Friday, September 10, 2010

Sands of Hathor

Another thing I am very excited about is that I have located a supplier for an ancient Sea mineral in the form of pebbly sand. This Sea Mineral is about 600–700 Million years old, and is being mined and retrieved from an area that was once underground lakes in the Andes Mountain range of Patagonia, Argentina… is this sounding familiar to anyone yet?

This beautiful Teal to dark Green sand is the Activation Mineral on our scarce but beloved Hathor Crystals which were also retrived from the Andes Mountains of Argentina.

While I have not yet been able to locate another source for the Hathor quartz crystals,(I am still looking) with this sand we can infuse our other crystals with the same healing energy of the Egyptian Goddess Hathor! To read my entire blog on the Hathor crystals and their incredible energy go to this link…

For the next week... 12 Sept – 19 Sept 2010 I will be sending out a free sample of “The Sands of Hathor” to everyone who makes a purchase during that time. Experience and enjoy the sacred energies this mineral holds, I will be adding it to the store later this week.

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