Friday, May 21, 2010

The New Lemurian Script Quartz crystals out of Brazil

These crystals are fresh from the Newer Lemurian mines of the Serra do Cobral in Brazil, the same area where miners have uncovered various types of Lemurian crystals over the last decade, beginning with the original pink Lemurian seed crystals. These are not Lemurian Seed crystals, they are Lemurian Script crystals, The formation is much like regular quartz with a pink tinge and Script markings on the body.

The New Lemurian Script crystals are much clearer quartz than the original Lemurians and many have a dusting of light pink Hematite Hydrate on or within their bodies, a few even display a pale tangerine hue. These crystals emit a very powerful, peaceful, and loving energy directly from the heart of the Pink Ray of light. On most of the bodies there is distinct Lemurian Script markings, the etched markings appear like maps, letters and numbers, ancient Temples or Celestial bodies clearly inscribed on the crystal. They carry the encoded Script and stories of the Lemurian people that migrated to Brazil.

To access the script, hold your crystal between your thumb and fingers, slowly twirling it around and allowing the flat imprint of your thumb to rest on each side of the body for a few moments; this authorizes the crystal to read your vibratory frequency. The crystal will open its code to you when it recognizes your Lemurian Signature, do not rush the process, allow it to happen naturally. When the connection is made you will feel it almost instantly, it is a bond between you and the ancient spirit that encoded the crystal.

At this point start noticing the images you see on the crystal, recreate them to the best of your ability with a pen and paper. I did not at first understand everything I was writing so I placed the paper I had been jotting the images down on inside my pillowcase. That night I had the most amazing dreams… A city filled with peaceful people, a society based on respect for nature. Temples and Laboratories held the same honored positions; these people were highly motivated, skilled, intelligent and peaceful. The spirit of love was everywhere, not Carnal love but a higher love and recognition that all beings were connected and of the One Source.

The Teacher crystal from this group showed me that some of the crystals carry the ancient Barcode Striations instead of the Script writings, with these crystals the keeper is to simply place their flat thumbprint over each side and hold for a few seconds. The encoded message will appear within your minds eye, these are very personal messages.  I was told they were encoded by their own current keeper during the Lemurian incarnation and it is that person they will draw to them again.

I believe through these crystals we can connect to that Highly advanced, ancient Nature society of Lemuria, we can learn how to recreate their amazing lifestyles, and learn how to contribute to the healing of our planet. The Lemurian Script crystals are another key left to us by our gentle, highly evolved ancestors !


  1. that's great
    but i want to know where the lemurians were lived
    do u have any lemuria society info
    i guess it was in the indian ocean
    is it correct

    1. if there is one it is not on our earth .if you go out of body you may find a group one night . mj

  2. That is a good question, from what my guides have shown me the original Lemuria Society was developed in a an area that is indeed now the Indian Ocean. It was part of the land mass that belonged to Gondwana & Laurasia. After the original Island broke apart; the Lemurians resettled into different areas of Earth, Asia, North & South America and Europe; continuing to develope their peaceful society. Some of these Societies integrated smoothly into the natural evolving peoples of the area, others did not; not all colonies survived.
    I do not have all information of the Lemurian society, I am still learning and gaining knowledge as I access different Crystalline teachers. Thank you for asking your question.
    Many Blessings,

  3. I think i found one in Oregon recently. Mine has the horizontal ridges and triangular face. It seems highly unlikely that I would find a Lemurian Seed Crystal if they've only been found thus far in Brazil. But it really does match the description. How do I post pictures on here?

    1. That would be pretty awesome to have found one in Oregon, this blogger does not have the ability for anyone other than admin to post images. If you would like to send them to my email I will add them here for for you.
      Blessings and light,

    2. yes you have !! they are all over look up clear creek crystals , you will see all kinds of them with the markings and all things.we study them . mj