Saturday, July 31, 2010

Queens of Orion Linage

Many of the ancient quartz crystals that are being retrieved from Madagascar are emitting an intensely feminine energy. That is because they are programmed to connect to and awaken the royal lineage of the star System Orion!

As a result of the many Earth upheavals these crystals have been through, they are sometimes found in less than pristine condition. However their physical condition is of no importance unless they are so damaged there are NO faces left to act as keys. Their size also does not matter; Small or large each one holds power to awaken and reactivate their Queen.

These ancient guardians of the code have awakened with one mission…

They are here simply to re-activate the encoded genetic triggers within the human lineage of the Queens of Orion.

The Guardians of these crystals say that scattered around our planet, there are many women who are descendants of the blood of the Queens of Orion. They are the Daughters of the Star Beings of Heaven. For thousands of years their existence has been suppressed and denied; it is now time for them to step into the light and reclaim their true heritage.

There is a specific work they are to prepare for and it is now time for them to begin their training in the ethereal realm. In the beginning this will occur during physical body rest time. As you become more aware of your training, your studies and knowledge will gradually flow over into the physical world and become part of your everyday life.

The Original Linage of these daughters was recorded on the ancient Tablets within the secret chambers of the enclosure of "Tehuti" (Thoth) of the precinct of On, Sakhbu. The literal translation of this word is Soul Star Place... the Sakhbu, and its ancient Shrines continue to "niggle" at our memories... As the stars and magnetic grids begin to repeat their ancient line-up, the secret chambers, like some time locked vault, have begun to open deep beneath ancient Egypt where the secret chambers of the God Thoth are located.

The Descendants of the Queens of Orion are feeling strong psychic pulls to this area and many are seeing visions or having dreams of a mysterious underground room with ancient writings and shrines. These beautiful Ladies are being called into action to claim their heritage and assume the pre-destined roles they are here for.

The truly Ancient crystals from Madagascar are behaving as "Keys" to unlock the encoded memories within the linage. These crystals allow the descendants of the Queens of Orion to psychically enter this sacred Star Soul Place and receive the guidance and advanced training for their specific roles as intense Light bearers and leaders of this New Time on our planet.

To access this formation ...gently rub your thumb over the faces of your ancient crystalline being, if you are one of the beautiful daughters of the queens of Orion, this will activate the encoded memories within the crystal. The true linage will feel a cool, sweeping of energy through their bodies as the Star Seeds read and recognize your encoded data. Allow your mind to relax and enter a meditative or calm state....A guardian will be sent to assist you on the journey into the hidden Sacred Star rooms of Thoth where you will be gently reminded of your true heritage and taught the next steps for your role in assisting the inhabitants of this planet.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Molybdenite and its Treasured gifts!

Molybdenite occurs in foliated masses or scales that are held together by low electrostatic energy forces and are not directly bonded together. It consists of sheets of Molydenum ions sandwiched between sheets of Sulfide ions and has a similar look and feel to Graphite but much denser and less dark in color. This ancient metal ore contains Molybdenum, an element essential for life on our planet as well as the Rare Earth Element Rhenium.

Millions of years ago minerals containing Molydenum were first released into the waters of our ancient Oceans where the combination of Oxygen and Water extracted the precious element Molybdenum that acted as a catalyst for evolving higher life forms on our planet. This ore is highly sought after in our Universe. It is a stone that carries the blueprint of life within its ions, the perfect resonance that harmonizes with the body consciousness of all life forms everywhere.

Molybdenite, composed of Molydenum ions and Rhenium, were mined extensively by the inhabitants of Sirius, Orion and The Pleiades. The Lemurians were taught how to extract and apply the benefits of this ancient mineral in their Rejuvenation Temples and they in turn taught the Atlanteans. After the destruction of Atlantis knowledge of molybdenites gifts were lost to civilized life here on Earth. We are only recently rediscovering this mineral and finding uses for its rare elements. So much is still unknown to our modern day earth scientists.
Spiritual energy workers are being drawn to Molybdenites resonance intuitively knowing that just holding a piece of this mineral will completely balance and align the chakra column and all energy fields within and around the body. Wearing or carrying Molybdenite reboots the tiny cells within your physical body and mind resetting old body/mind programming with a fresh outlook and road map for achieving health, success and happiness. Every nerve impulse in your body is an electric current, every cell a mini-battery that when healthy pumps out 70-90 milli volts of current. These rare earth elements act like batteries to awaken the blueprint for perfect life encoded within your DNA genetic cells, codes that have been in place since the beginning of life on our planet.

Molydenite immediately goes to work to restore balance, firing up the neural pathways and the primary glands within our brains. The Pineal and Pituitary Glands are spontaneously activated and sent the blueprint for optimum health, the Adrenal Glands restored to perfect balance. When these three primary glands function in perfect symmetry a human’s psychic awareness and abilities are amplified, their senses and bodies are no longer limited to our 3rd dimensional reality.

To feel and experience a quick test of this immediate awareness place your Molybdenite over your Solar Plexus, the yellow Chakra between your ribs (located directly between your two Adrenal Glands). You can feel the many cell pathways begin to recognize this ancient minerals vibrational frequency, opening and accepting its download of information, the blueprint for life, as they are suppose to be functioning within it. Then a soothing experience of calm, confident, happiness begins to permeate the brain and flow through every cell in your body. You may discover an involuntary smile has appeared on your face :)

This is a mineral that will assist us in grounding ourselves as we approach this new era and the many strange energies we will encounter during the days and months leading up to the epic change within and on our planet. Some of these changes will be wonderful and amazing, some will be and have been devastating. It will take much strength and spiritual awareness to walk through this time in peace and confidence and that is just what will be needed! We must retain a clear and focused calmness in order to be of help to ourselves, families, fellow humans and all forms of life that share Earth with us. Molybdenite has become available to us again at exactly the right time with perfect direction and divine instruction for its use.

My teacher crystal for this mineral, the Sirian Heir has also shown me how to create a Scalar energy piece that can be worn on the body. Due to the extreme softness of this mineral in its natural state it would break and fall apart if carried and handled frequently. The Sirian Heir Teacher showed me exactly how to put it together and with an exact combination of sacred minerals, resins and stones that will amplify the Molydenum and Rhenium elements within the Molybdenite. I have almost completed the combination as I was instructed and will have these scalar tools available soon.

After I mixed the first combination of high energy stones, resins and minerals of course I had to try it as the Sirian Heir Teacher had instructed… I was so surprised to feel the almost instant reaction of my body to this combination of energy ions; the Sirian Heir was completely correct in everything it has shown me about this mineral and the tool it has instructed me to create. I am making Molybdenite available on ebay in its raw form for those that would like to work with it in this manner and soon I will have the Scalar energy tool available as well.