Monday, May 9, 2011

Part 3 ...Crystal Skulls & their new energy infusion from Tau Mu

This is the third and final installment of the Crystal Skulls and the information they wished to share with us. If you have not yet read Part 1 and Part 2, please do so before reading this one.
Part 1 is here:

Part 2 is here:

I began to feel a tug, an urgency to connect with my guide, to retrieve the third and last installment of the Crystal Skull information. My own crystalline Skull was buzzing with energy, as I picked her up I instantly felt my awareness splitting. As I sat down in front of my Teacher crystal the familiar, lightheaded almost dizzying feeling began to take over my awareness. This current reality began to fade into the background as an ethereal awareness came into sharp focus.
I heard a voice speaking precise and clear….
Daughter, we must tell you something of utmost importance for your people of Earth, sit and write as I speak…I was so surprised I didn’t move for a few seconds, never before had I been told to do this, I always jotted a few notes on paper then wrote them up later. I looked around with my inner vision, now I could see who was speaking. A tall, thin female with chiseled features, long iridescent white Hair, large piercing Blue Eyes and Whitish-blue skin seemed to be standing just to my left and slightly in front of me… I sat there mesmerized, I had not left my room, this amazing being had come here….my thoughts were interrupted as I heard…“Daughter, now!
… I realized I had been staring and quickly closed my mouth …Ok!… I got up from the floor where I had begun my meditation; sitting down in front of my laptop I quickly began to type as she continued to talk…

….”People of Earth, it is time for you to hear the truth, some will turn away from words that are unfamiliar to them and some will feel the truth frequency as you read my words… I am known as Ach’mah, my home world is deep within what you view as the constellation  Bootis (boh-'oh-tees) orbiting the star Tau Bootis A, my home world is Tau Mu. I tell you these things so you may know of my origins and my people; we have been in the shadows of your awareness too long. We travel through your system on our trade route between our home world and an area you know as Orion…  Earth is a way station for us and yes, your governments know we are here.
There is a region of energized space that your Solar System is moving through, when your planet reaches this mass of energy it will move into one of two timelines. The First probable event or Time stream would be the triggering of multiple Earth cataclysms that will lead to the physical devolving of the human race. The second probable timeline would trigger a massive leap in consciousness, knowledge would be acquired that would lead to a Cosmic minded and peacefully evolving human race.

This powerful galactic trigger repeats approximately every 25,000 of your years. This will happen when your Star lines up perfectly with the galactic equator, the center of the Milky Way galaxy. This will cause wormholes woven into the heart of this Galaxy to spontaneously activate; creating a ripple effect throughout this Solar System. Your Sun will flare with magnetic storms that will bombard Earth with waves and particles of the ancient energy mass. This event will trigger all the energy portals on Earth, both natural and manmade to open/activate at the same time flooding the planet with massive, excessive amounts of energy. This will cause a sudden wobble and jolt within your planet that would lead to much destruction. I am here to tell you this does NOT have to happen! If the excess energy is diverted in a safe way, this timeline will be avoided, it will not occur in your reality.

The Crystal Skulls have the power to drain some of these excess energies off your world. Enough to create a timeline of safety that will allow the more favorable probable second event to occur. We need your help to get as many crystal skulls activated and connected to Tau Mu as possible. The people of Earth are not helpless, you have more control of your future than many would like you think. If Timeline 2 occurs, an amazing event will happen for all humans working in this energy/time stream…. After being exposed to the ancient Energy mass traveling through your Solar system; humans will receive a newly evolved ability; all you will have to do is think about having what you call extra awareness abilities to ignite new dendrite growth between brain cells. Simply having an awareness of extra senses and dimensions of consciousness will allow humans to grow brain connections to accommodate such awareness. This is the beautiful gift that will occur and push Humanity forward into the Cosmic community, a major leap in conscious evolution for your world.”
Suddenly I felt Ach’Mah’s presence pull back… Wait, I have a few questions! … But the intriguing woman was gone as quickly as she had appeared. This is the message I received, exactly as it was given to me.

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