Monday, May 2, 2011

Indigo Gabbro and the Arcturian Flower of light ~ Bӧlchonik

This blog is a bit different than my usual. It is the result of a beautiful channeling by my dear sister Woneeya during a conversation we were having concerning the Indigo Gabbro and its amazing gifts. I believe this information is relevant to anyone working with energy healing or awakening the Light bodies that reside in our physical glands. I am honored by Woneeya's deeply spiritual gifts and publish this Sacred Information with her kind consent.~  

Chezdach, is a Grandfather Star Being guide of Woneeya Thundering Hawk. Gray Cloud Dancing is the lead spirit guide of Woneeya. The following words are channeled through Woneeya to Victoria in a sacred manner entrusting these two sisters to deliver Divine truth and healing.

“There is a bluish-purple flower on my ( Chezdach’s) home world of Arcturus that is considered very sacred, known as the Bӧlchonik flower. Arcturians respect and honor these beautiful flowering plants of Light. They respectfully pluck only what is needed. Where ever a flower was plucked the Bӧlchonik plant will bloom again the next day with a completely matured flower.
The closest flower here on Earth is known as the Nasturtium. It contains a very similar genetic code/Light frequency and will ignite the Flame of Light located within the pineal gland. When this occurs the Pineal gland will begin a subtle vibration.”

The following message is from Gray Cloud Dancing....

After placing the flower in your mouth, hold or cup the Indigo Gabbro Stone with both hands. Then begin to chew and masticate the flower thoroughly allowing the bits to stay in your mouth, sort of moving it around allowing the bits to touch as much of the soft tissue as possible. When you are satisfied you have absorbed as much as possible, swallow the tiny bits. You may wash this down with purified or a natural source water if you desire.
Once eaten the frequency of these Light filled flowers do not leave the body. It turns into a form of living Light that will activate a portion of the Pineal Gland that was previously inactive within humans. This new vibration can bring ph levels into balance, begin a kill-off of unhealthy parasites and ignite a DNA fire at the cellular level. This new Light frequency also shields the body from chemicals and impurities by dissolving/neutralizing the lower base frequency before it is absorbed by the human.

If there is a negative implant within the body, something giving off a low, base frequency emission, something NOT of your highest good, it will be shut down and eliminated through normal bodily functions. These lower vibrations cannot function in the Light of the combined Indigo Gabbro/Nasturtium Flower frequency.”
 ~Gray Cloud Dancing

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I am adding a clarification of the type of flower, the Nasturtium that is being referenced in this blog: The Nasturium here on Earth is not purple or blue it grows in the colors of Fire and Flames and Light

This is a clarification of the Nasturtium (Trapaeolum majus).

 Nasturtium is the common name for genus of roughly 80 species of annual and perennial herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Trapaeolum in the Tropaeolaceae family. The word nasturtium itself literally means nose twister or nose tweaker and this plant should not be confused with the Watercresses of the genus Nasturtium which is a member of the mustard family.
The entire genus is native to southern and central America and one of the most commonly grown is Tropaeolum majus which is also by far the best and most edible. All Nasturtiums produce isothiocyanates and it's this chemical that give Nasturtiums their peppery qualities.
This message concerns the edible flowers only, not the leaves or stems or roots.

*The information in this blog is spiritually Channeled, it is intended for educational & spiritual purposes only. It is not the intention of the channeler or writer of this blog to advise on health care. Please see a medical professional about any health concerns you have.
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