Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ouachita Mountain White Lotus Crystals

The White Lotus crystals will not allow me to list them without first clarifying a few things; including rewriting some of the information about their gifts, where they came from and why they are awakening now.
In essence they are ready to  make known their true name and origin. Since the year 2000 they have been and are currently known as Titanium Gas Phantom crystals, their true name is The White Lotus; they were formed and placed here on Earth by the Ancient Star Temple Guardians.

These crystals have for the last decade been cloaked in mystery and controversy for a reason, to keep them out of the hands of those that would destroy them. Anyone that has ever held one of these tools knows they are not ordinary quartz crystals. There is something sacred, something pure and very familiar about them. We love to hold them, protect them and feel them near us, yet, truly accessing them has been a problem for most of their keepers. The reason we could not completely work with them is because they had not been fully awakened yet. The highly charged light particles streaming from the ancient Blue Star Sirius has traveled along Earths natural magnetic grid lines and has now completely activated The White Lotus crystals.

I wrote about this energy in one of my original Blog posts…..

For years we have all heard of how we will be evolving in the future, how our planet is at the dawn of a major spiritual leap, dimensions will merge, Spiritual Consciousness will soar and senses of all types will be keenly heightened. This long awaited future is no longer ahead of us, it is NOW!!! Many of you already feel the compelling call to accelerate your learning, to prioritize your spiritual growth, and to help others realize their own potential while planting your feet firmly upon your own path of Destiny.

All of today’s active Light workers have traveled to the ancient Star Temples for training, the energy of our consciousness travels through the Galaxy on streams of light particles and thought. This occurs outside of Earths linear time; during rest, during daydreaming or half consciousness, during meditation or deep thought. Even while we are working or playing; sometimes we are aware of this training and sometimes we ask to forget so it does not interfere with our normal day to day life.

During our visits to the Star Temples we are shown the power of the White Lotus crystals and directed in the responsible use and protection of them. These crystals are pure, vibrating, thought energy. They connect us immediately to our Star Temples of higher learning, allowing us to consciously be aware of the training we are receiving there. They align our astral consciousness with our physical consciousness, integrating all the knowledge we have obtained from both existences, into one, enlightened awareness. We become aware of and peacefully accept that we truly are multi-dimensional beings. The White Lotus crystals immediately accelerate our spiritual growth while expediting our physical rejuvenation.

Earths energy workers are being called by this sacred tool, it aligns them with the highest, purest frequency of the universe and prepares them for their own personal leap in consciousness. Many students of the Star Temples become Healers; The White Lotus crystal teaches them ancient techniques for aligning the physical body with a state of perfection that was always meant for humans to exist within. These crystals are going out to all the serious light workers on our planet; they are a very personal tool.


My White Lotus teacher crystal has given me this message about the spiritual origin of these crystals….

…The Star Temple Guardians formed The White Lotus crystals by transmuting silvery white cosmic light particles of thought into crystalline matter; infusing them with the energy and knowledge from the Star Temples within each galaxy. The White Lotus crystals were then placed within the young Ouachita Mountain range where they would rest and slowly grow for hundreds of thousands of years before being activated and awakened by the Particle stream from Sirius. Each crystal has been encoded with a unique signature vibration that will match their keepers’ frequency resonance perfectly. This keeper will have received personal training in the Star Temples and be ready to embrace their role as keeper of The White Lotus. Many of them come visibly encoded with sacred sigils from the Higher Temples of learning; these markings are unique identifiers for its keepers, acting as a catalyst to awaken dormant knowledge and talents.

Often a keeper will be in charge of several White Lotus Crystals, each crystal they are called by will contain information from a different Temple of Knowledge the keeper has been studying in.

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