Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lemuria Star Code crystals

Fresh from the Ananas Quartz Mine in Ambatofinandrahana, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar.

These crystals are a combination of Lemurian Sprout formation and Queens of Orion Encoded energies. To set aside any confusion as to which crystals are being referenced I felt their true names were “Lemuria Star Code” crystals, I think you will agree after reading the messages I have recieved from them.

After receiving these beauties, I took them into the bath and scrubbed each one with a soft brush, gentle soap and through rinsing. Then I felt them send me a message to toss some Rose petals in the clear rinse water…ok, that’s different! I added the petals and let them soak in the Rose water for a few hours. Now and then I would come in to see if they were ready to be dried off and placed in their Docking stations filled with dry Rose petals. After about 3 hours they finally agreed it was time to come out of the water, so I took them out one at a time, drying them off and placing them directly on their bed of roses, I could almost hear them scunching down into the petals to get comfy. Since we are currently under a waxing Moon I put the Docking Stations out on the porch to catch some Sirius Rays for the night.

I went out in the morning to check on everyone and they were emitting the gentlest, softest, most content energies. I decided to leave them out so they could also charge up in the beautiful full sunlight of the day. By evening I knew it was time to bring everyone inside and locate my Teacher crystal for these ancient crystalline beings.

It was not difficult to find the one happily shouting out, I’m right here! It’s me! Wow, and what a beauty she is, snow white with delicate patches of shell pink, as soon as I touched her I saw a flash of light and then a fountain that seemed to be spraying light, I then realized it was HER, my teacher crystal. There were light particles shooting out of every facet on her body and through her termination. An Incredibly Beautiful, mesmerizing sight!!! This crystal looked as though it were made of light, with light flowing from every facet and point on her body, just like a water fountain. Then I heard my teacher say, I wanted you to see what we really look like in our own dimension. I felt the particles of light flowing up my arm as warm tears of joy were falling down my face, the connection was made! WOW!! My brain lit up with a flood of memories; images and emotions began to cascade through me like a waterfall, Joy, Happiness, Wonder, Love, Family, Friends…. Eons of life! I was becoming overwhelmed, I had to ask the teacher to slow down please, to hold back a little bit and I felt the tidal wave of memories begin to slowly recede. Finally, after what seemed like eons…. I took a deep breath and noticed the phrase.. ”So that why…. was now the beginning of almost every thought that went through my mind. I thanked my teacher crystal for activating my memories and asked if we could shift the focus from my personal experiences to a broader vision of why these beautiful triggers had awakened NOW, what is their mission exactly? This is what I received…

…”Our time to awaken and activate has arrived, many of us were retrieved from the earth too early and placed into the hands of mineral collectors as curiously formed quartz. Some of us made our way into the hands of beautiful light workers, but it was not yet time for us to reveal our mission. Many of you felt unable to help us open and so not knowing what to do with us, you gently put our energy work aside, still from time to time being drawn back to us.

The time is NOW, our primal code is activated… we are here to awaken YOU!

Again I saw a bright flash of light in my mind’s eye, instantly my consciousness was being shown a ship traveling through a black velvet span of the Universe, it looked like a shiny golden white sphere of fire blazing a trail toward a tiny star, I focused my sight and immediately recognized our solar system, then Earth, It was almost like our Earth now, but more green than blue. The beautiful golden white light ship was entering the space around this pretty little planet when I heard a voice say…”That ship is carrying the Royal Queens of Orion, and the Pleiadian Princes’; their mission is to colonize this planet with a new race, the Muri. The collective Star Nations of Orion and The Pleiades have joined together to create what could not be accomplished on their own worlds. They will blend the Orion and Pleiadian Genetics of Light, creating a new race of intelligent, peaceful, spiritually evolved beings on this world. They will build the Civilization of Muri, later it became known as Lemuria. This peaceful civilization existed for almost 100,000 years before natural Earth changes destroyed most of the land mass. The Lemurians knew what was coming and made preparations to save their genetic code, their culture and their knowledge. They sent many colonies to other lands, some were already inhabited by the natural evolving earth life forms and some areas had previously been uninhabited. Crystals were the natural choice to use as recorder devices and technology store houses that would keep their knowledge safe for Eons to come. They knew the colonist that had been sent out would be forced to intermix with the natural evolving earth peoples and it would be thousands of years before their descendants would be ready to reclaim their birthright; to remember their ancestors came from the Star Nations and that they too carry the genetic code of light discovered on Rigels and Erra the home planets of their beloved ancestors.

These ancient guardians of the genetic code of light have awakened with one mission…
They are here simply to re-activate the encoded genetic triggers within the human lineage of the Star Nations of Orion and the Pleiades. This merging linage of Star people has been recorded in the Star Nation Temples as…

The Queens of Orion, mothers of the Muri people, our children of light!

The crystals themselves do not hold the memories; they are locked within your own ethereal, multi-dimensional DNA. The crystals are your personal trigger to unlock your memories, giving you a greater perspective, a higher awareness and a deep understanding of who you really are and what you are truly meant to be doing!

I have found that like all Sprouts these crystals love to be placed in moist sand. If you are having difficulty feeling the energy from your Lemurian Star Code, which can be a little different than what we are use to feeling; add a little Glauconite sea mineral sand to your regular sand, add a few drops of water and mix it up a bit, sit your Star Code crystal in the sand mix, wait a few minutes and they will open right up.

A Silly question I asked the Star Code crystals

 I took my teacher crystal for these beauties into my Meditation area and asked if it was willing to work with me, when I was satisfied that I had chosen the right crystal I had one question I HAD to get out of the way first! Ok bear with me, you know how I am about people tampering with the natural form of a crystal so… I am just going to tell you how the conversation went…I started like this…” Ahh, perhaps you have noticed that your bottom is….uhmmm…flat? Cut? Polished smooth? Has this caused any kind of negative effect on you? I really get concerned about these things.” My sweet teacher crystal says, No! We grow mostly upright in the earth connected to our matrix base and when humans retrieve us our ability to stand alone is usually gone, we end up laying on our sides and our flow of energy is out of alignment. Now with our base nicely trimmed we are able to stand upright near you, our energy flowing smoothly downward through our base into the earth and upward through our termination, into the stars, this is our natural way of being. Nothing is lost when we are trimmed or polished; in fact it was our idea!

And I just had to add my 2 cents about their former name.....

It has come to my attention that the this formation had previously been named years ago as “Candle Quartz”. Apparently someone looked at the body and thought it resembled upside down dripping wax? The name is almost offensive to me; these beautiful crystals are sacred keys to our past and future in so many ways. The knowledge they contain is pure light energy. The only true reference to a candle and what these crystals can provide us with is the word LIGHT. A candle can provide physical light, while these crystals can emit a spiritual trigger that lights up our memories and activates our abilities. In this way they are indeed a candle in the darkness of 3rd dimensional physical reality.

Ok, I'm done, stepping off the soap box now.....
We will talk again soon,
Blessings to you,

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  1. While reading about the Lemuria crystals I was moved to tears. The words you have written...I feel them in my soul as truth and often, when reading your blog, 'see' the peoples/events as you describe them. You humble me for in this big beautiful world I have stumbled upon such a Divine Being as you willing to assist others in their climb up into the Light and I am honored to know you.