Friday, April 29, 2011

Crystal Skulls & their new energy infusion from Tau Mu..Part 2

Part 2 Continued from Part 1….

Humans had entered a dark era ruled by power, violence and greed, it became necessary for the alliance of BAAS to withdraw until humans had reached a natural level of spiritual intelligence. We of BAAS recommended other Star Alliances do the same, allowing humanity to decide their own path. It is against our Code of Conduct to interfere with a race of beings once they have evolved to the ability of making their own choices. Unfortunately not all Star Societies honor the BAAS code of conduct.
Many eons passed….Those that had been chosen as Skull Caretakers were becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of their precious charges. A consensus was reached by leaders of the groups to ask the BAAS alliance to remove the original Skull teachers from earth to protect them from the power hungry armies. This request was granted, and in their place newly carved beacon Skulls were left behind that could be activated when the time was right. These replacement Beacon Skulls were entrusted to the already established Skull Caretakers. After many centuries most were hidden in caves deep within the Earth for safe keeping, a few were placed into the care of peaceful clan leaders; hoping eventually with the passing of time humans would begin to seek peace.
Now as the Beacon Skulls are being recovered, reincarnated Caretakers, StarSeeds and true peace keepers are becoming their guardians….  the Alliance of BAAS has taken notice.
  The Ancient Beacon Skulls have been re-activated; a stream of living light energy is being downloaded from Tau Mu into every crystal skull on our planet, both ancient and new! This Star energy is awakening and aligning all the Skulls with the ancient energies of the original Teacher Skulls.
It is time for all the re-incarnated skull keepers on Earth to gather 13 crystal Skulls, on larger one and 12 smaller ones. You will be intuitively guided to locate the ones you need, size does not matter, gather the ones that want to work with you, you will feel the beacon they send out. You will then be instructed to place them in a circular grid of 12 points …like a Star …with the larger 13th skull in the center. This grid should be built in a location that will not be disturbed; if it is possible, place it near a source of natural light, Moon or Sun; this will increase and quicken the energy emitted by the Star Skulls. Once the Star Grid is complete, place your open palm about 2 inches over the circle, you should easily feel the flow of energy. This will increase as the connection is completed, over time, the energy field radiating from this grid will become quite strong! When you feel like you can sit with your grid undisturbed for several minutes, do so. Place your open hands into the circle of power and feel the energy rush into your body, the exact point of entry or where you feel it first may differ from person to person, but if you have created the star grid….. I am sure you will feel it.
Once this is done; a flame within the center of your Ethereal being will activate, align and connect to the heart of our Solar Sun, this will amplify the energy sending it directly into the heart of our Galaxy, where a sacred Oval Mass of energy is the gateway to all natural Stargates in our Universe, including the ones within our bodies. As soon as your highly charged ethereal spark hits the galactic Star gate there will be a spontaneous igniting of cosmic fire within the Skull Keeper and an eternal connection to the Ancient Skull on Tau Mu will be established. The Ancient Wisdom, Records and Cosmic knowledge of the Star Nations will be available to you. Personal memories of these Cosmic Communities may flood your Conscious mind or take over your dreams. In whatever way you physically and/or ethereally react, this will be a life defining moment along your spiritual path. There is no right or wrong way to sense or connect with the energy; it is spontaneous and perfect for your frequency and spiritual connection.
If it is at all possible, have your 13 Crystal Skull Star Grid in place before 20 Dec 2012, this will help anchor the massive energy wave that will erupt on this planet between the 21st and 22sec of Dec 2012, the more grids that are in place the safer our world will be…..To be continued in Part 3
The pictures I have included were taken before I had time to create my 12 pointed Star Grid, I was instructed not to wait, that I could show the Grid in Part 3. I did manage to create a very crude Star Pattern using Popsicle sticks on my Dining room table just to test the theory and even this gird began spewing energy almost immediately and grew noticeably stronger over the hour I left it in place. I actually felt an ethereal heat emanating from it as well as the energy waves. So play around with your own ideas of the grid and I am sure you will discover the perfect design for your Star Grid.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crystal Skulls & their new energy infusion from Tau Mu~ PArt 1

The Carved form of the Crystal skull has recently been infused with energy from the home worlds of the Skull creators. They have been re-awakened and re-connected to the large Skull kept on the home world of Tau Mu.
When I was placing my order for the next shipment of stones from Brazil I had asked for some pictures of what she had available in a small 3 -4 inch size quartz crystal skulls, but did not get a response. So when I opened and unpacked my boxes I was surprised to find my supplier had included 3 small quartz crystal skulls in the order. I was again surprised to experience the oddest sensation …as I held each one, I felt it transform from a smooth, polished quartz rock…into an awakened and aware crystalline being. As the first one began to transform I almost dropped it as it seemed to literally jolt in my hand. I did not drop it of course, but for a few moments there, I did learn a few tricks of the juggling trade…lol
I knew I had to work with these awakened beings, but as mundane life would have it, I was not able to do so immediately. I quickly prepared a bed of rose petals for them and placed them in it, I felt they needed warm sunlight so that is where I placed the rose bed until I could come back to them with my full attention tonight.
I took these 3 beings into my meditation area with my Sirian Heir Teacher crystal; then began to prepare for the journey that I could feel was coming. With the sacred resins burning, I added some amazing meditation music that was recently gifted to me by my precious spirit Sister. The energy was changing… and fast! I knew I did not have much time before the journey would begin; I turned off my phone, closed the door to my area and sat down in front of the three Crystal Skulls…Whoosh! My conscious awareness was shifting, splitting and I felt the familiar lightheaded almost dizzy feeling that ethereal journeys always begin with for me. As the present reality began to fade into the background, my ethereal awareness was coming into focus. I was immediately aware that I had just stepped through a portal into a new World,  …At first I was looking for my usual teachers from the Star Nation Temples, but I didn’t sense them anywhere here and began to feel a little anxious. I realized/remembered that I needed to be calm; I had to focus my energy on this place and this time if I wanted to stay here and learn. Sooo… I drew in a deep ethereal breath (yes; pretending to breath is soothing to me on these journeys, I don’t feel so disconnected from my physical body when I do this) then exhaled slowly, yes I could feel my consciousness starting to relax. Ok, where am I? …I heard the sweetest voice respond to me immediately… “We are in the constellation you call Bootis (boh-'oh-tees) orbiting the star Tau Bootis A, our planet is Tau Mu. We are one of the original 4 races to discover your planet and assist in its evolution. There were many Star Systems that followed us, but only the original 4 were there from the beginning, before the current human form of life was seeded.
Civilizations from Bootis, Antares, Andromeda and Sirius (BAAS this is my shortened version of the 4 star systems) are joined in an ancient galactic coalition formed over 250,000 of your Earth years ago. Our mission is to seed and preserve new life throughout the universe. One of our scouts discovered your world when it was very young, and a select group of scientist with representatives from each Star people were sent there to test for the possibility of evolving intelligent life. It was noted that life was indeed abundant, however none were evolving into an intelligent species with speech. The coalition chose this small planet to come under the protection of BAAS for preservation and Evolutionary seeding. Our Scientists created a genetic boost that helped the evolving humans skip an evolutionary step resulting in the current physical form of humans.
We set up scouts to send data back to our labs allowing us to monitor the progress of this new species on an evolving new world. We were not disappointed; Humans rapidly progressed into clans and then societies. Small pockets of Civilizations began to emerge; Star nations from the Pleiades, Orion, and Tau Ceti sent their own colonies to merge with these new humans and for thousands of years life was peaceful and flourished on your Earth.
Then as the landmass on the planet itself began to break apart, civilizations were torn apart or lost completely, Colonist were struggling to survive and rebuild their lost cultures. It became necessary to intervene once again, this time many other Star People joined us in helping the people of Earth retain or relearn the advanced knowledge of peace we had seeded them with. It was decided that we would implant the sacred knowledge into natural objects easily recognized by humans but not easily destroyed.  Each Star System volunteered their help and thus the original Teaching Skulls were created from 13 of the strongest Quartz minerals on Earth, each type would hold a different knowledge base, from a different Star People with the 13th Skull being larger than the rest it would hold the combined wisdom of all the Star People with the ability to activate,  awaken and energetically infuse all the others when needed.
We sent our priests and scientists back to the Earth, each carrying a Teaching Skull implanted with Knowledge of Technology, Healing and the Arts from their home worlds. The Galactic Coalition of BAAS had gathered the combined wisdom of all the Teaching skulls and implanted it into a larger 13th Skull. The Priests were given instructions on how to teach the surviving Humans how to access and work with the advanced technology of the Skulls.
However something terrible had happened to the people of earth during the years of earth upheavals, they had not only lost their peaceful cultures; they had acquired knowledge of warring to survive. The Star Representatives set out immediately to teach the small groups of humans how to rebuild their peaceful societies and how to build temples to house the Teaching Skulls. They appointed Priests and guardians to care for the sacred receptacles of knowledge, and taught humans how to grow and share food so they would not need to take from their neighbors. In some of the cultures, this took root, but in others…  they began to plan how to take over the peaceful societies and steal their teaching skulls. Many societies appointed special groups to be Skull caretakers, to protect the precious, living energy stones at all cost.
This is Part 1 of a 3 part installment of the information I am recieving from the Crystal Skulls.
To be continued……

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Star of Shiva~ Narmada River Shiva Lingam

It is the considered the view of many researchers and geologists that the unique composition of the Narmada Shiva Lingams is due to an impact 14 million years ago by a large meteorite that crashed into what is now known as the Narmada River. The tremendous heat of the collision caused a fusion of the surrounding rock and the meteoric material. After many years, a river began to flow through this area; these extraordinary forces of nature produced a very unique condition in which pieces of the fused Star and Earth minerals, tossed and tumbled along the river bed for hundreds, even thousands of years causing them to take on their distinct elliptical form. This ancient oval shape is very different from the flatter, thinner rocks that normally appear in river beds. These sacred stones created of cosmic Star fused with Earth minerals have a hardness of 7 on the Moh’s Scale and are known locally as the only naturally formed holy stone, called the Narmadeshvara. The density of the Narmadeshvara Lingam is close to emerald. The red markings you see on the stones are the fusion of meteorite material and are considered a spiritual and ethereal energy amplifier.

The Mineralogical composition of these fused stones is Cryptocrystalline Quartz, Chalcedony, Iron Oxide of Meteoric origin, Goethite, Agate and Basalt. This unique six mineral composition coupled with its elliptical shape has a precise resonance that aligns perfectly with the current human Energy fields; they emit the highest frequency of any stone on planet Earth. Shiva Lingams have been used for thousands of years as Divine Energy Generators.

Once a year, after the long dry season and just before the beginning of the yearly monsoon weather, the river is at its lowest point. This is the time the villagers go out onto the river bed, and working with oxen, rope and baskets gather and pull the stones from the water. These sacred stones are then hand rubbed and polished to bring out the natural colors of the meteoric Iron Oxide while producing a nicely even and smooth finish. According to the Skanda Purana, and ancient Hindu scripture, the Lingam represents the all-pervading space in which the whole universe is in the process of constant creation and dissolution.
Now, with all that being said, these beautiful stones have given me a message to share with you. The Narmada Shiva Lingams have acquired a new energy while still retaining all the previous attributes they are known for. Like all minerals composed of Star material they have responded to the new frequency being emitted from the center of our galaxy and they are now even more active than they have ever been!
This is my meditation Journey with the Shiva Lingams…
As I held one of these precious stones in the palm of my hand, I instinctively closed my fingers around its body; it felt cool to the touch, smooth, inviting my thumb to rub across the meteorite infused Red Iron markings. I immediately sensed the need to hold a second one as well and picked one up from its cozy basket. Now…..this is when everything sweet, smooth and gentle…Changed! Immediately a pressure began at my 3rd eye and radiated outward in all directions within my forehead and frontal lobe brain. I felt unwilling to physically move for a moment as my mind entered what I can only describe as a mild trance state. The next wave of energy flowed from my brain into my heart radiating in all directions throughout the chest. This continued through each energy wheel of my body until finally  I felt the a cool stream of energy exiting outward through my feet.  I was not paralyzed, I just had no desire to move, I remember thinking…” how am I going to write my notes?” and then hearing …”you will remember”…hmmm ..ok… I was reassured, someone was here with me, there was indeed a guide on this journey, and somehow I felt better knowing this.
Instantly my awareness was pulled …upward? Maybe forward?.. Direction was only a sensation, not a place…I sensed a tunnel emerging from my own consciousness, being pulled and stretched out in front of me. This was such a curious experience, I was fascinated watching the tunnel grow, seeing the spirals of colors swirling around the walls, …wait…. I am moving with the tunnel…I seem to be traveling inside this swirling curving, elongating tunnel…wow! This must be what it feels like to step through a Star Gate. ….At this point my awareness is completely immersed in this new reality, this is beautiful and the sensation is like flying. As I watched the colors streaking past my vision I saw what appeared to be a wall of white energy shimmering directly in front of me. Suddenly all sense of movement ceased and I heard a voice speaking…”you have entered the Cosmic Eye of Ti Ama ;Mother of Life, here you may ask any question, view any event past, present or future that may touch your current life expression or that you can hold accurately in your mind’s eye. This wall is a lens that records and reflects the energy impressions of all life in the Universe. To access its knowledge you must hold in your hand the Star of Shiva and in your mind’s eye the question you seek answers to.”Behold daughter, the reason you were drawn here, your greatest question is being answered on the wall….
There was no need to hear more, I could see the unspeakable scenes playing out in front of me, I was not prepared for this. Time must have shifted, slowed down, was that me screaming in my own head or was it the collective voice of humanity? Why had I asked this question, Why can’t I turn away?... The pictures flashing across the wall were horrific, I was seeing the recent Tsunami as it took place, the horror on the faces of the precious people as they realized there was no escape. So many Souls filling the Spirit Realm at once, many, many in shock not yet realizing they had died. And then resulting catastrophic events that compounded the tragedies one shocking event on top of the other; this was the beginning of the 2012 prophecy, the event that kick starts it all.

The effects would be felt around our entire planet within one year, creating a world that was slowly becoming sicker and sicker; decade after decade was being shown. I felt white hot tears falling from my physical eyes, streaming down my checks and still my consciousness was not pulled from this place, I was to see my entire answer.  
Then I heard the voice again…”this will be a difficult time to live through on your planet, there is not a single man, woman, or child who will not be directly affected. “
I knew this was not the usual “watch the news” type of tragedy and then go to sleep that night being thankful that it did not happen to my family. This has happened to all of us, it is not a faraway event, it is not a future event, it is right now, and right here and all life on this planet will be affected for decades to come.
“Pay attention daughter…Your governments cannot stop this, the poison of nuclear radiation has been unleashed in great amounts. Your leaders have made the best choices they can ….For most people it is best they do not know. All of Earth will be affected; the air, soil, water, plants, animals and humans will all live with low levels of this radiation for decades. It will be carried through your atmosphere and surround the entire earth in a years’ time and on its journey will fall from the sky attached to rain drops and snowflakes, it will contaminate the waters and the earth and in turn all living things.
My mind was reeling; I knew that people exposed to low levels of radiation from a single source would not be significantly harmed. However this seemed to be a different story, everything will be contaminated with low levels of nuclear radiation. From our drinking water, milk, vegetables, and fruits to the animals and fish in the Oceans and streams….everything will absorb small amounts of the radiation, there was no way around it.
The voice of Ti Ama was still speaking….This will cause a slow sickening of entire nations, populations will decrease, economies will change, power structures will change. Humanity will attempt to recover, to evolve to adapt, this is their nature and many will do just that, but it will take much strength and perseverance to make it through these coming times….

I had seen enough, …I heard my own voice scream out… Stop! Stop this now! The viewing lens returned to a shimmering wall of white energy; as I composed my thoughts and emotions I heard the voice continue to speak…
Daughter, you must listen.., it is time to focus on how humanity and your planet can be helped. The spiritual workers of earth will be the front runners in restoring health and anchoring healing energy to your planet. Many are being called to the healing field, they must be ready to learn and act quickly. Some will work with Energy grids to stabilize the earth; some will use energy to heal the life forms of Plants, Animals and Waters others will specialize in Human healing. What you call Alternative healing will be a major force in this battle for life, your fellow brothers and sisters must learn to work with light, energy and frequencies, they must gather their tools and be ready. The human frequency can be attuned to throw off mutated and diseased cells, you know this daughter, you have already been in training.
 Look upon the wall one more time, watch the pure in heart, the spiritual energy workers and see the effect they can have….
I cautiously let my awareness settle on the white energy wall once again, I knew I needed to see something, some way to help… Once more there were images flashing in front of me, this time I saw small cities, towns and communities. I saw small, indoor gardens and water wells/pumps with some sort of large filters on them. People were talking, laughing and working…I saw healers using the force of their minds to reorient the biological and ethereal fields of the sick, restructuring and realigning their bodies. I felt the compassion of the spiritual seers as they tenderly worked on the emotional wounds of their patients. I felt hope in the air, I knew this was how humans were to become, more connected to the earth, more caring for each other. Somewhere I heard a bird or two chirping, Earth will survive, Humanity will evolve and learn, life will one day recover. This time I wept with relief, joy and admiration for the strength of my fellow sisters and brothers, my love for this planet and all life on it increased 10 fold at least.

I was back in my room holding my two Shiva Lingams…”Now what do you two beauties have to do with all of that!”... I laughingly asked….. And I received a short, simple reply…” We are the Wayshowers… The Gate Keepers; we unlock truths and show you the answers you seek!”

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Solar Fire Stone ~ Chalcedony Jasper

This fiery stone is a member of the opaque Chalcedony Jasper family that formed in Madagascar; they occur in a combination of warm, fiery colors. These stones display vivid shades of red, orange and yellow with occasional streaks of black Jasper and grey or white quartz running through it. No matter the color combination Solar Fire stone always occurs in a massive formation. Other names for this stone may be Chestnut, Owyhee or Sunset Chalcedony Jasper, though it does not look exactly like any of those to me.

This is a stone of energy transmutation, a bridge between the old familiar streams of time and energy and the new currents of time and energy currently flowing through our dimension. This is a much needed tool during our personal spiritual adaptations and transitions. There are new energy currents sweeping across our planet almost daily; it can be very difficult to keep up with all the spiritual cleansing, purifying, detoxifying and karma balancing it takes to stay on top of these intense changes. Our days are filled with a mixture of mundane and spiritual responsibilities we try to fulfill, many times finding the days too short to complete everything. We are busy cleansing, meditating, mending torn hearts, sharing, uplifting, studying, sending healing somewhere to someone to someplace…all of this as we go about every day taking care of family, connecting with friends, earning a living, running errands and the list goes on and on….. The Solar Fire Stone has awakened to help align and balance our bodies in a way that allows us to become a smooth channel for the new energies to flow through; when we do this we feel less stress, less pressure and much more in tune with our joy. Now we are able to remember that we are not here on this planet just for ourselves, we are here to encourage, to uplift, to spread laughter and to increase the love others are able to feel, helping them to awaken and realize it is time to drop the chains of bondage in their own life and feel the new wave of purity and love.

The Solar Fire stone is grounding but not heavy, it anchors the keeper’s energy field to the solar rays of our own Star, not into the Earth. As particles of sunlight pass through the Solar Fire stone, it is transmuted into a frequency that is very soothing, healing and easily absorbed by the human ethereal field.. When placed over the Solar Plexus or held in the non-dominate hand, the Solar Fire stone protects and anchors the keeper during Astral Travel and multi-dimensional journeying. This is also a tool that can instill the frequency of stamina and courage within the keeper; this can be very useful during times of personal grief or hospitalization, while on a fast or serious dieting all of these things can cause your energy to become very low.

How to activate and work with your Solar Fire stone….

The Solar Fire Stone obviously loves Sunshine; it gathers energy from our radiant Star, drawing it into itself, transmuting, amplifying and then radiating the new frequency of energy back out into any area it is placed in.

Activating your Stone is as easy as placing it in a sunny window or outside in full sunlight, or if you really love your Solar Fire stone treat it to a bed of Sand and then place the sand bed in full sunlight ….your stone will be so very happy~ leave it in the Sunlight for a minimum of 30 minutes, longer if you feel comfortable doing so. It can live in the sunlight whenever you are not working with it. I have mine in a bowl of sand near a large window, when the sun’s rays flow through the window they fall upon my Solar Fire Stone. It is always busy, happily gathering particles from the suns rays, transmuting, amplifying and sending the energy back out into the room; I can tell you, this room feels amazing!

You can also use this stone in healing work, placing the charged stone directly onto the body, (if you have just charged your stone make sure the temperature is cool enough not to burn your skin) Placing a Solar Fire Stone upon/over the Solar Plexus (yellow Chakra) instantly sends a gentle wave of energy in two directions, one flows smoothly upward into the Pineal Gland balancing the production of the brain chemicals serotonin and melatonin, the opposite wave flows into and anchors the energy into the vibrant fiery chakras of Yellow, Orange, and Red. These are your centers of strength, creativity, memory, motivation and physical energy. Once you have absorbed the solar rays that are emitted through this stone, a process of correction begins within the spiritual and physical bodies. A shield is woven into the aura that is very protective of your spiritual energies; this shield begins to burn off incompatible frequencies before the keeper’s ethereal body can absorb them. This balancing wave continues throughout the emotional and physical bodies, purifying and strengthening everywhere it flows. The keeper becomes more energetic, the mind seems quicker, creative ideas begin to flow smoothly. As the Pineal gland begins to balance the production of chemicals within the brain, feelings of anxiety, frustration and fear fall away. A peaceful strength begins to permeate the heart and mind. As our work continues with the Solar Fire stone we begin to feel a sense of personal progress and accomplishment; we are motivated to walk further along our path, to learn more. We now have the energy needed to accomplish our daily work, and the ability to get a refreshing night’s sleep.

In physical healing work its strength is in its ability to balance the mineral content of the body; regulating supplies of iron, sulfur, zinc, and manganese.

Why we need these minerals to be in balance:
 Manganese is essential for the proper formation and maintenance of bone, cartilage, and connective tissue.
 Iron strengthens immune function reducing infection; it builds red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the body.
Sulfur disinfects the blood, helps the body to resist bacteria, and protects the protoplasm of cells.
Zinc contributes to thymus gland function and thymus hormone action balancing the production of T-Cells.