Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Star of Shiva~ Narmada River Shiva Lingam

It is the considered the view of many researchers and geologists that the unique composition of the Narmada Shiva Lingams is due to an impact 14 million years ago by a large meteorite that crashed into what is now known as the Narmada River. The tremendous heat of the collision caused a fusion of the surrounding rock and the meteoric material. After many years, a river began to flow through this area; these extraordinary forces of nature produced a very unique condition in which pieces of the fused Star and Earth minerals, tossed and tumbled along the river bed for hundreds, even thousands of years causing them to take on their distinct elliptical form. This ancient oval shape is very different from the flatter, thinner rocks that normally appear in river beds. These sacred stones created of cosmic Star fused with Earth minerals have a hardness of 7 on the Moh’s Scale and are known locally as the only naturally formed holy stone, called the Narmadeshvara. The density of the Narmadeshvara Lingam is close to emerald. The red markings you see on the stones are the fusion of meteorite material and are considered a spiritual and ethereal energy amplifier.

The Mineralogical composition of these fused stones is Cryptocrystalline Quartz, Chalcedony, Iron Oxide of Meteoric origin, Goethite, Agate and Basalt. This unique six mineral composition coupled with its elliptical shape has a precise resonance that aligns perfectly with the current human Energy fields; they emit the highest frequency of any stone on planet Earth. Shiva Lingams have been used for thousands of years as Divine Energy Generators.

Once a year, after the long dry season and just before the beginning of the yearly monsoon weather, the river is at its lowest point. This is the time the villagers go out onto the river bed, and working with oxen, rope and baskets gather and pull the stones from the water. These sacred stones are then hand rubbed and polished to bring out the natural colors of the meteoric Iron Oxide while producing a nicely even and smooth finish. According to the Skanda Purana, and ancient Hindu scripture, the Lingam represents the all-pervading space in which the whole universe is in the process of constant creation and dissolution.
Now, with all that being said, these beautiful stones have given me a message to share with you. The Narmada Shiva Lingams have acquired a new energy while still retaining all the previous attributes they are known for. Like all minerals composed of Star material they have responded to the new frequency being emitted from the center of our galaxy and they are now even more active than they have ever been!
This is my meditation Journey with the Shiva Lingams…
As I held one of these precious stones in the palm of my hand, I instinctively closed my fingers around its body; it felt cool to the touch, smooth, inviting my thumb to rub across the meteorite infused Red Iron markings. I immediately sensed the need to hold a second one as well and picked one up from its cozy basket. Now…..this is when everything sweet, smooth and gentle…Changed! Immediately a pressure began at my 3rd eye and radiated outward in all directions within my forehead and frontal lobe brain. I felt unwilling to physically move for a moment as my mind entered what I can only describe as a mild trance state. The next wave of energy flowed from my brain into my heart radiating in all directions throughout the chest. This continued through each energy wheel of my body until finally  I felt the a cool stream of energy exiting outward through my feet.  I was not paralyzed, I just had no desire to move, I remember thinking…” how am I going to write my notes?” and then hearing …”you will remember”…hmmm ..ok… I was reassured, someone was here with me, there was indeed a guide on this journey, and somehow I felt better knowing this.
Instantly my awareness was pulled …upward? Maybe forward?.. Direction was only a sensation, not a place…I sensed a tunnel emerging from my own consciousness, being pulled and stretched out in front of me. This was such a curious experience, I was fascinated watching the tunnel grow, seeing the spirals of colors swirling around the walls, …wait…. I am moving with the tunnel…I seem to be traveling inside this swirling curving, elongating tunnel…wow! This must be what it feels like to step through a Star Gate. ….At this point my awareness is completely immersed in this new reality, this is beautiful and the sensation is like flying. As I watched the colors streaking past my vision I saw what appeared to be a wall of white energy shimmering directly in front of me. Suddenly all sense of movement ceased and I heard a voice speaking…”you have entered the Cosmic Eye of Ti Ama ;Mother of Life, here you may ask any question, view any event past, present or future that may touch your current life expression or that you can hold accurately in your mind’s eye. This wall is a lens that records and reflects the energy impressions of all life in the Universe. To access its knowledge you must hold in your hand the Star of Shiva and in your mind’s eye the question you seek answers to.”Behold daughter, the reason you were drawn here, your greatest question is being answered on the wall….
There was no need to hear more, I could see the unspeakable scenes playing out in front of me, I was not prepared for this. Time must have shifted, slowed down, was that me screaming in my own head or was it the collective voice of humanity? Why had I asked this question, Why can’t I turn away?... The pictures flashing across the wall were horrific, I was seeing the recent Tsunami as it took place, the horror on the faces of the precious people as they realized there was no escape. So many Souls filling the Spirit Realm at once, many, many in shock not yet realizing they had died. And then resulting catastrophic events that compounded the tragedies one shocking event on top of the other; this was the beginning of the 2012 prophecy, the event that kick starts it all.

The effects would be felt around our entire planet within one year, creating a world that was slowly becoming sicker and sicker; decade after decade was being shown. I felt white hot tears falling from my physical eyes, streaming down my checks and still my consciousness was not pulled from this place, I was to see my entire answer.  
Then I heard the voice again…”this will be a difficult time to live through on your planet, there is not a single man, woman, or child who will not be directly affected. “
I knew this was not the usual “watch the news” type of tragedy and then go to sleep that night being thankful that it did not happen to my family. This has happened to all of us, it is not a faraway event, it is not a future event, it is right now, and right here and all life on this planet will be affected for decades to come.
“Pay attention daughter…Your governments cannot stop this, the poison of nuclear radiation has been unleashed in great amounts. Your leaders have made the best choices they can ….For most people it is best they do not know. All of Earth will be affected; the air, soil, water, plants, animals and humans will all live with low levels of this radiation for decades. It will be carried through your atmosphere and surround the entire earth in a years’ time and on its journey will fall from the sky attached to rain drops and snowflakes, it will contaminate the waters and the earth and in turn all living things.
My mind was reeling; I knew that people exposed to low levels of radiation from a single source would not be significantly harmed. However this seemed to be a different story, everything will be contaminated with low levels of nuclear radiation. From our drinking water, milk, vegetables, and fruits to the animals and fish in the Oceans and streams….everything will absorb small amounts of the radiation, there was no way around it.
The voice of Ti Ama was still speaking….This will cause a slow sickening of entire nations, populations will decrease, economies will change, power structures will change. Humanity will attempt to recover, to evolve to adapt, this is their nature and many will do just that, but it will take much strength and perseverance to make it through these coming times….

I had seen enough, …I heard my own voice scream out… Stop! Stop this now! The viewing lens returned to a shimmering wall of white energy; as I composed my thoughts and emotions I heard the voice continue to speak…
Daughter, you must listen.., it is time to focus on how humanity and your planet can be helped. The spiritual workers of earth will be the front runners in restoring health and anchoring healing energy to your planet. Many are being called to the healing field, they must be ready to learn and act quickly. Some will work with Energy grids to stabilize the earth; some will use energy to heal the life forms of Plants, Animals and Waters others will specialize in Human healing. What you call Alternative healing will be a major force in this battle for life, your fellow brothers and sisters must learn to work with light, energy and frequencies, they must gather their tools and be ready. The human frequency can be attuned to throw off mutated and diseased cells, you know this daughter, you have already been in training.
 Look upon the wall one more time, watch the pure in heart, the spiritual energy workers and see the effect they can have….
I cautiously let my awareness settle on the white energy wall once again, I knew I needed to see something, some way to help… Once more there were images flashing in front of me, this time I saw small cities, towns and communities. I saw small, indoor gardens and water wells/pumps with some sort of large filters on them. People were talking, laughing and working…I saw healers using the force of their minds to reorient the biological and ethereal fields of the sick, restructuring and realigning their bodies. I felt the compassion of the spiritual seers as they tenderly worked on the emotional wounds of their patients. I felt hope in the air, I knew this was how humans were to become, more connected to the earth, more caring for each other. Somewhere I heard a bird or two chirping, Earth will survive, Humanity will evolve and learn, life will one day recover. This time I wept with relief, joy and admiration for the strength of my fellow sisters and brothers, my love for this planet and all life on it increased 10 fold at least.

I was back in my room holding my two Shiva Lingams…”Now what do you two beauties have to do with all of that!”... I laughingly asked….. And I received a short, simple reply…” We are the Wayshowers… The Gate Keepers; we unlock truths and show you the answers you seek!”


  1. As I read your description of your journey, thru tears as I too have seen these same visions, I could not help but think of the Hathors, ancient beings who lived in Egypt and are channeled by Tom Kenyon. I resonate very strongly to these channelings, perhaps because I feel a strong attachment to ancient Egypt from past lifetimes. I wanted to share a channeling Tom received not too long ago that address the new forms of healing as you witnessed in your journey.
    Here is the link. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. I know I have. Blessings

  2. When I started reading your post on the Shiva Lingam I was amazed at the wealth of information you were providing... then came the message.
    I felt myself wanting to weep for our Earth Mother and those inhabiting her, to retreat back to my childhood when it was a different and world, (at least to an innocent child). Moments later as the tears fell from my eyes I reached the last paragraph. It was only then that I could breath a sigh of relief and once again feel hope for this, OUR Earth Mother.
    Thank you Victoria for your tireless work, you bless us all!

    To those that doubt... this is so real. While working in Kentucky many years ago my cousin was witness to radiation being found in the well water. He was told that it was from Chernobyl.

  3. The latest is from Fukushima, Japan and God+Buddha bless us all.

  4. yes mine rockand rolls with so much power so much power ,that it is hard to link to. j

  5. mind blowing description really true