Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A few more Sirian Heir Crystal Keys...

Almost 3 months to the day of receiving our first Sirian Heir Crystals, I now hold in my hands another very small Shipment of them…I am so excited to have found these!

I have been searching and emailing and begging my supplier to locate some more of them for us. I didn’t mention my search because I did not want to get anyone’s hopes up before I had them in my hand and was certain these are the same crystals. They arrived today and they Are indeed Sirian Heir crystal keys!

The sad news… there are only eight of them total. My supplier does not know or will not tell me if he is able get anymore, only that this is all he is able to get right now; I think he is tired of being nagged about this for months…. Lol

Most of these Sirian Heir crystals are large, I will be posting them to the store this evening so everyone that is still looking for theirs can get a good look at them and see if one of these is your Crystal Key. Check my Twitter page for the exact time I start listing them, I will post it there.

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