and may or may not work for you. I use Nag Champa Incense and I listen to music by Robert Gass called Om Namaha Shivaya. These are both relaxing triggers for me that I do not encounter often in my daily life. So when I smell Nag Champa incense or I hear the soft chants of the music, my mind now prepares for quiet time. Experiment with a scent, could be oil, incense, or air freshener; add music or tones that sooth you, this could be music, wind chimes, crystal bowls anything… discover what allows your mental processes to quiet and relax a bit, then save them for only those times when you want to calm your mind. After using the scent and music together two or three times, you will really begin to feel a difference.
Meditation does not have to be impossible to achieve nor does it have to be performed exactly as though you lived in a Sacred Temple high in the mountains somewhere.
The most important thing is to be in a receptive state of mind that is completely open to anything the crystal wants you to see or experience. Questioning or doubts will break the energy connection between you and the crystal by distracting you from the focus at hand. There is time to question later, after the meditation, if you so desire and give yourself permission to do that if you need to.

Some methods I use:
I prefer to sit in the light when I work with my crystals, though some people respond better to dim candle light around them, it is purely a personal choice as long as the candles are safely positioned and cannot fall over or cause any harm while your focus is elsewhere for an undetermined amount of time.

I go to my room, light my incense stick, start my music; sometimes I sit in my overstuffed chair, sometimes on my very comfortable floor pillow. Comfort is key here; you must make the physical body as comfortable as possible without encouraging it to fall asleep. I tried lying down once only to awaken an hour and half later with no memory of what I had seen or dreamed, I knew I had dreamed something, but I am terrible at dream recall. If however you are very good at dream recall, this may be your key to accessing the crystals.

I do turn off my phone, TV and any other electronic noise makers that might distract me, I also close my laptop, but do not turn it off. I have to have ready access to my word program to type up everything I have been shown as soon as I come back from the vision. I place my crystal that is waiting in a bowl of sand (I will explain how the crystal is prepared for the meditation later) in front of me. I first check the crystals energy field by placing the open palm of my hand of preference (I am right Handed so that is the hand I use) about 3 inches from the termination, then slowly lower my palm until I feel a change in energy. This is how I discover how much energy my crystal is emitting and if it is actively ready to communicate.

If I feel its energy one inch or more from its termination it is very ready to open and communicate. Lower than that and I may only get glimpses of images.
If it is ready, I loosely cup my hands around the termination, as though I were warming my hands around a small fire. This is where I welcome the crystals guides and thank them for their assistance. If the information is ready to come forth you will feel a shift in energy, it might feel like a pop, or something locking into place, or aligning just right, but you will consciously recognize the alignment as the crystal energy becomes your energy. I am now connected to the crystal and lower my hands to a comfortable position on my lap or beside me.
It is at this point I think of and visualize my intent, my question or request for information and consciously shoot the images of that request from my mind into the crystal. Some people call this projecting or placing it into the crystal, it is actually more like seeing a stream of light quickly shooting from my mind into the crystal. I have found images and emotions work so much better than words. These images will be translated by the crystal into a universal language that you can understand when the information comes back to you.

I find it is best to write everything down after my meditation; some people prefer to speak their experiences and may benefit from a small recorder. Whatever works best for you, record your experiences for future reference. You may be shown things that you do not understand at this time, but may become clear to you in the future.

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