Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Batch of Queens of Orion...very different from the first ones!

Hi, I just wanted to make a quick post about the new batch of Queens of Orion crystals I have received from Madagascar. As you all know I am out of the little handful of peach colored Queens; this new batch is so different in appearence than the first ones. Many of them seem to have a powerful combination of minerals within them, I see Chlorocalcite, Velvety black Anthraxolite, Red Hematite, Yellowish Iron Limonite and also Gorgeous White Frosty looking ones! They are all gorgeous and yes they all contain that same energy of the Queens of Orion activation, I have checked them. While they are different in appearence and mineral inclusions, their mission is the same, they have come to us from the ancient land of Madagascar to.....  Awaken the royal Lineage of the Queens of Orion!
I will be listing these tonight 19 Sept 2010 Sunday evening....
Take a look if you have time, I think you will instantly know and feel the similar and familiar connection they will make with you :)
Talk to you again soon!

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