Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Molybdenite Scalar Energy Pendants

  The Molybdenite Scalar energy pendants are finally coming together, I am really excited, they have exceeded all my expectations!

If you have not read my blog post regarding Molybdenite, please do so before reading this blog as this is a followup post; It should be on this same page, just scroll down a couple of post. Then come back here and read this post.

When I was working with the raw mineral Molybdenite, I had my lovely Sirian Heir crystal as my conduit for the guides to come through. The guide that came through was from the Star Nation Temple Guardians. I was shown how to use the Molybdenite to create an energy piece that can be worn on the body. Similar pieces were used in the Temples of Healing and Rejuvenation in the Ancient Civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, and within the Star Temples of many solar systems.

Due to the extreme softness of this mineral in its natural state it would break and fall apart if carried and handled frequently. My guide showed me exactly how to put it together and with an exact combination of natural minerals, precious metals, sacred resins and tiny seeds that will amplify and activate the Molydenum and Rhenium elements within the Molybdenite. I have completed the combination as I was instructed. I was also told that Scalar energy is a term applied to energy waves that are not yet understood by humans within our time frame, what this tool emits is far beyond what we understand yet.

When I combined the unique combination of 12 natural and rare Earth minerals, precious metals, seeds and sacred resins into the Polymer Crystal Resin and added the catalyst; they began to exchange, combine and fuse their energies into one. After curing in the waxing moonlight and particle waves from Sirius for 3 consecutive nights, they began to generate low frequency Scalar waves. With the Scalar energy waves activated these tools are finally ready for our use.

The first time I put one of the pendants around my neck, I was so surprised to feel the almost instant reaction of my body to this combination of positive energy ions, pulses and waves; the guide that came through my Sirian Heir crystal was completely correct in everything it has shown me about this mineral and the tool it instructed me to create.
When I first placed the pendant over the Solar Plexus, I felt an energy begin to flow upward toward my brain, then I felt a slight pressure in my brain and I realized it had activated all three glands exactly as I was told it would. I felt the blueprint for my own genetic code of Optimum Health was activated.

Since I began working with my pendant, I noticed subtle changes have occured. Little areas within my body that were not working in harmony seem to be realigning themselves into a state of health that was not previously there. Plus I simply feel better, more grounded, stronger, more focused and life seems so much simpler.

 I have created them in three sizes and many sacred shapes, every one is unique and will come with a card sized Certicate of Authenticity with an individual number for each pendant. I expect to have these available online no later than this weekend, perhaps even sooner! :)

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  1. I have been purchasing from this wonderful lady for at least a year and probably longer. I am never disappointed and everyone I pass her crystals on to are always happy.

    In regards to scalar energy pendants, I have purchased 2 types from other people. I started with a blue bead type (fairly inexpensive) then stepped up to a fairly expensive silver pendant (costing hundreds of dollars) which was subtle but somewhat powerful, but the claims were very much overstated. I began to feel that I had again outgrown this level of protection after a dream I had. I worked with my rectangular Scalar Pendant purchased from this wonderful lady at Sugarcane Creek and let me tell you, this pendant is EXTREMELY powerful. I must tell you that I am very sensitive to the subtle vibrational frequencies of crystals, BUT I have a very high tolerance to their extreme power. This pendant is extrememly powerful and I highly recommend one follows the instructions carefully while adjusting to the healing energies. I wore my pendant for 2 hours the first time (only because I fell asleep while wearing it.) I have had a migraine the last few days and stomch ache (27 year sufferer), so I layed down to take a nap. I put the pendant on (followed the instructions) and layed my 2 sirian heirs (also purchased from Sugarcane Creek) next to me. My stomach ache immediatly went away and my head felt better. My feelings were similar to that of a panic attack, only not painful or panciky. I had a gush of tears flow and my breathing was heavy. After a few minutes this was over. My whole body went numb as if I took a heavy pain killer, though it didn't go to my head so to speak. I did feel my psychic centers flowing with energy, then some pressure on my head. I then dozed off. I couldn't remember my dreams at all. When I woke up it was like I was in another world. I took off the pendant and I felt pretty good. This is about 100 times more powerful than the 2 scalar resonance pendants I have. If you are interested in trying any sort of scalar healing device, I highly recommend buying one from Sugarcane Creek. You wont be disappointed or mislead. Her channeling is accurate and can be trusted. I have gone into meditation several times with her crystals and have seen similar visions to what she described. This lady is the real deal. Thank you, Victoria, for coming forward and sharing your knowldege with the world. I could not have helped so many people without YOUR help :) Hugs, Erin Bushere