Thursday, June 16, 2011

StarBirth Quartz Crystals..Update & New limited Supply

As many of you already know, I recently took a trip for spiritual regeneration. While I was in a specific area of the state I re-connected to the local Rock hounds Club and was astounded to find one member with a small collection of STARBIRTH crystals, I was floored! I asked if she had any information on the original location of recovery and this is what I was told….

“These crystals were recovered during a 30 year span between  1930’s and 1960 in an area of the Andes Mountain range known as the Valparaiso Region of central Chile, approximately 65 miles north of Santiago at elevations of about 4,000 ft above Sea level. They were uncovered during Gold mining excavations and tossed aside as having no value. There use to be many old hand dug pits in the area where minerals that were not being mined were tossed, if it did not relate to Gold or Silver or even Copper, the mineral was not considered valuable, Quartz crystals were not specifically mined, they just came out with the gold and most were tossed. These crystals came into my possession through a fellow collector that had gone to Chile and was personally escorted to the mines where he collected many specimens and shipped them home. I have had them in my collection since 1984; now I am looking to sell off some of these rocks to supplement my income.”

I was very happy to make a few purchases from this precious lady and now I have a little more information and a few more of these powerful and very limited Quartz crystals to offer.  

May and June have been very busy months and I have only now been able to take the time to work with these newly acquired powerhouses, in fact I felt their pull as soon as I got quiet this evening. I retrieved the packages I had purchased and began taking everyone from their box carefully unwrapping each one and laying it before me on the low table. It was not long before my hands were tingling so intensely I had to stop for a moment and ask them what was happening. I have worked with the StarBirths now off and on for 2 years and this frequency they were emitting was new! I selected 3 StarBirth Crystals of varying sizes and brought them to my meditation area. I felt I needed to light 2 candles to bring in the element of Fire during the meditation. I placed a fresh bowl of sand between the candles and added some Volcanic Ash dust to the top of the sand, then placed the 3 crystals in a standing position, this felt perfect. I had now recreated a similar feel to their homeland, a region of frequent volcanic activity.  I sat quietly and drew in several deep cleansing breaths connecting with the energy the StarBirths were emitting. Next I drew the frequency into my naval, pulling it up into my chest and exhaling the energy particles out through my mouth, creating a continuous cycle of life force energy between me and the crystals.

Suddenly the journey began, I felt the familiar tug between my physical body and ethereal consciousness.. the room became a distant place …like a long ago memory and my awareness was immediately focused on a warm and familiar scene… I could smell the sweet aroma of frankincense, pinon and myhrr resins, I saw the great pyramids in the distance… I was in ancient Egypt, standing in a sacred Temple. To my left, I saw stone steps leading up to a large flat platform with an elaborate Golden chair in the middle. Behind the Chair was a Hieroglyph with 3 symbols on it, a half circle in the top left area, a Star directly under the half circle and to the side on the right was a tall slender triangle. I was searching the room looking for clues on what brought me here when I felt a pure energy presence near me. I quickly turned and saw an oval shaped white light form coming towards me. Then I heard a voice so beautiful and warm I felt my heart radiating energy in response.. ” I am known in your legends as Ishtar, Nommo, Isis, Queen of the Nile, Goddess of Egypt, I have incarnated  many times on many worlds. You have been summoned into my Temple to receive a message and deliver it to my precious and brave Companions of light that currently reside on Earth.”

I was almost speechless, I could only reply…”I am honored to be your messenger”

Understand dear Sister that we are the same! You, me and all of our brothers and sisters of light that bravely volunteered to incarnate on the planet Earth during this Era, we are the SAME! Taking on a physical body causes us to forget some of our heritage, you must remember to seek deeply inside your memories, quiet your mental chatter and feel those of us who remained here in the realm of light, we are your anchor now. It is all of you who are working as leaders, healers, artists and writers that are on the front line now. Many of you are working completely alone on the physical plane, some of you have formed groups that support and encourage each other. I am reminding you to reconnect to us here in the light realms, we will guide and encourage you, we can send you light and strengthen you, allow us to help you! We cannot interfere without being asked, remember WHO you are and WHERE you came from, you are eternal Infinite light confined in a finite physical body!

I am guiding you to the locations of these precious crystalline beings, they are beyond ancient in age and are precious beings of light that we have used on many planets, not just Earth, there are only a relative few that have survived to this Era. Each one has spent time in our dimension of light being infused with the purest of light frequencies before being safely hidden in the sacred mountain range of Earth.

I know each of you personally and I have programmed your StarBirth to allow you to see your true self, in all of your radiant light! Some of you have several paths to walk, that is because you volunteered to take on more than one task during your limited life span on earth. Here in the light realms there are not many souls willing to return to the harsh physical realm of Earth. For this reason many of you brave ones took on multiple tasks that had to be completed during this phase of Earths regeneration. For those who are multiple task workers you will need more than one light realm infused StarBirth crystal to assist you as each one is programmed with a specific purpose and path. Once you activate your crystal you will be able to retrieve the encoded information within by sitting quietly with your StarBirth crystal, hold it closely to you between your Orange and Yellow Chakras this will allow the message/s to flow into your life energy field where the physical mind can retrieve it when it is ready.

We have infused and anchored an ethereal indigo light cord into these StarBirth crystals, this ethereal cord will unfurl when the human keeper downloads their spiritual and family information from the crystal. This Indigo cord will allow you to travel here to my Temple of Light and personal speak with your light family in this realm. We have found those of you that have already reconnected with us are walking their paths and completing their work with strength, determination, joy and purpose. Remember Children of light, WE are your brothers and Sisters and we are here to assist you from this realm, your true home, feel our embrace and our love, we have always been with you. Take these sacred tools and use them as Keys to unlock your memories, to set your heart and soul on the important work at hand and most important of all, to reconnect you to US your real family of light!”

I felt a tingle of energy surge through my ethereal body that seemed to grow larger by the second, suddenly I felt as though I were made completely of energy and light and it was the most peaceful, joyful moment I have ever experienced. As I was being drawn back into our physical world I glanced over at the precious being of light and saw a beautiful face filled with compassion and love smiling directly at me, my beautiful sister Isis was sending me back to Earth filled with her loving presence.

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