Friday, April 29, 2011

Crystal Skulls & their new energy infusion from Tau Mu..Part 2

Part 2 Continued from Part 1….

Humans had entered a dark era ruled by power, violence and greed, it became necessary for the alliance of BAAS to withdraw until humans had reached a natural level of spiritual intelligence. We of BAAS recommended other Star Alliances do the same, allowing humanity to decide their own path. It is against our Code of Conduct to interfere with a race of beings once they have evolved to the ability of making their own choices. Unfortunately not all Star Societies honor the BAAS code of conduct.
Many eons passed….Those that had been chosen as Skull Caretakers were becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of their precious charges. A consensus was reached by leaders of the groups to ask the BAAS alliance to remove the original Skull teachers from earth to protect them from the power hungry armies. This request was granted, and in their place newly carved beacon Skulls were left behind that could be activated when the time was right. These replacement Beacon Skulls were entrusted to the already established Skull Caretakers. After many centuries most were hidden in caves deep within the Earth for safe keeping, a few were placed into the care of peaceful clan leaders; hoping eventually with the passing of time humans would begin to seek peace.
Now as the Beacon Skulls are being recovered, reincarnated Caretakers, StarSeeds and true peace keepers are becoming their guardians….  the Alliance of BAAS has taken notice.
  The Ancient Beacon Skulls have been re-activated; a stream of living light energy is being downloaded from Tau Mu into every crystal skull on our planet, both ancient and new! This Star energy is awakening and aligning all the Skulls with the ancient energies of the original Teacher Skulls.
It is time for all the re-incarnated skull keepers on Earth to gather 13 crystal Skulls, on larger one and 12 smaller ones. You will be intuitively guided to locate the ones you need, size does not matter, gather the ones that want to work with you, you will feel the beacon they send out. You will then be instructed to place them in a circular grid of 12 points …like a Star …with the larger 13th skull in the center. This grid should be built in a location that will not be disturbed; if it is possible, place it near a source of natural light, Moon or Sun; this will increase and quicken the energy emitted by the Star Skulls. Once the Star Grid is complete, place your open palm about 2 inches over the circle, you should easily feel the flow of energy. This will increase as the connection is completed, over time, the energy field radiating from this grid will become quite strong! When you feel like you can sit with your grid undisturbed for several minutes, do so. Place your open hands into the circle of power and feel the energy rush into your body, the exact point of entry or where you feel it first may differ from person to person, but if you have created the star grid….. I am sure you will feel it.
Once this is done; a flame within the center of your Ethereal being will activate, align and connect to the heart of our Solar Sun, this will amplify the energy sending it directly into the heart of our Galaxy, where a sacred Oval Mass of energy is the gateway to all natural Stargates in our Universe, including the ones within our bodies. As soon as your highly charged ethereal spark hits the galactic Star gate there will be a spontaneous igniting of cosmic fire within the Skull Keeper and an eternal connection to the Ancient Skull on Tau Mu will be established. The Ancient Wisdom, Records and Cosmic knowledge of the Star Nations will be available to you. Personal memories of these Cosmic Communities may flood your Conscious mind or take over your dreams. In whatever way you physically and/or ethereally react, this will be a life defining moment along your spiritual path. There is no right or wrong way to sense or connect with the energy; it is spontaneous and perfect for your frequency and spiritual connection.
If it is at all possible, have your 13 Crystal Skull Star Grid in place before 20 Dec 2012, this will help anchor the massive energy wave that will erupt on this planet between the 21st and 22sec of Dec 2012, the more grids that are in place the safer our world will be…..To be continued in Part 3
The pictures I have included were taken before I had time to create my 12 pointed Star Grid, I was instructed not to wait, that I could show the Grid in Part 3. I did manage to create a very crude Star Pattern using Popsicle sticks on my Dining room table just to test the theory and even this gird began spewing energy almost immediately and grew noticeably stronger over the hour I left it in place. I actually felt an ethereal heat emanating from it as well as the energy waves. So play around with your own ideas of the grid and I am sure you will discover the perfect design for your Star Grid.

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