Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Awakened Quachita Mountain Quartz crystals

Powerful quartz crystals are now being recovered from the Ouachita Mountains that are emiting a wave of energy across the entire planet! This energy wave returns individual, personal power to each of its recipients. It awakens the leaders and restores encoded memories needed to activate the light workers of our decade.
The unique energy of Arkansas's Ouachita Mountian Quartz crystals is nothing short of amazing! These crystals are ancient; they formed within the Ouachita Mountain range about 200 million years ago when the mountain building processes were active. Because of their purity and energy, they have been gathered, programmed and used as seed crystals by the ancient lost civilizations for eons.

These crystalline beauties are the working powerhouse of the quartz crystal world, amplifying energy and light within everything they touch. Ouachita Mountain quartz crystal amplifies mental focus, spiritual awareness and emotional balance.

The Quartz crystals retrieved from this part of the world acts as a catalyst to awaken and activate latent memories and abilities within their keeper. They are an energy bridge between the physical body, mental processes and the finer vibrations of other life forms and dimensions. They can be used to sense communication with the Plant, Mineral, Animal or Spirit world. Allowing the keeper to both send and receive information from these realms. Arkansas Quartz crystal is a must for the energy workers tool kit, when consciously applied and combined with the healers light energy, they can trigger spontaneous cellular rejuvenation within human and animal physical bodies as well as plant life forms.

When Broken bits of Ouachita Mountain quartz is sprinkled on top of soil it can be used as plant cell activators to heal and regenerate the root system of plants.

For larger plants like trees and shrubs, plant a crystal at the base of the tree, pointed toward the root system, about 3 inches underground, if the tree is very large you may need to use four crystals one planted at each of the compass points of the tree base.

To help yourself heal faster or to sustain more energy within your physical body;
Find a picture of yourself and write your intent on the back of it.
For example if you are tired all the time, and would like to feel more energetic, write something like this “ I am happy, motivated and filled with energy to accomplish all my goals”…
If you have an illness and want to speed recovery; write something like this “ The cells within my body are supercharged healer cells, I heal faster and more completely than ever before ”...

Then place the picture of yourself with the written intent side downward and the picture side face-up on a tray/bowl of sand; place four small Ouachita Mountain crystals with their terminations pointed inward to the center of your picture at each corner. Place this somewhere it will not be disturbed but will receive sun and moonlight for the time you have it assembled. I suggest that you only leave it assembled for seven days at a time. Wait at least 3 days before assembling it again with the same intent.

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