Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Quantum Lotus

I have to tell you what happened with these new crystals today and the message they gave me to post for all of us.
When I first received this new batch of Quantums I was confused, intrigued and totally in awe of their beauty. As I held them and turned them around in my hand I began to feel something very different and yet soooo familiar about them. Was there a mistake? Didn’t I order Quantum Wands? Are these foggy, silky faced crystals really from Colombia? What am I holding?
Suddenly a burst of light filled my mind with such intensity I felt dizzy, I thought I was falling and falling yet I knew I was sitting in my favorite chair… my consciousness was split. As soon as I realized that I was aware of two realities at the same time one of them took over the other! My mind again filled with brilliant white light and a large White Lotus burst forth above and in front of me. I was mesmerized by its beauty, lost in the details of this flower with its soft shimmering edges, I soon forgot everything else. From deep within the Ethereal Blossom I heard a voice speak …
”Remember your teachings child, why so many questions?
This is the dawn of an historic time on Earth; as the veil between realities thins, these tools and many others will begin to appear more frequently in your reality; expect it!

We from the Star Nations are guiding them safely into your dimension to assist you in making the transformation from this reality when it is no longer safe for you to be here. It is urgent that our students begin to remember the teachings they have received from the Star Temples of knowledge, time as you count it is short! The reality of Earth and your solar system will reset soon.

Human students from the Star Nations will make the choice to either cross into a stable, similar reality to this one or they will cast off their physical bodies and step above and outside of linear time.... being simultaneously aware of the beginning and the end of Earth you will move to other realms to assist those who are where you were.

The voice of the Temple Guardian continued....
"We have merged the energy and the form of these crystals, the White Lotus and the Quantum Wand, creating an energy you will know as The Quantum Lotus. This was done to accelerate your cleansing, your dormant Spiritual Memories and your movement forward on your path of chosen Destiny."

Now it is up to you whether or not to allow this inter-dimensional formation to assist you in accelerating your transformation. If you choose to work with this high frequency tool, be aware that you will be propelled forward.

 You may begin to experience deep physical and emotional cleansing; this is not always pleasant to go through as toxic energies that have been stored for years or even lifetimes within your body, mind and soul are spontaneously released and purified. These old and burdensome energies will now be transmuted into light waves that are harmonious and beneficial to the transforming person. Are you ready to step up and claim your destiny, to merge the present you with the future light-being you will one day become, it is a personal choice and a very important choice to make at this time.

To activate your Quantum Lotus hold it over the area of your physical heart for a minute or two, allow the waves of energy to flow from the crystal through your body. What you feel and how you experience the energy is a truly personal one based on your experiences and levels of knowledge aquired in the Star Temple Schools. Once you feel the crystal has completed making its connection to you, mentally acknowledge that you are ready to spiritually and consciously merge with your future selfs awareness. Then place your Quantum Lotus near you every evening, your lessons will begin in dreamtime and progress into your waking mind at a rate that only you can control.
These are powerful tools for our spiritual evolution along our chosen path of Destiny!

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  1. You had me at "Lotus". I can't wait to meet it.