Friday, October 1, 2010

TimeStar Crystals from Brazil

The TimeStar crystals are being recovered from the beautiful and serene Espinhaco Mountain Range that runs through the state of Minas Gerias in Brazil. They are easily recognized by the distinctive markings on all or most sides of the body. The markings look more like images of biological cells than script writings; and in fact it is this cellular-looking code that we activate to gain access to the crystals gifts and knowledge.

These beautiful crystals arrived in my latest package from Brazil. The first thing I noticed about them were the incredible markings on their bodies, very similar to the Sirian Heir crystals Temple Glyphs, in fact these almost felt like small Sirian Heir crystals. However there was also something very different. I decided to wait before leaping into communication with them (as though I actually have any choice in the matter) and began preparing everyone for their baths and rest period, if you have read my previous blogs you know I have a routine of warm soapy bath, Rose Petal rest and then a recharge in Moonlight/Sunlight particles… this is a must for all crystals before they are worked with and listed in the store.

The next day I recovered everyone from their stations and brought them inside. Immediately I felt it was time to work with them (not one of them, but several of them) I thought this to be odd but did as I felt led and brought 7 of them into my space to work with.

I placed the seven crystals into 7 little sand Containers and created a circle of them around me, I felt if they all wanted to contribute this would be the best way. I was only seated a few moments when I felt a whoosh of energy, swirling and spiraling around and around me. For a few seconds my body felt covered in a tingling numbness, my thoughts were sketchy, disjointed and I noticed that I was suddenly feeling very disconnected from my body. Then a warm, comforting, feeling of being at home permeated every particle of my being, I was beginning to relax into this beautiful sensation when I noticed an image had appeared in front of my vision. I was mesmerized by strange and beautiful scene…

I saw 5 glowing Golden pyramids, just floating in space; suddenly the pyramids were merging together into one solid form with only their triangular points exposed. I had never seen this odd … geometric shaped something… before; it was beautiful and confounding at the same time. While I was attempting to figure out what I was looking at… I heard, or rather sensed a sound, like music or was it a voice.. floating through my mind, I was trying to locate where the sound was actually coming from, it was so beautiful!!! …then I saw an oval shaped point of light, it was growing larger and swirling in spirals of the most brilliant, radiant, Golden light particles I had ever seen! Suddenly the light formed into the shape of a body; a large, winged being of Light. (If I had been in my physical body I would have fell to the floor), then I heard….
…I am Uru!... Gatekeeper of the realm between worlds; the crystalline tool you hold is a Light Key that calls to me through all dimensions of existence. These keys are directly connected to and draw their power from the TimeStar Gate of Atlantis, Egypt and Mesoamerica. It is my function to guide and provide safe passage through the Portals of Time and Space when the Children of Light are ready. Before you can pass through my Gate, You must learn how to traverse the realms of Light, understanding that at the heart of all matter exists a piece of the original Spark of light; without light nothing can exist and through Light there is Life!

I teach the TimeStar traveler how to safely move through worlds, you must follow the graceful sweeping curves of light while avoiding the sharp angles and darkness of space-time. I am a teacher and guardian of all seekers of the Light, when each individual evolves to the level of searching for knowledge through the TimeStar Gate it is my call to Awaken, Teach, Assist and Protect that human! It is right to release the TimeStar Keys now! I will show you how to instruct the children of Light on their use; I watched as scenes of crystals being placed under a beam of radiant purple light flashed in front of my consciousness, the crystals were being programmed and gathered up by the scientists …I was so enthralled in the activity I was being shown that I only caught a glance of the Golden arm with its open palmed hand reach out over my head, I felt a jolt and a whoosh of energy flooded through my body. At that moment I realized the connection had been cut off, I had been sent back to my world, I didn’t want it to end, I wanted to know more!...however, now I was back in room sitting in the circle of TimeStar Crystals, I knew I had to hurry and write down everything I learned before any part of it was lost!

~~~ * * * ~~~

TimeStars were programmed using the technology of the ancient Atlantis Fire Crystals. They are empowered by primal codes embedded into and onto the stones. When a compatible human focuses their thoughts on one of these crystals, the primordial codex within the crystals respond to that human’s brain wave frequencies. This response triggers the ancient lock placed within them to open. Once this happens the child of light is able to use the crystalline Light Key to gain access through the Gate to other worlds of Time, Space, knowledge and light.

Before Atlantis was destroyed, Scientist gathered these specially programmed crystals and moved them through the gates of time and space; hiding them carefully away in the young Mountains of Earth for safe keeping. Now they are actively being recovered and guided into the hands of our precious Children of Light.

To access and open your crystal simply hold it in your hand, rubbing the sides and marks with your thumbprint while focusing your attention directly on or into the crystal.
Even a casual meditation with these crystals will give glimpses of beauty and joy but deeper studies will open the Gates to reveal the secrets of all our Ancient Mysteries.

The light within these crystals will respond to the light within you!

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  1. How beautiful. They're breathtaking, aren't they.