Saturday, July 31, 2010

Queens of Orion Linage

Many of the ancient quartz crystals that are being retrieved from Madagascar are emitting an intensely feminine energy. That is because they are programmed to connect to and awaken the royal lineage of the star System Orion!

As a result of the many Earth upheavals these crystals have been through, they are sometimes found in less than pristine condition. However their physical condition is of no importance unless they are so damaged there are NO faces left to act as keys. Their size also does not matter; Small or large each one holds power to awaken and reactivate their Queen.

These ancient guardians of the code have awakened with one mission…

They are here simply to re-activate the encoded genetic triggers within the human lineage of the Queens of Orion.

The Guardians of these crystals say that scattered around our planet, there are many women who are descendants of the blood of the Queens of Orion. They are the Daughters of the Star Beings of Heaven. For thousands of years their existence has been suppressed and denied; it is now time for them to step into the light and reclaim their true heritage.

There is a specific work they are to prepare for and it is now time for them to begin their training in the ethereal realm. In the beginning this will occur during physical body rest time. As you become more aware of your training, your studies and knowledge will gradually flow over into the physical world and become part of your everyday life.

The Original Linage of these daughters was recorded on the ancient Tablets within the secret chambers of the enclosure of "Tehuti" (Thoth) of the precinct of On, Sakhbu. The literal translation of this word is Soul Star Place... the Sakhbu, and its ancient Shrines continue to "niggle" at our memories... As the stars and magnetic grids begin to repeat their ancient line-up, the secret chambers, like some time locked vault, have begun to open deep beneath ancient Egypt where the secret chambers of the God Thoth are located.

The Descendants of the Queens of Orion are feeling strong psychic pulls to this area and many are seeing visions or having dreams of a mysterious underground room with ancient writings and shrines. These beautiful Ladies are being called into action to claim their heritage and assume the pre-destined roles they are here for.

The truly Ancient crystals from Madagascar are behaving as "Keys" to unlock the encoded memories within the linage. These crystals allow the descendants of the Queens of Orion to psychically enter this sacred Star Soul Place and receive the guidance and advanced training for their specific roles as intense Light bearers and leaders of this New Time on our planet.

To access this formation ...gently rub your thumb over the faces of your ancient crystalline being, if you are one of the beautiful daughters of the queens of Orion, this will activate the encoded memories within the crystal. The true linage will feel a cool, sweeping of energy through their bodies as the Star Seeds read and recognize your encoded data. Allow your mind to relax and enter a meditative or calm state....A guardian will be sent to assist you on the journey into the hidden Sacred Star rooms of Thoth where you will be gently reminded of your true heritage and taught the next steps for your role in assisting the inhabitants of this planet.


  1. Dear Victoria!
    Please tell me are there any Queens of Orion Linage in your eBay store or they all are already sold?

  2. Hi, I apologize for the delay in responding, I do not currently have any of The queens of Orion in the store. However I expect to be able to list more soon. They will not be the pale peach color ones, those are all gone. The new listings will be available in about a week. Check my Twitter page to learn what I will listing each day.
    Blessings to you,