Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Solar Fire Stone ~ Chalcedony Jasper

This fiery stone is a member of the opaque Chalcedony Jasper family that formed in Madagascar; they occur in a combination of warm, fiery colors. These stones display vivid shades of red, orange and yellow with occasional streaks of black Jasper and grey or white quartz running through it. No matter the color combination Solar Fire stone always occurs in a massive formation. Other names for this stone may be Chestnut, Owyhee or Sunset Chalcedony Jasper, though it does not look exactly like any of those to me.

This is a stone of energy transmutation, a bridge between the old familiar streams of time and energy and the new currents of time and energy currently flowing through our dimension. This is a much needed tool during our personal spiritual adaptations and transitions. There are new energy currents sweeping across our planet almost daily; it can be very difficult to keep up with all the spiritual cleansing, purifying, detoxifying and karma balancing it takes to stay on top of these intense changes. Our days are filled with a mixture of mundane and spiritual responsibilities we try to fulfill, many times finding the days too short to complete everything. We are busy cleansing, meditating, mending torn hearts, sharing, uplifting, studying, sending healing somewhere to someone to someplace…all of this as we go about every day taking care of family, connecting with friends, earning a living, running errands and the list goes on and on….. The Solar Fire Stone has awakened to help align and balance our bodies in a way that allows us to become a smooth channel for the new energies to flow through; when we do this we feel less stress, less pressure and much more in tune with our joy. Now we are able to remember that we are not here on this planet just for ourselves, we are here to encourage, to uplift, to spread laughter and to increase the love others are able to feel, helping them to awaken and realize it is time to drop the chains of bondage in their own life and feel the new wave of purity and love.

The Solar Fire stone is grounding but not heavy, it anchors the keeper’s energy field to the solar rays of our own Star, not into the Earth. As particles of sunlight pass through the Solar Fire stone, it is transmuted into a frequency that is very soothing, healing and easily absorbed by the human ethereal field.. When placed over the Solar Plexus or held in the non-dominate hand, the Solar Fire stone protects and anchors the keeper during Astral Travel and multi-dimensional journeying. This is also a tool that can instill the frequency of stamina and courage within the keeper; this can be very useful during times of personal grief or hospitalization, while on a fast or serious dieting all of these things can cause your energy to become very low.

How to activate and work with your Solar Fire stone….

The Solar Fire Stone obviously loves Sunshine; it gathers energy from our radiant Star, drawing it into itself, transmuting, amplifying and then radiating the new frequency of energy back out into any area it is placed in.

Activating your Stone is as easy as placing it in a sunny window or outside in full sunlight, or if you really love your Solar Fire stone treat it to a bed of Sand and then place the sand bed in full sunlight ….your stone will be so very happy~ leave it in the Sunlight for a minimum of 30 minutes, longer if you feel comfortable doing so. It can live in the sunlight whenever you are not working with it. I have mine in a bowl of sand near a large window, when the sun’s rays flow through the window they fall upon my Solar Fire Stone. It is always busy, happily gathering particles from the suns rays, transmuting, amplifying and sending the energy back out into the room; I can tell you, this room feels amazing!

You can also use this stone in healing work, placing the charged stone directly onto the body, (if you have just charged your stone make sure the temperature is cool enough not to burn your skin) Placing a Solar Fire Stone upon/over the Solar Plexus (yellow Chakra) instantly sends a gentle wave of energy in two directions, one flows smoothly upward into the Pineal Gland balancing the production of the brain chemicals serotonin and melatonin, the opposite wave flows into and anchors the energy into the vibrant fiery chakras of Yellow, Orange, and Red. These are your centers of strength, creativity, memory, motivation and physical energy. Once you have absorbed the solar rays that are emitted through this stone, a process of correction begins within the spiritual and physical bodies. A shield is woven into the aura that is very protective of your spiritual energies; this shield begins to burn off incompatible frequencies before the keeper’s ethereal body can absorb them. This balancing wave continues throughout the emotional and physical bodies, purifying and strengthening everywhere it flows. The keeper becomes more energetic, the mind seems quicker, creative ideas begin to flow smoothly. As the Pineal gland begins to balance the production of chemicals within the brain, feelings of anxiety, frustration and fear fall away. A peaceful strength begins to permeate the heart and mind. As our work continues with the Solar Fire stone we begin to feel a sense of personal progress and accomplishment; we are motivated to walk further along our path, to learn more. We now have the energy needed to accomplish our daily work, and the ability to get a refreshing night’s sleep.

In physical healing work its strength is in its ability to balance the mineral content of the body; regulating supplies of iron, sulfur, zinc, and manganese.

Why we need these minerals to be in balance:
 Manganese is essential for the proper formation and maintenance of bone, cartilage, and connective tissue.
 Iron strengthens immune function reducing infection; it builds red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the body.
Sulfur disinfects the blood, helps the body to resist bacteria, and protects the protoplasm of cells.
Zinc contributes to thymus gland function and thymus hormone action balancing the production of T-Cells.

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