Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crystal Skulls & their new energy infusion from Tau Mu~ PArt 1

The Carved form of the Crystal skull has recently been infused with energy from the home worlds of the Skull creators. They have been re-awakened and re-connected to the large Skull kept on the home world of Tau Mu.
When I was placing my order for the next shipment of stones from Brazil I had asked for some pictures of what she had available in a small 3 -4 inch size quartz crystal skulls, but did not get a response. So when I opened and unpacked my boxes I was surprised to find my supplier had included 3 small quartz crystal skulls in the order. I was again surprised to experience the oddest sensation …as I held each one, I felt it transform from a smooth, polished quartz rock…into an awakened and aware crystalline being. As the first one began to transform I almost dropped it as it seemed to literally jolt in my hand. I did not drop it of course, but for a few moments there, I did learn a few tricks of the juggling trade…lol
I knew I had to work with these awakened beings, but as mundane life would have it, I was not able to do so immediately. I quickly prepared a bed of rose petals for them and placed them in it, I felt they needed warm sunlight so that is where I placed the rose bed until I could come back to them with my full attention tonight.
I took these 3 beings into my meditation area with my Sirian Heir Teacher crystal; then began to prepare for the journey that I could feel was coming. With the sacred resins burning, I added some amazing meditation music that was recently gifted to me by my precious spirit Sister. The energy was changing… and fast! I knew I did not have much time before the journey would begin; I turned off my phone, closed the door to my area and sat down in front of the three Crystal Skulls…Whoosh! My conscious awareness was shifting, splitting and I felt the familiar lightheaded almost dizzy feeling that ethereal journeys always begin with for me. As the present reality began to fade into the background, my ethereal awareness was coming into focus. I was immediately aware that I had just stepped through a portal into a new World,  …At first I was looking for my usual teachers from the Star Nation Temples, but I didn’t sense them anywhere here and began to feel a little anxious. I realized/remembered that I needed to be calm; I had to focus my energy on this place and this time if I wanted to stay here and learn. Sooo… I drew in a deep ethereal breath (yes; pretending to breath is soothing to me on these journeys, I don’t feel so disconnected from my physical body when I do this) then exhaled slowly, yes I could feel my consciousness starting to relax. Ok, where am I? …I heard the sweetest voice respond to me immediately… “We are in the constellation you call Bootis (boh-'oh-tees) orbiting the star Tau Bootis A, our planet is Tau Mu. We are one of the original 4 races to discover your planet and assist in its evolution. There were many Star Systems that followed us, but only the original 4 were there from the beginning, before the current human form of life was seeded.
Civilizations from Bootis, Antares, Andromeda and Sirius (BAAS this is my shortened version of the 4 star systems) are joined in an ancient galactic coalition formed over 250,000 of your Earth years ago. Our mission is to seed and preserve new life throughout the universe. One of our scouts discovered your world when it was very young, and a select group of scientist with representatives from each Star people were sent there to test for the possibility of evolving intelligent life. It was noted that life was indeed abundant, however none were evolving into an intelligent species with speech. The coalition chose this small planet to come under the protection of BAAS for preservation and Evolutionary seeding. Our Scientists created a genetic boost that helped the evolving humans skip an evolutionary step resulting in the current physical form of humans.
We set up scouts to send data back to our labs allowing us to monitor the progress of this new species on an evolving new world. We were not disappointed; Humans rapidly progressed into clans and then societies. Small pockets of Civilizations began to emerge; Star nations from the Pleiades, Orion, and Tau Ceti sent their own colonies to merge with these new humans and for thousands of years life was peaceful and flourished on your Earth.
Then as the landmass on the planet itself began to break apart, civilizations were torn apart or lost completely, Colonist were struggling to survive and rebuild their lost cultures. It became necessary to intervene once again, this time many other Star People joined us in helping the people of Earth retain or relearn the advanced knowledge of peace we had seeded them with. It was decided that we would implant the sacred knowledge into natural objects easily recognized by humans but not easily destroyed.  Each Star System volunteered their help and thus the original Teaching Skulls were created from 13 of the strongest Quartz minerals on Earth, each type would hold a different knowledge base, from a different Star People with the 13th Skull being larger than the rest it would hold the combined wisdom of all the Star People with the ability to activate,  awaken and energetically infuse all the others when needed.
We sent our priests and scientists back to the Earth, each carrying a Teaching Skull implanted with Knowledge of Technology, Healing and the Arts from their home worlds. The Galactic Coalition of BAAS had gathered the combined wisdom of all the Teaching skulls and implanted it into a larger 13th Skull. The Priests were given instructions on how to teach the surviving Humans how to access and work with the advanced technology of the Skulls.
However something terrible had happened to the people of earth during the years of earth upheavals, they had not only lost their peaceful cultures; they had acquired knowledge of warring to survive. The Star Representatives set out immediately to teach the small groups of humans how to rebuild their peaceful societies and how to build temples to house the Teaching Skulls. They appointed Priests and guardians to care for the sacred receptacles of knowledge, and taught humans how to grow and share food so they would not need to take from their neighbors. In some of the cultures, this took root, but in others…  they began to plan how to take over the peaceful societies and steal their teaching skulls. Many societies appointed special groups to be Skull caretakers, to protect the precious, living energy stones at all cost.
This is Part 1 of a 3 part installment of the information I am recieving from the Crystal Skulls.
To be continued……

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