Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Earth Star Quartz Crystals

Beautiful included Quartz crystals from all over the world, the Earth Star Crystals have awakened. These magnificent crystalline beings are true guardians of our planet and the humans that protect her.

The Earth Star crystals are often called Scenic or Garden Quartz containing inclusions of Green Chlorite, red, yellow or green Moss, Clay of all colors, or black carbon minerals. Any crystal may contain a combination of these minerals or a single mineral. The crystals in this lot seem to contain one, two or three minerals. Included quartz crystals are more often than not, cut up into pieces to make beautiful included Cabs and pendants with the remainder of the quartz crystal tossed away. Rarely do we find any of those diligent beings still in their natural quartz crystal formations. I feel very blessed to have received these few pounds no matter what condition they were in.

Some history on their retrieval and home:

This batch is from a small mining town near Minas Gerais, Brazil. Much of the quartz mineral retrieval in this region is done by small Artisanal Miners who conduct informal retrieval by hand to gather the discarded Quartz Crystals left behind by the larger mining corporations; or they retrieve them from drainage basins located at the foot of slowly eroding mounds of ancient Hills. The discarded crystals are being salvaged and are making their way into the hands of today’s Light workers who know exactly how valuable they are and are ready to use them.

I received these beauties upon my return from a recent dig in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, USA. I had ordered some crystals from this area several weeks before I left and consider it divine timing that they were there waiting for me when I returned home. I immediately set about to cleanse and give them rest after their long journey, marveling at the ancient look and feel of each one. They have been outside resting in a garden bed of sand for three days. During that time they have received full Sunlight, direct Moonlight, Thunder, Lightning, a small amount of Hail and a downpour of Rainwater. During those three days outside they received cleansing and charging by all these elements. Needless to say, when I brought them back in, they were buzzing!

Almost immediately I was drawn to the Teacher crystal of this lot, as you can see in his photo, he is truly a magnificent being. I took the Volunteer teacher to my desk where I keep a handmade pottery bowl filled with sand. I placed the Teacher crystal into the sand; base end first, opened my Word Doc program, relaxed and waited for the communication to begin. In a few moments, I began to feel my skin tingle ever so slightly; this started at the top of my head and began to flow like a gentle stream down to the bottoms of my feet. I felt suddenly more focused, more at one with this crystalline being. I sensed a gentle breeze across my face and could smell a hint of the sweet gardenias blooming outside. Then I remembered that I was inside at my desk, no windows were open, hmmm… I was sensing the plants and wind outside. This was pretty weird and awesome at the same time, I was feeling very energetic and my emotions were calm and rooted. I allowed my senses to wander further away, fully conscious of being at my desk, yet I was sensing the earth, the sky, the lake; such calming, gentle forces of nature, it would be easy to stay here for hours. I pulled my consciousness back and returned my full focus to the teacher crystal. From the corner of my eye it almost seemed there was a shimmering, shifting glow around this crystalline being.

I quickly thought the question, what are you showing me and why? Instantly I knew the answer…

I am your connection to all things that make up our world of Nature. When placed within a human’s energy field we are guardians of the Earth. Together our Human Keepers Auric field and our own crystalline energy field merge and become One energy that can be used to accelerate healing within the planet and all of its inhabitants. Like you, we are guardians, protectors and healers; we are formed within the Earth. Through our connection, you are able to feel, to sense, to experience nature as it is happening. It is our mission of Destiny to empower our human keepers with the ability to meld with the forces of nature; to calm stressed areas and stimulate rejuvenation where it is needed. During the coming years, as well as the current one, there will be a huge need for volunteer protectors of the earth. As turmoil, accidents, weather and natural upheavals seem to grow in frequency, it is important for humans to learn how to work with the forces of nature; to send calming, healing energy to anyone that request it and to any location in need of it; anywhere on the planet. Our gift is to create that connection within humans, to empower them with understanding and knowledge, to assist planet Earth and all her inhabitants into the new era of spiritual enlightenment.

You do not have to do a special meditation to bond with your Earth Star crystal, you simply have to reclaim it…the crystal will do the rest! Once bonded, your two combined energy fields will then meld with that of the Earth, creating a sacred Trinity of compatible thought energy that you can draw upon at will.

You will then be able to consciously create, amplify and direct thought energy into a focused beam of light particles. When consciously directed this beam of energy can be transmitted to any location or person you hold in your mind and consciously focus the energy towards. This is a powerful crystal tool, and should be used with pure intent only!

The high vibratory frequency of the Earth Star crystals can be consciously directed to assist in healing another person (with their consent only) or to send healing energy to a geographical location that has been traumatized. This amazing energy can also be gathered up and sent along the golden grid of light that was created by light workers around our planet in the past decade. This powerful, focused energy will then be redirected back into the Earth to assist in planetary healing all over the world, wherever it is most needed.

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